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The Florida Agriculturist is the only agricultural paper in the State, and the best in the South. If you wish to get reliable information about Florida, its climate, soil, and capacity; accurate details as to the cultivation of the Orange and Tropical Fruits, and the profits to be derived therefrom, subseribe to The Florida AgriculTurist, an 8-page weekly paper, 32 broad columns.


Opinions of the Press.

The Florida Agriculturist comes to us regularly, and is full of useful hints as well as personal experience in the culture of Florida's fruits and vegetables. It tills a void long felt in Florida journalism, is well worthy of support, and will hecome almost a necessity to the fruit-grower in our State. —Apalnehkola Times.

It is a capital paper, and every farmer or planter who invests in the amount of subscription will have his money back five, ten, and a hundredfold. In fact, no man or woman who lives by the cultivation of the soil can study his own interest and not become a subscriber.—St. Augustine Press.

The Monticello Constitution of February 25, 1875,

says: "The Florida Agriculturist Is the only journal devoted exclusively to the interest of agriculturists, that is published In this State, and it should receive a generous support. The proceedings of the recent Fruit-Gmwers' Association are now being published in its columns, which is of interest not only to planters, but to every man who has a permanent interest in the State. The typograpny of the Aokicultt Hist is elegant, und it is edited with marked ability."

The Florida Agriculturist, published In Jacksonville, Florida, is destined to rank with the best. It has improved Irom the start, and will no doubt meet with a liberal support.—Polntka Herald.

Wme Ymvb Of Tme liGm&w&Ftmmw*

The following resolution was adopted at a recent | "To parties in the orange culture your paper meeting of the Nassau county (Fla.) Agricultural must be doubled in value. The plain statement of


"Resolved, That, recognizing, as we do, the importance of having a live public journal devoted to the agricultural interests of our State, w e cheerfully endorse The Florida Agriculturist, published at Jacksonville, and earnestly recommend not only the members of our own but other societies and all others interested in the welfare of Florida, to subscribe for and thus help to maintain a journal which is doing so much to develop our resources."

A subscriber, writing from Duvul county, Fla , says: "I must acknowledge the immense value of your paper to me and

and instructor. Any one number is worth a year's price. Your recipe for hots in horses is just the thing. I had occasion to use it lust week, and saved a valuable horse. Nothing can be better than your instructions for monthly planting. As we have no experience with this climate, we must learn from those who have had It, and not many

facts and experience from such able correspondents as your Mr. Fowler, Dr. Mason, and others, together with the work of M. flalleslo, furnishes valuable information to be gotten nowhere else. I would mention many other merits, but any one who reads any single Dumber of The Agriculturist will see for themselves."

Another, writing from Manchester, N. Y., says: "I am so well pleused with The Florida AgriculTurist, although only in its second year, that I heartily wish that every lover ot Florida and her charming climate might read it, and hand it around ll new-comers, as a guide J among their friends at the North, that they may learn of the 'Land of Flowers.' Your paper has passed its crisis, and can now well work its way into the heart* of the best classes of readers both South and North, and especially all through your State. Many an agricultural paper at the North has been published for years before it could compare m afford to with your paper. I trust your people are proud of Too many , their pioneer agricultural weekly. I am engaged in

lose one or two years experimenting

have already done s0, and now they are gone away organizing a colony for Florida, and intend to make crying down our State, simply because they would 1 a permanent location during the coming summer." not take, or could not get, proper advice.

Address. ( HAS. II. WALTON A- CO., PubllHliertt,

{^"'sctki ten cents for a specimen copy. J»ck»oiivlllc, Flu.





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