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&C.--prey s. pra.-(pre is shut, in) preb'end, preb'endary, precedáneous; precedent, pre"cious, pre"cipice, pred'atory, pred'ecessoi, pred'icable, predicant, pred'icate, predication, pref'ace, pref'atory, pref'ecture, pref'erable, pref'erence, prejudice, prejudi" cial, prel'acy, prelate, prel’ude (n.), prem'ises, preparation, preposi'tion, pres'byter, presbytérian, pres'bytery, pres'ence, pres'ent (adj.), presentation, presentée, pres'ently, preservation, pres'idency, pres'ident, press'gang, press'mán, press'money, press'ure, pres'to, pret'tily, pret'tiness, pretty, prev'alence, prev'alent, (presage s. prês'-áje (n.), or pré-så je' (v.)

11. se, s. sè, in sea, séaboat, séaborn, séaboy, séachart, (sea s. sé in all its compounds) seal, séalingwax, seam, seamless, séarcloth, séason, séasonable, seasonably, séasoning, séaward, sécant, secrecy, sécret, sécretly, (see and sei s. sė,) seed, seedcake, seedpearl', séedtime, seedling, seedsman, seedy, séeing séesaw, séignior, séignory, seine, seize, seizin, seizure, sénior, sequel, séquence, séquent, séries, sérious, sériously, sérous, sérum, séton, şecede, secess'ion, seclude, scclusion, secréte, secrétion, secrétory, secure, securely, security, sedan', sedáte sedátely, sedáteness, sedi'tion, sedi'tious, sedúce, sedůcement, sedúcible, seduc'. tive, seduc'tion, sedulity, seleci', selec'tion, senior'ity, sepulchral, sepulchre (v.), sequácious, sequa" city, seques'ter, seques'trahle, seragl'io, seraph'ic, seréne, serénely, seréneness, serer

ren'ity, setáceous, sevére, severely, sever'ity. (ser. s sår in ser'geant.-sew s. so.)

sewer, s. so'ůr, one who uses a needle.
sewer, s. så år, an officer who serves up a feast.

sewer, s. shore, a passage for water. in most other words the e in se is shut or joined to the next letter, thus-sec'ona, secʻretary, sed'ulous, sel'dom, sem'blance, sensation, ser'mon, ser'vitude, set. tlement, &c.

12. sky, s. skyl, sky, sky'ey, sky'colour, sky'coloured, sky'dyed, sky'ed, sky' ish, sky'lark, sky'light, sky'rocket, (kind s. kylnd in) kind, kindly, kindness, unkind, unkindly, unkindness, gav'elkind, mankind, wom’ankind, húmankind.

13. 54, s. så, in supine (adj.), supinely, supineness, suprem'acy, supréme, suprémely, súpine (n.))

14. super, s. supér, in superabun'dance, superadd', superan'nuate, superb', supercar'go, superceles'tial, supercil'ious, superem'inent, superex'cellents superfi"cies, superfine, super'fluous, superintend', superior'ity, supérior, super'la. tive, supernat'ural, supernumerary, superscrip'lior, supersti'tious, superven'tion, supervisor, súperable, superfice, súperflux, &c.

15. th, s. th, in thane, thank, thank'ful, thank'less, thanksgiving, théatre, theoc'racy, theod'olite, theologias,

théory, thermom'eter, thésis, thick'et, thief, thik' ing, this'ule, thorax, thor'ough, &c. (th s. Th in) than, that, the, their, them, then, thence, thence'forth, thencefor'ward, there, there'about, thereby', there'fore, there. from', therein', thereintó thereof', thereon', thereto, thereunto, thereupon', these, they, this, thith'er, thith'erto, thith'erward, those, thou, though, thus, thy, thyself'.. (thyme s. time.)

16. thr, s. thr, in thrall, thral'dom, thrap'ple, thrash, thrash'er, thread'bare, threat'en, thréefold, threescore, thresh'old, thrift'ily, thrift·less, thrift'y, thrill, thrive, throat, throb, throe, &c.

17. trans, s. trâns, in transact', transcend', transcribe, transfig'ure, transfúse, trans'it, trans'ition, transláte, transmit', transpire, tránsverse, &c. (transi s. trấn-she in) tran’sient, transiently, transientness.

18. un, s.ůn, in unalterable, unbound', uncer'tain, unconcern', undaunt'eri, undir unéqual, unexplored, unfor'tunate, ungen'erous, unhap'py, &c. (u s. å before n in) únicorn, úniform, úniformly, únion, unison, únit, unity, uni. verse, unanim'ity, unan'imous, unifor'mity, unite, unitedly, uni'tion, univer'sal, universal'ity, univer'sally, univer'sity, univ'ocal, (unc s ång in) un'cle, unc'. tion, unc'tuous.


Ån acquaintance with the terminational sounds is important to all who are de. sirous :f acquiring an elegant pronunciation. Teachers will find on trial, that these exercises are well calculated to initiate their pupils into the correct principles of the orthoepy of our language.

1. ic, or ick, at the end of words, sounds ik, in cúbic, somnif'ic, sudorif'ic, mag'ic, lug'ic, pub'lie, angel'ic, academ'ic, astronom'ic, pan'ic, tyran'nic, fab'ric, rhetoric, emphat'ic, arc'tic, poet'ic, critic, eclip'tic, elas'tic, domes'tic, &c.

2. d is pronounced like t when the ed is preceded by f, k, P, s, sh, ch, or any sharp consonant, thus, engraff'ed, quaff'ed, cuff'cd, puff'ed, ingulf'ed; créaked, cloaked, ran'sacked, attack'ed, deck'ed, frol'iced, shock'ed, rock'ed, creek'ed,

ank'ed, frank'ed, link'ed, look'ed, embark'ed, remark'ed, help'ed, decamp'ed, cramp'ęd, developed, clasp'ed, usurped, crisp'ed, lisp'ed, grasp ed, depressed,

oppress'ed, confess'ed, profess'ed, bless'ed, wit'nessed, address'ed, transgress'ed, * repress'ed, possess'ed, guess'ed, cross'ed, discuss'ed, abash'ed refresh'ed, established, pub'lished, fam'ished, diminished, finish'ed, aston'ished, flour'ished, languished, extin'guished, blush'ed, rush'ed, crush'ed, impéached, encroached, detach'ed, stretch'ed, enrich'ed, branch'ed, search'ed, march'ed, catch'ed, match'ed, despatch'ed, fetch'ed, touch'ed, avoucli'ed, &c. (blessed, when an adjective, is, in grave subjects, pronounced in two syllables, thus-a bless'-ed reward.) The ed is pronounced as a distinct syllable in learn'-ed, wing/-ed, when adjectives.-The ed in aged always makes a distinct syllable, as an a'-ged man; but when this word is compounded with another, the ed does not form a syllable, as a full ag'd storse. Theed is pronounced as a distinct syllable in the following adverbs, though it is contracted in the participial adjectives from which they are formed. --forcedly, enforcedly, unveil'edly, deform'edly, feign'edly, unfeignedly, design'edly, re sign'edly, restrainedly, refinedly unconcern'edly, undiscern'edly, assuredly, advisedly, composediy, diffúsedly, confusedly, unperceivedly, resolvedly, deser'vedly, undeser'vedly, reser'vedly, unreser'vedly, avow'edly, perplex'edly, fix'edly, amázedly. The participial termination ed must never be pronounced as a distinct syllable, unless preceded byd or t, except in the language of Scripture.

3. in ed, a verhal termination, the e is not sounded, and the d is joined to the pre ceding, syllable, in mov'ed, prov'ed, approved, disapprov'ed, improv'ed, believed, disbelieved, imbibed, inscribed, transcribed, obliged, disobliged, engaged, convey'ed, siirvey'ed, delay'ed, plann'ed, mann'ed, crown'ed, frown'ed, mourn'ed, calm'ed, framed, blámed, támed, skill'ed, toiled, referr'ed, deferr'ed, preferred, raised, praised, procured, secured, inúred, received, &c.

4. ed forms a separate syllable when preceded by d or t, in commend'ed, recommend'ed, moulded, folded, disband'ed commanded, expand'ed, brand'ed, avoid'ed, befriend'ed, offend'ed, defend'ed, blend'ed, extend'ed, suspend'ed, blinded, des pond ed, rebound'ed, surround'ed; háted, an'imated, abstraci ed, affected, lim'ited, depos'ited, revolt'ed, anoint'ed, devoted, accepted, part'ed, tasted, act'ed, compacl'ed, detract'ed, extracted, affect'ed, subjected, select'ed, collect'ed, direct'ed, protect'ed, convicted, deducted, construct'ed, &c.

5. old, s. old, bold, blindfold, inföld, unfold, behóll, withhold, inhold, uphold, retó!d, untold, mistold. (old s. old) threefold, man'ifold, pin'fold, marigold, freehold, house'hold, thresh'hold, cop'yhold, (old s. åld in scaf'fold.)

6. ind, s. ind, in bind, behind, gav'elkinsi, mankind, wom'ankind, húmankind, unkind, pur'blind, remind, wind (v.) unwindl. (ind s. ind in) abscind', rescind', prescind', discind', interscioci, tain'arind, whirlwind, wind, or wind, (n.)

7. e final, s. é, in ac'me, epit'ome, extem'pore, sin'ile, apos'trophe, hyper'. bole, syn'cope, syndrome, synecdoche, tem'pore, sys'tole.

8. ibe, s. Ibe, in imbibe, ascribe, misascribe, subscribe, describe, rescribe, prescribe, circumscribe, transcribe, inscríbe, proscribe, superscribe, interscribe: 9. ice, s. is, in jaun'dice, cowardice, prejudice, benefice, ven'efice,

office, ed'ifice, or’ifice, pontifice, artifice, súpcrtice, chalice, inalice, com'plice, accom'

plice, sur'plice, pum'ice, cor'nice, pre"cipice, au'spice, av'arice, dent'ifrice, lieorice, cic'atrice, matrice, prac'tice, maleprac'tice, poultice, pren'tice, appren'lice, notice, ar'mistice, solstice, in'terstice, jus'lice, injus'tice, cre’vice, nov'ice, service. (ice s. Ise in) ice, dice, bespíce, entice, advíce, device. (ice s. Ize in) suffice' sac'rifice. (ice s. dės in) police caprice'. (oice s. oys in) choice, rejoice', voice, in'voice, outvoice'.-juice s. júse-ver’juice s. vēr'jůs-sluice s. sluse.

10. ance,* s. åns, in disturb’ance, guidance, attendance, abundance, bal' anee, appearance, remem'brance, fragrance, entrance (n.) obei'sance, úsance, ex pect'ance, relactance, exorbitance, inheritance, repent'ance, accept'ance, im. portance, contrivance, allow'ance, &c. (ance accented, or in monosyllables, s. åns in) bechance', perchance', mischance', enhance', askance', 'romance', finance', entrance', disentrance', complaisance', advance; ; dance, chance, lance, glance, prance, trance.

11. ence, s. ens, in in nocence,t acquies'cence, cadence, con'fidence, dependence, prúdence, desi"cience, efi'cience, insuffi'cience science, pre'scien omniscience, conscience, obédience, expe'rience, si'lence, ex'cellence, in'dolence, op'ulence, commence', pref'erence, occur'rence, omnipres'ence, pen'ilence, consistence, exist'ence, af'Auence, in'fluence, con'sequence, el'oquence.

12. scence, s. sēns, in quies'cence, coales'cence, invales'cence, convales'. cence, adoles'cence, concres'cence, excres'cence, putres'cence, efferves'cence, &c

13. duce, s. dåse, in tradúce, abduce, olflúce, subdúce, edúce, dedúce, redúce, sedúce, indúce, superindúce, conduce, reprodúce, introdúce, prodúce (2) prod'uce.

14. ide, s. Ide, in bide, decide, incide, coincide, confide, backslide, deride, astride, bestride, aside, subside, beside, reside, preside, weakside, withinside, betide, springtide, noontide, misguide, divide, subdivide, provide, de'icide, re" gicide, hom'icide, par'ricide, mat'ricide, fratricide, infan'ticide, suicide, broad'side, blindside, inside, out'side, twelf'tide, e'ventide, whit'suntide, countertide.

15. lude, s. lude, in acclúde, reclúde, preclude, seclúde, inclúde, conclude, interclúde, exclude, elúde, prelúde, (v.) allúde, illúde, collúde, prelude, in'terlude.

16. ee, s. è. in bee, fee, refugée appellée, assignée, epopée, decrée, agrée, disagrée, degrée, fricasée, foresée, oversée lessée, fusée, legatée, guarantée, grantée, absentée, presentée, patentée, devotée, repartée, trustée, seuće, advowée, coffee, feof'fee, ap'ogee, tro'chec, spon'dee, prith'ee, ju'bilee, pedigree, committee, lev'ee.

17. age, s. Idje, in cab'bage, herb'age, bondage, cord'age, vas'salage, pillage, assem'blage, dam'age, im'age, man'age, spin'nage, patronage, stop page: av'erage, cour'age, her'mitage, advar'tage, port'age, cottage, lan'guage, voy'age, pres'age (n), carriage, miscar’riage, mar’riage, intermar'riage, &c. (age s. dje in) age, cage, incage', gage, engage', pre-engage', disengage', page, ti'tlepage, rage, sage, presage' (v.), stage, assuage', wage, ad'age.

18. dge, s. j, in trudge,grudge, judge, lodge, par'tridge, abridge', ridge, wedge, knowledge, sledge, pledge, fledge, hedge, edge, badge, &c.

19. arge, s. årj, in barge, charge, recharge', overcharge', surcharge', discharge', enlarge', overlarge'.

20. áble, så-bl, in ap'plicable, for'midable, com'mendable, peace'able, agreeable, per'ishable, sociable, mag'nifiable, ámiable, pit'iable, estimable, resúmable, defin'able, sufferable, númerable, ven'erable, an'swerable, advis'able, cred'itable, hab'itable, im'itable, suitable, notable, com'fortable, &c. (able s. ab! in) a'ble, fáble, gáble, enáble, unable, sáble, disable, táble, stáble, instáble, unstable.

21. ible, s. é-bl, in evin'cible, invin'cible, do'cible, forcible, iras'cible, dedúcible, cred'ible, au'dible, le'gible, intelligible, fran'gible, discern'ible, ter'rible, vis'ible, defen'sible, comprehen'sible, pas'sible, impos'sible, plau'sible, com

* The learner should be required to give the meaning of the prefixes in, in, en, &c.—and terminations ance, enee, &c. See Exp. p. 24, 25, 26, &c.

† The pupil should be made to comprehend the difference between a compound and deri, vative word.

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pat'ible, convertible, resist'ible, combustible, inflex'ible, &c. (ible s. ibl in bible, -oible s. oy-bl in foi'ble.)

22. uble, s. d-bl in sol'uble, indis'soluble, vol'uble. (ouble s. ubl in) dou”ble, redou'ble, semidou'ble, trou”ble.

23. ile, s. il, in facile, croc'odile, do''cile, a"gile, juvenile, feb'rile pu'. erile, 'ten'sile, mis'sile, volatile, ver'satile, project'ile, duc'tile, mer'cantile, rep'tile, fer'tile, hos'tile, fútile, sex'tile, ser'vile, flex'ile, &c. (ile s. lle in) rec'oncile, cham'omile, in'fantile, gen'tile, pen'tile, ex'ile, défile. (n.) awhilé, some'while, erewhile, oth'erwhile, compile, revile, beguilé (0.) (ile s. lle in) profile. (ile s. èle in) mobilemile s. élé in) sim'ile, u'tile; when utile is used as an adjective, it is pronounced in two syllables, with the accent on the first.

24. stle, s. sl, in cas'tle, fore'castle, nes'tle, tres'tle, wres'tle, this'tle, whistle, epis'tle, bris'tle, gris'tle, jos'tle, thros'tle, bus'tle, jus'ile, nus'tlé, rus'tle. (stle s. sil in pes'tle). 25. some, s. sím, in some, glad'some, whole’some, long'some, dark'some,

'some, toil'some, ran’some, bur'densome, light'some, cum'bersome, &c. 26. sume, s. súme, in absúme, desúme, consúme, assume, reassume. (sume s. zúme in) resúme and presúme.

27. ine, s. in-in sab'ine, med'icine, ima”gine, en'gine, amaran'thine, hyacin'thine, alkaline, a'quiline, cor'alline, metalline, chrys'talline, dis'cipline, mas'culine, fam'ine, jes'samine, exam'ine, re-exam'ine, cross-exam'ine, er’mine, deter'mine, predeter'mine, exter'mine, ver'mine, jas'mine, relúmine, illúmine, fem'inine, her'oine, rap'ine, súpine; (n.) nec'tarine, salaman'drine, Alexan'drine, per'egrine, doctrine, cit'rine, palatine, adaman’tine, libertine, asbes'tine, des': tine, predes'tine, clandes'tine, intes'line, pris'tine, amethys'tine, sang'uine, ensang'uine, gen'uine, jac'obine, (ine s. {ne) wood'bine, columbine, car'bine, con'. cubine, mus'cadine, incar'nadine, brig'andine, con'fine, (n.) fe'line, out'line, cal'amine, car'mine, counter'mine, sat'urnine, por'cupine, sac'charine, fe'rine, vi'per. ine, brig'antine, valentine, ser'pentine, tur'pentine, ves'pertine, combine, calcine, saline, decline, recline, incline, disincline, underline, interline, undermine, counterminé, canine, repine, supine (adj.). divine, untwine, intertwine, woonshine, outshine, define, refine, &c. (ine s. enė in) fasciné, machine, tarnbariné, mariné, ultramariné, submariné, transmariné, tabouriné, quarantiné, colbertine, routine, magazine. (essoine s. essoyn').

28. ire, s. ire, in ire, dire, bemire, quag'mire, aspire, respire, transpire, inspire, conspiré, perspire, suspire, expire, desire, reiire, entire, intire, attire, acquire, require, prerequire, inquire, esquíre, wildfire, bon'fire, em'pire, um'pire, ac'rospire, grand'sire. (ire s. ir in) cam'phire, sapph''tire or sat'ire-solitaire s. sốl-e-tarc.

29. sure, ș. zhůre, in pleas'ure, displeas'ure, meas'ure, outmeas'ure, treas'nre, intreas'ure, incis'ure, exposure, press'ure, impress'ure, sciss'ure, fissure, commiss'ure, rásure, leisure, closure, enclosure, disclosure, composure, discomposure, disposure, cen'sure, compress'ure, coun'terpressure, express'ure, ensúre, unsúre, assúre.

30. lure, s. ture, in judicature, feature, créature, lig'ature, min’jature, abbre’viature, entab'lature, le'gislature, na'ture, sig'nature, illnature, tem'perature, literature, curv'ature, manufac'ture, conjec'ture, lec'ture, ar'chitecture, pic'ture, stric'ture, junc'ture, forfeiture, fur'niture, hor'ticaliure, adven'ture, pas'ture, mix'ture, mature, premature, immatúre.

31. re, preceded by a consonant, s. ēr, in sábre, fibre, om'bre, a'cre, wise'acre, mas'sacre, lúcre, théatre, amphitle'atre, elec'ire, spec'tre, métre, pe'tre, saltpétre, mitre, nitre, cen'tre, sceptre, lus'tre, accou'tre, livre.-parterre', s. pår-tåre.

32. ise, s. lze, in crit'icisc, circumcise, ex'ercise, ex'orcise, merchandise, meth'odise, cat'echise, mon'archise, eler'nalise, nat'uralise, disnat'uralise, e'qualise, syuon'omise, com'promise, epil'omise, man'umise, recognise, tyr'anise, col'. onise, pat'ronise, glut'tonise, modernise, éter'nise, au'thorise, disau'thorise, tem' porise, contem'porise, en’terprise, up'rise, (12), like'wise, length'wise, nowise, otherwise, slant'wise, demise, premise,' surmise, presurmise, despise, rise,

arise, sun'rise, reprise, comprise, surprise, misprise, uprise (v.), advertise, çdas. tise, advise, devise, revise', disguise, supervise, weath'erwise. (ise s. iz in) fran'chise, affran'chise, enfran'chise, disfran'chise, amor'tise. (ise s. is, in) prom'ise, break'promise, tor'toise, trea'tise, prac'tise, diver'tise, mor’tise. (ise s. Ise in) par'adise, impar'adise, precisé, rise* (n.), concisé. (oise s. oyz in) noise, poise, équipoise, coun'terpoise, overpoise. (aise s áze in) chaise, appraise, dispraise.

-chevaux-de-friesé s. shểv-o-de-fréze. 33. ciate, s. shèáte, in glaciate, congláciate, emáciate, depreciate, offi'ciate, provin'ciate, enun'ciate, annun'ciate, consóciate, (v.), associate (v.), dissóciate, cruciate, excruciate, consóciate (n.), associate (n. or adj.).

34 lute, s. lüte, in salúte, elúte, dilúte, pollute, ab'solute, res'olute, irres'olute, dis'solute.

35. ue is silent in league, colleague, intrigue, fatigue, harangue, pedagogue dem'agogue, syn'agogue, di'alogue, catalogue, prologue, opaque, antique, hur lesqué, mosque, &c. (ue s. d in) águe, ar gue, val'ue, underval'ue, overval' av'enne, rev'enue, ret'inue, continue, discontin'ue, stat'ue, vir'tue, unglúe, (uc 08 in) rue, congrue, truc, untrúe, construe, miscon'strue, iss'ue, tiss'ue.

36. ive, s. iv, in give, forgive, olive, outlive, evasive, suasive, dissuasive, adhésive, decisive, repulʼsive, expanʼsive, defen'sive, apprehen'sive, pen'sive, osten'sive, explosive, corrosive, subver'sive, extor'sive, pas'sive, transmis'sive, precur'sive, abusive, conclusive, amúsive, vindic'ative, communicative, recreative, neg'ative, pal'liative, talk'ative, relative, appellative, contem'plative, super'lative, em'ulative, affirm'ative, prepar'ative, demon'strative, disputative, abstrac'tive, disjunc'tive, defin'itive, inquisitive, incep'tive, distrib'utive, dimin' utive, &c. (ive s. Ive in) five, hive, bee'hive, live (adj.), alive, conníve, over drive, derive, deprive, arrive, contrive, revive, connive, survive.

37. g before n'in the same syllable is silent in imprégn, campaign, champaign, arráign, condign, sov'ereign, for'eign, malign, benign, subsign, design, resign, en'sign, consign, countersign, assign, impugn, propugn, oppúgn, expugn.

38. ing, s. îng, in amazing, dy'ing, say'ing, knowing, deserv'ing, last'ing, writing, bless'ing, hearing, mourning, morn'ing, opening, alarm'ing, chángeling, lord'ling, breathing, accord'ing, understand'ing, building, bid'ding, trading,, reading, pleading, leading, facing, piercing, &c.

39. inging, s. ingin, in cling'ing, fling'ing, ring'ing, spring'ing, stringing, wring'ing, sing'ing, sting'ing, wing'ing, swing'ing, sling'ing, bring'ing:

40. ong, s. ông, in thong, dip_thong, trip 'thong, along oblong, head”long, end long, belong', side’long, erelong', live'long, prolong', o'verlong, fur'long head'strong, e'vensong (ong s.ủng in) among', amongst".

41. ough, s. o, in fur'lough, borough, thor'ough, although', (ough s. ow! bough, plough, slough, a deep mire ; (ough s. 8f in) cough, hooping-cough' chin'cough, clough, an allowance in weight; trough. (ough s. ůr in) enough rough, tough-ough s. 88 in through-ough s. åp in hic'cough.

42. th, s. th, in death, heath, breath, wreath (n.) path, breadth, zenith, here with', therewith', wherewith', forthwith', forsooth', betroth', az'imuth, &c. (th s. TH in) sheath (v.) unsheath', beneath', underneath', withi, smooth, sooth" (v.) mouth (v.)

43. cial s. shål in spe'cial, judi''cial, beneficial, offi'cial, artifi" cial, super fi"cial, provin'cial, social, commer'cial, fidúcial, &c.

44. tial, s. shål, in ini'tial, solsti''tial, substan'tial, circumstan'tial, creden'tial, den'tial, pruden'tial, pestilen'tial, reveren'tial, essen'tial, peniten’tial, poten'. tial, nuptial, inar'tial, partial, impar'tial, &c. (tial, preceded by s, sounds tsh¢â? in) bes'tial, celes'tial, subceles'tial, superceles'tial.

45. ful, s. fůl, in dread'ful, need'ful, hand'ful, peaceful, gráceful, changeful, venge'ful, revenge'ful, guilesul, túneful, hópeful, careful, grateful, spíteful, wasteful, wish'ful, faithful, slóthful, plen'tiful, boun’tiful, thank’ful, mournful, won'derful, delightful, &c.

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* Those words are pronounced according to Waiker,

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