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As the employment of heaven will yield an infinite diversity - for the theme is infinite - so it is a laudable desire, while we are travelling towards the superior mansions to attain a variety in our songs of praise on earth.

I freely confess that no part of public worship has more frequently elevated my mind above earth, ihan that of singing.

And to your honour, my Christian Friends, I speak it in few Churches is that part of devotion performed with more propriety and excellence. And many of you are living evidences of its utility in the hands of the Spirit of God, of bringing you first within the sound of salvation, and afterwards of elevating your souls to God : others now uniting their voices with the angelic choir, have left their honorable testimony to this truih.

* With these 'views this collection of sacred Poems, which originated from your repeated solicitations, now makes its appearance, containing a considerable number of original compositions, which are now for the first time presented to the public from the press.

Permi tme to express a wish that you would suffer a different mode of reading and singing

from that which prevails. It would be peculiarly desirable, that the whole verse should be read at once : and the tune continued through it, without interruption. This would prevent that confusion of sense, and that violation of harmony, which free quently occur, where two lines only are read at a time. The inconvenience of this method, would speedily vanish, and its propriety force conviction on every reflecting minl.

I present to you this humble effort with that warm affection, which I have long felt, and shall continue to feel, as long as my heart is susceptible of the endearments of christian friendship: a friendship begun on earth, cemented by a thousand erpressions of attention, and perfected in that better, purer world, where I anticipate the pleasure of joining you in nobler praises.

I remain,

Christian Brethren and Friends,

your affectionate Servant

in the Gospel of Christ, HERBERT MENDS.

Plymouth, September, 1801.

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ALAS, my aching heart - - - 29 A As on the cross the Saviour hung Angels, roll the rock away Arise, my slumb’ring soul arise - Adam, our father and our head - And have I, Christ, no love to thee And can my heart aspire so high - - 97 Away my unbelieving fear - - Another six days work is done - - 109 Awake our drowsy souls - - - 110 Awake! celestial mercy cries - - 134 Amidst a world of hopes and fears - 149 All hail the pow'r of Jesus' name - 151 At length the Saviour's born - - - 163 Angels, attend your Sov'reign slain - 164 Attend! the mortal trumpet sounds - 176 Amazing grace! how sweet the sound 190 Approach my soul, the mercy-seat - 208 Another Sabbath calls our feet - - 223 As when the weary trav’ller gains 236 Arise, my soul, adore the grace · - 224

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Blow ye the trumpet, blow -
Behold the day, th' appointed day
Behold the judgment of the Lord
Behold, assembled at thy feet -
Before thy throne, Eternal King
Behold the world o'ercome - -
Begone ye toys that shine around
Behold the feast divine - -
By faith in Christ, I walk with God
Beside the gospel pool - - -
Behold a stranger at the door -
Beyond the glittering starry sky -

- 19
- 116
- 168
- 170


- 197
- 231
- 249

Come ye sinners poor and wretched -
Curst be the inan, for ever curst - - 58

Come thou fount of ev'ry blessing - 121
. . Come heavenly love, inspire my song 189

Creation's works in all their forms - 228

Dear refuge of my weary soul -- 105

Earth has detain'd me a prisoner long 53
Earth's eager slaves, with keen desire 167
Elisha struck with grief and awe - - 202
Enraptur'd with his charming name - 219
Eternal wisdom, thee we praise - - 225
Exalted high at God's right hand - .. 240
Eternal power! whose high abode - 248

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