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“I weigh my words well when I assert, that the man who should know the true history of the bit of chalk which every carpenter carries about in his breeches-pocket, though ignorant of all other history, is likely, if he will think his knowledge out to its ultimate results, to have a truer, and therefore a better, conception of this wonderful universe, and of man's relation to it, than the most learned student who is deep-read in the records of humanity and ignorant of those of nature.”—Professor Huzley's Lecture “On a Bit of Chalk,” British Association, 1868.

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THE worker in any department of science, if he keeps abreast with its progress, has usually some discovery to announce, some paper to read, or some address to deliver. Of such miscellaneous matter— selected chiefly with a view to instruction in the Principles of Geology—the present volume is in a great measure composed. What has been of interest to the few, may often, with slight modification, be made attractive to the many; and in particular to those who, having no need, and indeed no time, for systematic training in Science, are yet desirous to become acquainted with its more prominent facts and bearings. This is all the Author aims at by the publication of these “Chips and Chapters,” and he will be specially gratified should they fulfil the end intended, or aid in any way the young geologist to a

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