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army at, 322


the designs of the King of Navarre and Montreal, surrender of the French at, iv. 275
Alençon, 156. Arrested, 158. Kept in Montreuil ceded to Philip III. of Burgundy, iż.
prison by Catherine de Medicis, 162. Libe 192. Who takes it from the English, 198.
rated, in order to further the peace with the Recovered by France, 264. Besieged by the
Huguenots, 170. Joins the King of Navarre English, 562
in his answer to the Edict of Reunion, 205. Montrevel, his endeavours to put down the

Defeats the Huguenot fleet under Soubise, 458 Huguenots in the Cevennes, iv. 87
Montmorency, Monberon, killed at Dreux, iii. 71 Montserrat, affair of, iii. 480. Attacked by
Montmorency, Eleanor de, married to the Prince Spain and Savoy, 491
of Condé, iii. 11

Moors of Valencia depart for Africa, iii. 396
Montmorency, M. de, chevalier d'honneur to Moore, Sir John, with an English army pede-

the Duchess d'Angoulême, v. 320. Sent to trates Spain, v. 157. Pursued by Napoleon,
Congress at Vienna, 321. Created duke, he encounters Soult at Corunna, 157. His

death, 158
Montmorency, M. de, minister of foreign affairs, Morals, French, of the reign of Louis XIV,
v. 313

iv. 4
Montmorillon, taken by Bertrand du Guesclin, Morat, the Swiss besieged by the Burgundians
i. 529

in, ii. 321. Destruction of the Burgundian
Montmorin, Count de, appointed to the foreign

office, iv. 387. Proposes the recall of Necker, Moravia invaded by the Prussians under Schwe
387. Resigns his office, 473. His death, rin, iv. 220. Becomes the seat of war, 279

Morbihan, Company of, formed by Richelies,
Montpellier places itself under the sovereignty iii. 468
of France, i. 183. Depopulated by the Moreau, appointed commissioner for extirpating
plague, 439. Given by treaty to the King heresy from Lorraine, iii. 16
of Navarre, 508. Its rebellion against the Moreau, General, defeated by Archduke Charles,
Duke of Anjou, 548. Who cruelly punishes v. 24. Defeated by Kray, 58. Defeated by
them, 549. The bishop killed by the Hu Suwarrow at Novi, 64. Commands the army
guenots, iii. 48. Huguenot proclamation is in Alsace, 83. Defeats Kray, 83, 88. Defeats
sued from, 167. Besieged by Marshal Dam Archduke John at Hohenlinden, 89. Arrives
ville, 187. Given up to the Huguenots, 188. at Vienna, and agrees to a suspension of hos-
Besieged by Louis XIII., 436. Surrenders tilities, 90. His complicity in George Ca-
on conditions, 437. Destruction of Protes doudal's plot, 114. Arrested, 114. Pardoned
tantism in, iv. 15

and exiled, 116. His death, 209
Montpensier, Duke de, his treatment of the Moret, Count of, a son of Henry IV., compellel

Huguenots of Tours, iii, 64. At the battle to leave France, iii. 502
of Moncontour, 106. Protests against the Morey, harness maker, implicated in the Fiesedi
remoral of the cross of Gastines, 120. plot, v. 495, et seq.
Unable to induce the Bretons to murder the Morny, M. de, his conversation with Locis
Huguenots, 149. Sent against La Noue, 158. Philippe on reform, v. 578, 581. Suggests
Opposes war against the Huguenots, 183. compromise between coalition and the police
Routs Brissac and the peasants in Normandy, on the subject of the Banquets, 583. His
246. Recognises Henry IV. as king, 254. endeavours to preserve the public peace, 684.
Generosity of Henry IV. to the duchess, 311 Becomes chief confidant of Louis Napolese.
Makes proposals to HenryIV. on behalf of 660. Remarkable observation about the
the nobility, 325. See Catherine de Medicis; coup d'état, 660. Surrounds the assembly
Charles X.; Henry IV.

with a body of police, 663
Montpensier, Duc de, intrigues relative to his Morocco, war with, v. 559, et seq.

marriage with Queen Isabella, v. 563, et seq. Morosini, papal nuncio, endeavours to effect a
And with Isabella's sister, 567. Presses his reconciliation between Henry III. and the
father to abdicate, 594

Duke of Mayenne, iii. 238
Montpensier, Gilbert de, appointed by Charles Mortaigne, town of, recovered by the Freak

VIII. viceroy of Naples, ii, 387. Marches crown, ii. 264
out to meet Ferdinand II., 391. And is shut Mortara occupied by the French, ii. 406
up in the castle by the citizens, 391. Capitu- Mortemart, Duke de, warns the King, r. 290
lates, 391

Appointed prime minister, 406. Proposen
Montpezat, Lord of, deprived by the French of his counter-ordonnances to the municira

his castle of St. Serdos, i. 380. Which he commission, 409. His hopes defeated
retakes and destroys, 380

precipitancy of the Royalists, 410. Adrie
Montpouillant, son of the Duc de la Force, his Duke of Orleans temporarily to be lieutenant
death, iii. 435

general, 411


Mortier, Marshal, defeated by the Russians, v. Toulon, 623. Toulon recaptured by Carnot

123. Defends Paris, 227. Created a peer and Napoleon, 624. Summary of their pro-
of France, 295. President of council, 487. ceedings, 626, et seq. Dissensions among
Resigns, 488. Killed in the Fieschi plot, them, 626, et seq. Their measures for sup-

pression of religion and religious worship,
Mortimer, Roger, Earl of March, an exile in 633, et seq. Their conduct disapproved by

France, follows Charles of Valois, i. 380. Robespierre, 633-635. The Lanterne party
Joins Queen Isabella, and defeats the party denounced by Desmoulins, 637. Execution
of Edward II. of England, 380, 381. His of the Hebertists, 640. Trial and execution
death, 392

of the Dantonists, 642-644. St. Just's de-
Morvilliers, Pierre de, ii. 253. Made chancel cree for proscribing the nobles and strangers,

lor to Louis XI., ii. 253. His embassy to the 646. Fête of the Supreme Being inaugu-
Duke of Burgundy, 267

rated, 647, 648. Reorganise the revolution-
Moscow entered by the French, v. 188. Burn ary tribunal, 649. Sanguinary measures

ing of, 188. French retreat from, 190 adopted against Robespierre and his party,
Moulins, Edict of, iii. 89

649, et seq. Reign of Terror ceases with
Mounier, his speech at the estates of Dauphiny, Robespierre's execution, 659. Its measures

iv. 401. Abets Necker's idea of a constitu are adroitly neutralised by Tallien, for the
tional government, 405. His attempts to restoration of civil liberty, 662. Proceedings
coalesce with Barnare, 433

of the Jeunesse dorée, 665, et seq. Struggles
Mountain, the, denounce the temporising of the with the Moderates and Tallien, 667. Bread

Gironde, iv, 504. Denounce the Gironde, riots, 668. Arrest and exile of their leaders,
537. Defend their conduct as to the dictator 668–671. Temporary revival of their party,
ship, 539, et seq. Propose trial and death which is however defeated by Legendre and
of Louis XVI., 546, 547, et seq. Their Tallien, 678. Surviving members of, arrested
struggle with the Girondists at Lyons, 565. and executed, 678–681. Banished from the
Propose a revolutionary tribunal, 666, et seq. Assembly, 678, et seq. See Convention; Di-
Demand the expulsion of the Girondists, rectory; Napoleon I. and III.; Louis XVIII. ;
566. Propose to march on the Convention, Charles X.; Louis Philippe; Provisional
and kill the Girondists, 567. Destroy the Government
Gironde press, 568. Establish Comité de Mouvans, De, his success in Provence, iii. 29.
Salut public, 570. Leaders of, disappointed Flees to Piedmont, 47. Retreats from Sis-
at not being elected to this committee con teron to the Waldensian valleys, 65. De-
cert measures against the Gironde, 573. Vote feated by the Duke of Nemours, 101
the arrest of the Orleanists, 574. Their violeut Mouzon, captured by the Imperialists, ii. 472
proceedings, 580, et seq. Insurrection of the Movement party in France, its principles and
31st May, 584. Move the arrest of twenty-two mode of operation, v. 428
Girondists, 585. Their proceedings against Moyenvic, fortress of, captured by Louis XIII.,
the Convention, 585-589. Forming now the iii. 506
dominant party in the Convention their reign Muhlberg, battle of, ii. 597
of terror commences, 590, et seq. Defeat Mulhausen, exploit of Turenne at, iii. 691
Girondist army at Evreux, 594. Their in- Munich, threatened by Marlborough, iv. 89.
surrection at Lyons, 596. Siege and capture Ravaged by the Croats and Pandours, 219.
of Lyons, 599. Establish reign of terror at Occupied by the Austrians, 228
Lyons, 598. Insurrection in La Vendée, Municipal Commission, formation of the, its
590. Battle of Les Aubiers, and capture of acts and sittings, v. 403, et seq.
Thouars, Fontenay, and Saumur, 599. Siege Municipial institutions. See Towns
of Nantes, 600. Depose and execute their Murat, Prince, occupies Madrid, v. 153. Forces
generals, 601. Supersede Kleber in La Ven the Spaniards to insurrection, 154. Made
dée, 602. Kleber crushes the Vendean in King of Naples, 172. Left in charge of the
surrection, 602. Their disasters in Germany, Grand Army, 195. Captures 15,000 Aus-
603. Their weakness and inability to resist trians at Dresden, 209. Joins Napoleon,
Continental powers, 604. Execution of Marie 249. His death, 276
Antoinette, 604, 610, 613, 614. Their New Murder, callous indifference in the fifteenth
Constitution, 606, et seq. Assassination of century to the crime of, ii. 56. This indif-
Marat, 608. Renewal of the Committee of ference originates in Italy, 57. Treatise of
Public Safety, 609. Robespierre and his Jean Petit on the right and justice of, 58
proceedings, 609, et seq. Renewal of hosti- Muret, battle of, i. 183
lities in Germany, 615, et seq. Successes Musciato, the Florentine banker, aids Philip
under Carnot, 616, 617. Trial and execution the Fair against the Pope, i. 330. And
of the Girondists, 618, et seq. Surrender of against the Flemings, 333


Mutualists, of Lyons, formation of the society the French under Lautrec, 502, 503. Who
of, and its prosecution, v. 483

is obliged to raise the siege, 504. Promised
Muyden, occupied by the French, iii. 679 by the

Pope to the second son of Francis L.,
526. Insurrection in, against Peter of Toledo,

598. The coast ravaged by the Turks, 632.
NAARDEN captured by the French, iii. 679. Insurrection of Massaniello, iii. 574. The


kingdom conquered by Don Carlos, ir. 205.
Namur, besieged and taken by the French, iv. Kept neutral by a British fle 228. Policy

43. Captured by William III. of England, of the Bourbons at, v. 308. Revolution at,
48. Ceded temporarily to the Duke of Ba 308. The outburst of war at, 54. General
varia, 117. Reduced by the French, 234, Mack takes command of its army, 54. De-

feated by Championnet, 54. Murat, King of,
Nancy, reduced by Charles the Rash, ii. 317. 172. See Directory; Napoleon I.

Re-occupied by Duke René II., 323. Who Naples, Bay of, defeat of the French fleet by
is compelled by Charles of Burgundy to Loria, in the, i. 300
evacuate it, 323. Occupied by the French, iii. Napoleon I., Emperor of the French, his birth,
676. Military mutiny at, put down, iv. 454 iv. 318. His remark on the insurreetion of
Nanterre, burned by the English, i. 424

9th August, 518. Drives the English cat o
Nantes, taken by the Normans and Bretons, i. Toulon, 624. Commands the troops of the

46. Besieged by the French, 534. Terms Convention on the 11th Vendemiaire, 687
of its proposed surrender, 535. The duchy Appointed second in command to Barras,
of, gives itself to Geoffrey Plantagenet, 143. 687. Defeats the royalist insurgents and
At whose death it is appropriated by Henry saves the Convention, 688. Appointed
III. of England, 143. Declares for John de general-in-chief, 689. Recommends invasion
Montfort, 411. Besieged by Charles of Blois, of Piedmont, v. 16. Blames Scherer for et
412. The town and the duke betrayed by following up his successes, 17. Appointed
the citizens, 413. Endeavours of Charles V. to the command of army against Piedmont,
to induce it to submit to him, 547. Un 17. Defeats the Austrians and Piedmontese
successfully besieged by the Earl of Buck at Montenotte, Dego, and Millesimo, 18.
ingham, ii. 10. Menaced by the forces of Concludes an armistice at Cherasco, 19.
Louis XI., 290. Besieged by La Tremouille Gains battle of Lodi, 20. Enters Milan,
and the Royalists, 367. But the siege raised, and levies tribute on the Duke of Parma,
367. The fortress surrendered to the French Offended at appointment of General Kella-
by the Count d'Albret, 371. The siege of, man, and offers to resign, 20. Visits Les
iv. 600. Atrocities of Carrier at, 623. See horn, but fails to surprise the English, 90

Enters Venetia, and threatens its govern-
Nantes, Edict of, published, iii. 339. Its chief ment, 20, 21. Informs Directory of his

provisions, 340, 341. Its unsatisfactory unfortunate position, 21. Abandons siege
nature, 342. Resistance to it, 347. Re of Mantua, 21. Repels diversion of Quad
established by the treaty of Orleans, 483. danowitsch, 22. Defeats Wurmser at Lonata,
Confirmed by Louis XIV., iv. 6. The mixed 22. Wins battle of Castiglione, 22. De
courts established by the, abrogated, 11, 12. feats Wurmser at Roveredo, 23. Repulsed
Revoked by Louis XIV., 18

at Caldiero, 25. Repulsed at Areola, 25
Nantouillet, Marquis of, killed, iii. 624

Leading the attack in person, he at length
Naples, foundation of the Norman power in, i. wins the battle of Arcola, 25, 26. Gains

86. Policy of Charles of Anjou in, 285. battle of Rivoli, 26, 27. Defeats Wurmet
Claims of Charles of Durazzo, and of Louis, and Provera at Mantua, 27. Mantua se
Duke of Anjou, to the throne of, ii. 6, 24. renders, 27. Arerse to propositions de
The kingdom invaded and taken by Charles, peace, 28. Revolutionary principles of, 99
24. Claims of Charles VIII. of France to Defeats Archduke Charles at Tagliamesta.
the throne of Naples, 380. His march into 30. Encounters him again at Newmark and
Italy, 381. Entry of Charles into, 385, 387. Huzmark, and agrees to a suspension
Irritation of the people against their con arms, 31. Signs preliminaries of Leoben
querors, 386. Leaves De Montpensier viceroy, 31. Invades the Roman territory and a
387. Treaty between France and Spain for rives at Rome, 32. His policy at Romi
the partition of, 410. Entry of a French agrees with that of the Constitutionalist
army into, 411. Which is accordingly par and yet sends Roman spoils to Paris. *
titioned, 412. Quarrels between the French Treaty of Tolentino, 32. Denounces the
and Spaniards in, 413. The French driven Conventionalists, 33. Designates the seestr
out by the Spaniards, 413-415. Failure of of the Directory one of lead,' 33.
Vaudemont's attempt on, 496. Besieged by fuses to sacrifice the Pope to Le Réveillér.

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33. Reverses directorial policy at Rome, ing receive his support, 102. Proposes a
33. His foreign policy the reverse of the repetition of 18th Brumaire, 103. His foreign
Directory, 34. Opposes the Convention, policy as First Consul, 104, 105. His rela-
and supported by Carnot, 34. Refuses to tions with Switzerland, 105. Projects for
command the coup d'état of the triumvirate reorganising Germany, 106. Remonstrates
but sends Augereau, 36. Warned, by Laval with English government about Peltier, 107.
lette, of the Assembly, 36. Refuses to carry Mr. Addington's remonstrances, 107. His
out revolutionary views of Directory with conversations with Lord Whitworth, 108–
regard to Europe, 39. Supports his armies 112. Peace propositions being rejected, de-
by despoiling North Italian cities, 39. Dis clares war against England, 113. War
putes with Cobentzel about peace of Leoben, preparations, 113. George Cadoudal at-
and threatens Austria, 40. Signs treaty of tempts life of First Consul, 113. Gratifies
Campo Formio, 40. Impresses the Čon his thirst for rengeance on the conspirators,
vention and Directory with his superiority, 114. Arrests and murders the Duke d'En-
41. Directory intend him to descend on ghien, 114, 115Pardons Morea, 116. Con-
England, but their plans treated with con templates divorce from Josephine, 116, 117.
tempt, 42. Disapproves of measures against Views of the succession, 116. Proclaimed
Constitutionalists, 42. Refuses to head in Emperor of the French, 117. Appoints his
vasion of England, 43, 44. Ordered to court officers, 118. Crowns himself and
invade Egypt, 44, 46. Countermanded to Josephine, 118. Is crowned king of Italy at
attack Austria, but declines, 46. Commands Milan, 119. Unites Genoa and other cities
Egyptian expedition, and sails from Toulon, to France, 119. Attempts invasion of Eng-
47. Lands in Egypt, 47. Battle of Aboukir, land by his flotilla, 120. Attempts to decoy
48. Battle of the Pyramids, 48. Besieges Nelson, 120. Treats with Prussia and Ba-
Acre, but fails, 48. Combat of Nazareth, varia, 121. Transfers Boulogne camp to
and battle of Monthabor, 49. Retreats to the Rhine, 122. Defeats Alexander at
valley of the Nile, 50. Fruits of all his Austerlitz, 124. Meets the Emperor Francis
victories in Italy lost by incompetency of at the Mill, 125. His harsh terms on Austria,
General Scherer, 57–59. Leaves Egypt and 125. Nominates Joseph King of Naples,
lands at Bay of Frejus, 66. His reception 126. Forms Confederation of the Rhine,
by the Directory, 66. Offers his alliance to 126. Gives Frankfort to Duke d'Alberg, 126.
Gohier and Moulins, 66. Seeks to enter Portions out the Continent, 124–128. War
Directory, 67. Revolution of the 18th with Prussia, 127, et seq. Defeats Prussians
Brumaire, 68-73. Made consul, 75. Takes at Jena, 129, 130. Enters Berlin, 130.
the chair at the consulate, 77. Makes him Visits tomb of Frederick the Great, and takes
self first consul, 78. Takes up his abode at his sword and star, 131. Declares England
the Tuileries, 78. Does not disguise his in a state of blockade, 132. The Berlin
ambition, 79. Commencement of his rule, decree, 132, 133. His generous sentiments
81. His military plans, 82. Crosses Mont towards Poland, 134. Renews hostilities
St. Bernard, 83, 84. Ivrea, 84. Genoa, 84. with Prussia, 134. And Russia, 134. Battle
His Italian campaign, 83, et seq. Defeated of Eylau, 134. Proposes peace to Prussia,
at first by Melas at Marengo, but afterwards 136. Defeats Benningsen at Friedland,
regains the battle by Desaix, 86. Accepts though he failed at Heilsberg, 136, 137. His
Melas' offers of peace, 87. Returns to Paris, interview with Alexander at Tilsit, 138.
breaks off peace negotiations, and renews Apportions and spoils various kingdoms of
hostilities, 89. Battle of Hohenlinden, 90. Europe, 137–145. His prodigal court ex-
Presents Malta to the Czar Paul, 90. His penditure, 146. His treatment of capitalist
views regarding Austria, 90. Signs treaty contractors, 147. Invades the Papacy and
of Luneville, 91. Strikes a blow at Catholic dethrones the Pope, 149. Projects invasion
sacerdotalism, 91. His main thoughts turn of Spain, 150. His policy towards Russia,
upon England, 91. His designs against, 91, 150. Meets Alexander at Erfurt, 150, 156.
et seq. Conclusion of Egyptian expedition, Invades Portugal, 152. Invades Spain by
94, 95. Negotiations for peace with Eng Murat, who orders Ferdinand to France,
land, 95. Preliminaries for peace signed in 153. Forces Ferdinand to abdicate the
London, 96. Attempts re-conquest of San throne, 154. His policy in Spain, 154, et
Domingo, 96. Peace of Amiens, 97. His seq. His wars in Spain, 155, et seq. Instals
policy at home, 97. Plot to assassinate, 98. Joseph King of Spain, 156. Renews nego-
Inclines to monarchy, 99. Creates the tiations with Alexander, and proposes a
Legion of Honour, 100. Reforms the code, family alliance, 157, 170. Pursues Sir John
100. Restores and reforms the Church, 101. Moore, but recalled to Paris by warlike pre-
The Institute and Senatorial Body of Learn parations of Austria, 157, Battle of Corunna,


157. His designs against the Turks, 158, His refusal of negotiations leads the Allied
159. Suspicions of Austria, and consequent Powers to invade France, 216. Prepares
negotiations, 160. Birth of the Tugenbund, for defence, 217. Allows Pius VII. to leare
161. Proposed rising of all Germany, 161. Fontainebleau, 218. Sends Caulaincourt ca
Renewed war with Austria, 161. Defeats another embassy, but fails, 218. Advances
Archduke Charles at Eckmuhl, 161. Arrives to meet his enemies, 218. Attacks Bluehar
at Vienna, 162. Difficulties of this cam at Brienne, 219. Defeats Schwarzenburg at
paign, 162. Battles of Aspern and Essling, La Rothière, 219. Defeats of Blueher and

Defeats Austrians at Wagram, 165, Austrians lead to renewed negotiations, 220.
166. Soult repulsed at Talavera, 166, 169, His successes induce him to alter basis af
179. Agrees to an armistice with Austria, peace submitted by Caulaincourt, 221-223.
167. His generals defeated successively in Armistice of Lusigny, 222. Being limitai
Spain, 168, et seq. Marries Archduchess in its extent, leads Napoleon to renewed
Maria Louisa, 169. His designs on the attacks on Blucher, 224. Disaffection of
North, 171. Designs on Holland, 171. his generals, 225. His evasions lead to
Proposals of peace to England, 171. Divides breaking up at Chatillon, 225. Pursues the
Holland into French departments, 172. His Allies to Paris, 226. Paris captured by the
Northern policy, 173. The Senatus Con Allies, 227. Surprised at capture of Paris
sultum, 173. His policy towards America, he commands his defeated troops to meet st
174. Metternich proposes concessions for Essonne, 228. At Fontainebleau with 70,000
Austria, 175. Treaty of St. Petersburg, 177. men, 230. Deserted by his marshals, 230.
Disagreements with Alexander, 177. With Abdicates, 231. Deputes Caulaincourt, Ney,
King of Rome, 179. Spanish campaign, and Macdonald to proceed to Paris, and
177, et seq. Warned by Jerome, 182. Holds negotiate, 231. Abdicates at Fontaineblean,
a court at Dresden, 182. War with Russia, 232. Receives sovereignty of Elba, 232.
183. His first successes, but resisted at Summary remarks on his career, 233, 234.
Smolensko, 183–186. Disasters attending Informed of discontent in France, 241. His
the campaign, 184. His temporising policy removal to the Azores suggested, but pre-
with Poland, 184. His discussions with vented by Alexander, 241. Sets sail from
generals at Witepsk, 185. Defeats Kutusoff Elba, and lands in Gulf of Juan, with 1,100
at Borodino, and arrives at Moscow, 185–188. men, 242. Meets Royalist troops at La Frey
Burning of the city, 188. Sends overtures and presents himself to their view, 244.
to Alexander, but refused, 189. Retreats Received with Vive l'Empereur !' and
from Moscow, 190. Submits to his generals, joined by Labédoyère, 244. Enters Lyons,
191. Horrors of the retreat, 190, et seq. 244. Joined by Ney, 245. Appoints his
Terrible passage of the Beresina, 192, et seq. ministry, 245. His reception at Paris, 246.
Gives orders for burning the bridge over the Draws up a new constitution with B. Con-
Beresina, 193. Leaves his army at Smorgoni, stant, 247. Organises an army, 248. Joined
195. Conspiracy of Malet, 196. Advice of by Murat, 249. Deserted by Maria Louis,
Metternich to, 196. Enrols the noble classes 249. Visits Malmaison with Hortense, 249.
as gardes d'honneur, 197. Insulted in streets Appointing a provisional government, leares
of Paris, 197. Renewed exertions for at Paris for the army, 250. Remarkable con-
tacking Allied armies, 197, et seq. Battles versation with Fouché, 250. Joins his army,
of Lutzen and Leipzig, 201. Sanctions 251. Campaign of Waterloo, 251, et seq.
Metternich's proposal for a congress, 202. Crosses the Sambre, 251. Engages Prussians
Overwhelmed at death of Duroc, 203. Dis at Ligny, 252. Battle of Quatre Bas, 252.
asters in Spain, 204. His interview with BATTLE OF WATERLOO, 253. Defeated by
Metternich, 204. Yields to demands of Wellington, he returns to Paris, 255. L-
Austria, and proposes treaty of Prague, 204, cien's sinister advice, 256. Abdicates in
205. His reverses in Spain, 206. All favour of his son, 256. Resigning all hopes
European Powers in arms against, 208. he departs for Rochefort, 258. Embarks oa
Austria again enters the field, 208. Battle board a French frigate at Charente, 260.
of Dresden, 209. His successes at Dresden His death, 323. His remains demanded od
counteracted by defeats of his marshals, 210. English government, 521,536. Buried under
Marches against Bernadotte and Blucher, the dome of the Invalides, 522, 536
211. Battles of Leipzig, 212. Retreats Napoleon II., his birth, F. 178
from Leipzig, 214. Defeats De Wrede at Napoleon III., Emperor of the French, son of
Hanau, 214. Tarries at Erfurt, where he Louis Buonaparte and Hortense, his edi-
receives negotiations of peace, &c., from cation and prospects, v. 505. His residens
Austria, 214, 215. Refuses Lord Aberdeen's in Switzerland, 505. Attempts the Stras.
offers, 215. His animosity to England, 216. burg conspiracy, 506, et seq. Taken prisoner,

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