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Report of the Board of Regents.

To the Superintendent of Public Instruction :

The board of Regents in presenting their eighth annual report, have occasion to congratulate themselves and the friends of literature and science in our state in view of the continued and increased prosperity of the University whose interests have been by law confided to their management.

Since the last annual report the senior class has graduated, and the following young gentlemen have been admitted to the first degree of Bachelor of Arts, viz :

Charles A. Clark, of Monroe, Michigan ; Judson D. Collins, of Lyndon, Washtenaw co., Mich.; Thomas B. Cuming, of Grand Rapids, Mich.; Edmund Fish, of Bloomfield, Oak. co., Mich.; Merchant H. Goodrich, of Ann Arbor, Mich.; Edwin A. Lawrence, of Monroe, Mich.; John Mackay, of Calias, Maine; Fletcher O. Marsh, of Kalamazoo, Mich.; George E. Parmelee, of Ann Arbor, Mich.; George W. Pray, of Superior, Washtenaw co., Mich.; Paul W. H. Rawls, of Kalamazoo, Mich.

The report of the Examining Committee and the recommendation of the Faculty, together with the exercises of the commencement, all bear favorable testimony to their scholarship. From this speci. men of the first fruits, we may safely and justly anticipate the future usefulness and prosperity of the University.

The Board deeply regret that a shade of gloom was thrown over the occasion of the commencement by the death of the Rev. Joseph Whiting, Professor of Languages, which occurred but a short time before. In the death of Pro!essor Whiting, the University has sustained a severe loss. He had been with us from the beginning, had been thoroughly acquainted with the history, cares, interests and condition of the University ; participated with earnest and zealous effort in the Board's desire to promote the usefulness of the institution; and was particularly qua lified for his station not only by his classical attainments and aptness to teach, but by his urbanity and gentleness of manners, by his knowledge of character, and other

properties which especially fitted him to act the part of a governor and counsellor of youth. He was taken away most unexpectedly in the midst of his usefulness, and has left a large family in circumstances and years peculiarly requiring a father's care.

The duties of Professor Whiting's chair were promptly discharged by the other professors and tutor, during the short interval that passed from his death till the commencement.

There has been a fourth Professor appointed by the Board, viz: the Rev. D. D. Whedon, who has accepted the appointment and is now discharging his duties in the University as Professor of Logic, Rhetoric and the Philosophy of History.

The vacancy occasioned by the death of Professor Whiting in the Professorship of Latin and Greek Languages, will be filled at the meeting of the Board to be held September 30th, 1845.

This report is brought down to August 31st, as are also the accompanying reports of the various standing committees entrusted with particular duties. Heretofore the report was brought down to the latest period in December, at which the Board met previously to the meeting of the Legislature, but the board have found it convenient and desirable for the purpose of preventing unnecessary expense to have but one annual meeting of the Regents, to be held at the time of Commencement, to which date the standing committees entrusted with duties to be performed during the adjournment of the Board, are instructed to report. This will explain the reports hereto appended, to which reference is made for a full and detailed view of the condition of the University.

From the report of the Executive Committee on Finance, it appears that the permanent debt of the Board has been reduced during the past year to the amount of $43,225 86. Total am't of warrants drawn on the treasury during the same period,

$3,551 30 Interest paid within the year,

6,069 39 Warrais ouis:anding at date of last report,

541 64

$10,162 33

8,716 06

Receipts and payments within same period,

Leaves the floating debt consisting of outsanding war


81,446 27

The comniittees are appointed at the annual meeting, and the names of the gentlemen composing the several committees for the current year are hereto also appended, viz :

Committee on Branches.
Messrs. Munly, Crane, Wing.

Executive Committee.
Messrs. Kearsley, Pitcher, Lane, Fitch, Duffield, Mundy.

Committee on Finances.
Messrs. Owen, Pitcher, Allen.

Examining Committee.
Messrs. Duffield, Kearsley, Fletcher, Wing, Allen,

Report of Finance Committee. Agreeably to the report of the finance committee, embracing the period ending Nov. 30th, 1844, there were then unpaid warrants, outstanding, amounting to

$541 64 Add am't of warrants drawn upon the treasurer of the

university from Dec. 1st, 1844, to Aug. 31st, inclusive, as per statement marked (C),

3,551 30

Deduct warrants paid by treasurer during same period,

$4,092 94 2,646 67

Leaves am’t of warrants outstanding unpaid,

$1,446 27

To meet the above indebtedness the resources are as follows: Balance due per report of state treasurer, marked (A), $503 68

Add the following items, viz:
Due from state treasurer, Oct. 1st. 1845,

668 22 Estimated receipts of interest and 25 per cent. forfeiture

which must be paid prior to Oct. 1st, 1845, by the purchasers of university lands or instalments,

2,000 00

Take above

$3,171 90 1,446 27

Oct. 1st, 1845, there will be a balance in the treasury of

the university after payment of all warr’ts, unpaid and outstanding, Aug. 31st, 1845,

$1,725 63

Special Contingent Fund, to wit:
The receipts of the janitor (under a resolution of the board

dated Aug. 12th, 1844,) for room rent from students
amount to

$307 54 Payments by janitor for same period, to wit; His salary for one y'r, $20 per month, $240 00 Add authorised disbursements of janitor for wood and repairs on building, &c.

34 30---$274 30

Balance in hands of P. Kelly, janitor,

$33 20

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