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standing is not so much as to make you thinke him man; like a true mongrell, he neither bites nor barks, but when your back is towards him. His heart is a lunipe of congealed snow : Prometheus was asleep while it was making. Hee differeth altogether from God; for with him the best pceces are still marked out for damnation, and without hope of recovery shall be cast down into hell. He is partly an alchymist ; for hee extracteth his owne apparell out of other mens clothes; and when occasion serveth, making a brokers shop his alembicke; can turne your silkes into gold, and having furnished his necessities, after a month or two, if he be urged unto it, reduce them again to their proper substance. He is in part likewise an arithmetician ; cunning enough for multiplication and addition, but cannot abide subtraction : Summa totalis, is the language of his Canaan , and usque ad ultimum quadrantem, the period of all his charity. For any skill in geometry, I dare not commend him ; for hee could never yet find out the dimensions of his owne conscience : notwithstanding he hath many bottomes, it seemeth this is alwaies bottomlesse. He is double yarded, and yet his female complaineth of want of mcasure. And so with a Libera nos à malo, I leave you ; promising to amend whatsoever is amisse, at his next setting.

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A Puritane

S a diseas'il peece of Apocrypha: bind

him to the Bible, and he corrupts the I whole text: ignorance and fat feed, are his founders ; his nurses, railing, rabbies, and round breechies : his life is but a borrowed blast of wind; for betwcene two religions, as Letweene two doores, he is ever whistling. Truly whose child he is, is yet unknowne; for willingly his faith allowes no father : onely thus far his pedegree is found, Bracker and he flourisht about a time first; his fiery zeale keepes him continually costive, which withers him into his own translation, and till hic cat a schooleman, he is hide-bound; he ever prayes against non residents, but is himselfe the greatest discontinuer, for he never kecpes neere his text: any thing that the law allowes, but marriage, and Jarch beere, hee murmures at; what it disallowes and holds dangerous, makes him a discipline : where the gate stands open, hee is ever seeking a stile: and where his learning ought to climb, he creeps through : give him advice, you run into traditions, and urge a modest course, he cryes out councels. His greatest care is to contemne obedience, his last care to serve Gol handsomely and cleanly. He is now become so crosse a kind of teaching, that should the Church

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enjoyne cleane shirts, hee were lowsie : more sense
then single praicrs is not his; nor more in those,
then still the same petitions : from which he either
feares a learned faith, or doubts God understands
not at first hearing. Shew him a ring, hee runs
backe like a bearc; and hates square dealing as
allied to caps : a paire of organs blow him out o'th
parish, and are the only glister-pipes to coole him.
Where the meat is best, there he confutes most,
for his arguing is but the efficacy of his eating :
good bits he holds breed good positions, and the
Pope hee best concludes against, in plum-broth.
He is often drunke, but not as we are, temporally,
nor can his sleepe then cure him, for the fumes of
his ambition make his very soule reele, and that
small beere that should allay him (silence) keepes
him more surfeited, and makes his heat breake out
in private houses : women and lawyers are his best
disciples, the one next fruit, longs for forbidden
doctrine, the other to maintaine forbidden titles,
both which he sowes amongst them. Honest he
dare not be, for that loves order : yet if he can bee
brought to ceremonie, and made but master of it,
he is converted.

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A Whoore

Sa high-way to the Divell, hec that lookcs

upon her with desire, begins his voyaye :

he that staies to talke with her, mends his pace, and he who enjoyes her, is at his journies end : her body is the tilted lees of pleasure, dasht over with a little decking to hold colour ; tast her, she's dead, and falls upon the pallate; the sins of other women shew in landscip, far off and full of shaulow, hers in statue, neere hand, and bigger in the life : she prickes betimes, for her stocke is a white thorne, which cut and grafted on, shee growes a meiller : her trade is opposite to any other, for shee sets up without credit, and too much custome breakes her; the money that she gets is like a traitors, given only to corrupt her; and what shee gets, serves but to pay diseases. She is ever moord in sinne, and ever mending; and after thirty, she is the chirurgions creature : shame and repentance are two strangers , to her, and only in an hospitall acquainted. She lives a reprobate, like Cain, still branded, finding no habitation but her feares, and flies the face of justice like a felon. The first yeere of her trade she is an eyesse, scratches and cryes to draw on more affection: the second a soare: the third a ramage whoore : the fourth and fift, she's an intermewer, preies for her selfe, and ruffies all she reaches ; from thence to ten she bears the name of white whoore, and then her bloud forsakes her with salt rheumes, and now she has mewed three coats ; now shee growes weary and diseas'd together, favours her wing, checks little, but lies for it, bathes for her health, and scowres to keepe her coole, yet still she takes in stones, shee fires her selfe else : the next remove is haggard, stili more cunning; and if my art deceive me not, more crazie. All cares and cures are doubled now upon her, and line her perch, or now she mewes her pounces, at all these yeares she flies at fooles and kils too: the next is bussard bawd, and there I leave her.

A cery Whore

S a woman. Shee enquires out all the

great meetings, which are medicines for

her itching. Shee kisseth open-mouth'd, and spits in the palmes of her hands to make them moist. Her eyes are like free-booters, living upon : the spoile of stragglers; and she baits her desires with a million of prostitute countenances and enticements ; in the light she listneth to parlies : but in the darke shee understandeth signes best. Shee will sell her smocke for cuffes, and so her shooes be fine, shee cares not though her stockings want feet.

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