A Select Collection of Old English Plays, Volume 5

Reeves and Turner, 1874

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Página 224 - Not poppy, nor mandragora, Nor all the drowsy syrups of the world, Shall ever medicine thee to that sweet sleep Which thou ow'dst yesterday.
Página 48 - twas no dream. No, no, it was some woman cried for help, And here within this garden did she cry, And in this garden must I rescue her. — But stay, what murd'rous spectacle is this? A man hang'd up and all the murderers gone! 10 And in my bower, to lay the guilt on me ! This place was made for pleasure, not for death.
Página 124 - And all this sorrow riseth for thy son : And selfsame sorrow feel I for my son. Come in, old man, thou...
Página 53 - Confusion, mischief, torment, death and hell, Drop all your stings at once in my cold bosom, That now is stiff with horror: kill me quickly! Be gracious to me, thou infective night, And drop this deed of murder down on me; Gird in my waste of grief with thy large darkness, And let me not survive to see the light May put me in the mind I had a son, ISABELLA.
Página 98 - Should move a man as much as doth a son : For one of these, in very little time, Will grow to some good use ; whereas a son, The more he grows in stature and in years, The more unsquar'd, unbevell'd he appears, Reckons his parents among the rank of fools, Strikes care upon their heads with his mad riots ; Makes them look old, before they meet with age.
Página 110 - She should have shone; search thou the book. Had the moon shone, in my boy's face there was a kind of grace, That I know — nay, I do know — had the murderer seen him, His weapon would have fallen and cut the earth, 50 Had he been framed of naught but blood and death.
Página 118 - But how ? not as the vulgar wits of men, With open, but inevitable ills, As by a secret, yet a certain mean, Which under kindship will be cloaked best. Wise men will take their opportunity, Closely, and safely, fitting things to time.
Página 135 - Hieronimo, frequent my homely house, The Duke of Castile, Cyprian's ancient seat; And when thou wilt, use me, my son, and it: But here, before Prince Balthazar and me, Embrace each other, and be perfect friends.
Página 86 - I holp to murder Don Horatio too.' — Holp he to murder mine Horatio ? And actors in th...
Página 135 - I'll meet him face to face, to tell me so! These be the scandalous reports of such As love not me, and hate my lord too much. Should I suspect Lorenzo would prevent Or cross my suit, that loved my son so well?

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