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production of that celebrated classic

BOLA EANA. z ton, Mr. Skeffington. It strikes Boileau, in his satire addressed 2: the cant about the purity of the to Moiiere, wrote the following imes “one hundred years ago."

lines on the shackles of rhyme:

Maudit soit le premier dont la verve in. BALLAD.

sensée, " One hundred years ago, Dans les bornes d'un vers renferma sa As well as in these times,

pensée, The world had specious show, Et donnant a ses mots une etroite prison,

And just as many crimes. Voulut avec la rime enchainer la raison.
The Courtier's ready smile
Could then false hopes bestow ;

Nay, beauty could beguile

Curs'd be the man who first, with addled One hundred years ago.


(strain ; “Men breath'd the artful vow,

By metre dar'd the pow'rs of wit reAnd maids that vow receiv'd;

In verse imprison ev'ry thought sublime They flatter'd, e'en as now,

And, slave-like, hug the clanking chains And were as well believ'd.

of rhyme. Young hearts were often sold ;

MENAGIANAL For, if estate were low, They barter'd love for gold One hundred years ago.” Petition in verse to Louis XIV. imitated.

Father was happy in his There is point moral, as well as turn for French rhymes; and I am tpigrammatic in the subsequent sorry that the following verses of lines on the proposalofa subscription his to the King, asking him for a for raising a naval column to the vacant benefice, did not succeed, as memory of Nelson, and the remain-the living was already given away. der to go. to the widows, and or- Most valiant Sing from rival kings to phans, &c. Lo, the widows and orphans lament

The sword of empire is your vast aming their dead,

bition ; Whose husbands and fathers with Nel- From rival monks this benefice to catch, son have bled!

Is mine, as signified by this petition.. Till these are reliev'd, let your column Tho' different our aims, yet ne'er the alone ;

less, When they ask you for bread, would you One point to each a common wish segive them a stone ?

Pledge but yourself, great Sir, for my

success, The following extracts are taken from With the same real that I would a popular translation of a work, en- pledge for yours. titled " The French Anas.

* My friend M. Benserade had a

The above verses remind me of witty and very singular, method of others addressed by an eminent expressing himself on every occa- counsellor to a very pretty woman sion. We were one day conversing his clienti on poetry, and he, commending his Imitated from the French. favourite bard Adam Menusier, ob- If what I ask I cannot gain, served, that “No person since his You alsn, Ma'am, must plead in vain..! time appeared capable of imitating If I must lose the cause 1 plead, him,"

“Sir," says 'Benserade, Vain are your wishes to succeed ; " the fellow climbed Mount Parnas- Since you can see me when you choose,

My visits you should not refuse : sus with a ladder, and when he had if what I claim you still deny, ascended, he drew it up after him." You can no more succeed tban!

í snatch


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tures of Santeul, immediately pre Upon the question, “ Why wo- sented him with the eggs. men have not beards?” I have seen several copies of verses written, not

SCALIGERANA. philosophically, but giving humor. The love of poetry is never join ous solutions. I insert the follow- ed with a feeble and disingenuou ing Latin one, as a good specimen: mid; bụt indicates talents of un Quam bene prospiciens generi nátura common magnitude, and forms thi loquaci,

great delight of persons so illustri Cavit ut imberbis, fæmina quæque ous. No one ever was a poet, ol

foret : Nimirurn linguam compescere nescia, an admirer of poetry, that was not radi

an honest man. Ilæsis posset famina nulla genis, IMITATED.

The following pathetic effusion

' Nature regardful of the babbling race, from GRANT's poem on the res. Planted no beard upon a woman's face; toration of Learning in the East, Not Packwood's razors; "tho' the very is not to be surpassed by the most

best, Could shave a chin that never is at rest. fortunate "passages in English

poetry. The whole performance is SANTOLIANA.

not merely eminent as a prize-poem. The Abbe *** tas walking with It affords a fair promise, that its Santeul one day in the King's gar

author will soon be advanced among tlen, and mentioning a'certain Lady, the peers of the literary realm, and Was very extravagafit in the praises transmit his dignities to the latest which he' bestowed on her. San- generation ; that he will soon shine teul interrupted the Abbe, by ob- * last but not least” among the serving, that there was still much English classics. Addison observes, Teft to say about her. What have that he who is not pleased with the I omitted to say?" replied the ab-perusal of Livy, has no taste for be, “That the Lady has many history. To test poets ve propose traits of character, which you have another experiment.

The man, not mentioned, and none that

that can read the 14th line of the have, Sit;" Tetofted Santeul. following extracts

“On thy cold stone looks down the eastSanteul's favourite amusement ern star." was to keep finches. Wating two and not feel its poetic effect, has no hard eggs in order to feed is fa- taste for poetry. vourite birds, be applied to the cook "Nor these alone : büt lo! as Wellesbithe corrvenit for them. The man, ley leads,

[ceeds. Who thought that the demand was Rousd by his cah, die youtiful Band's

Rise other names, and a new race suc: too frequently repeated; denied his

aspire request. Santeul, in great anger, To Jones's learning or to Jones's fire ; with liis eyes rolling, and his fist In clust'ring ranks the meed of song clenched, repeated this line :: 1 And toil and brighten up the steep ons

dia [fame, "Numquid Santolius non valet ova duo.") Thou too, had heaven but listend to “ Cannot Santeul command a brace of

our prayer, eggs!

Thou too, Mackenzie, shouldst hare The cook, wlso did not understand .: brightened there.

Olj hopes dissolx'd, oh, prospects all this extemporary effusion of the

decay'd! Muse, act ttruid of the pocticat rap-on, dawn of glory opening but to fade?


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and young,

Pleas'd we beheld thy early laurels to is a woman of good character ; bloom,

[tomb. and Solomon, in his Proverbs, obNor krew they wove a trophy for thy By Hoogley's banks, from kindred dust serves, that a virtuous woman is a

The how far!

crown to her husband."

[ern star. On thy cold stone looks down the east. Quaker paid the money. But still affection views thy ashes near, The mould is precious and that stone is dear :

LITERARY NOTICES. Her nightly thought surmounts the

roaring ware, And weeps and watches round thy dis

The Literary Magazine and Ameritant grave:

can Register, published by Conrad & Yet say, why on that dark eventful day, Co. Philadelphia, is a periodical publiThat call'd thee from the shores of cation of merit. In typography it equals Thames away,

the best Monthly papers of England. When friendship's warmth,mid partirg Its original, prosaic communications are sorrow's burn'd,

able. But the man, that can dress well Hand press'd in hand, and tear for tear himself, is under less temptations to return'd ;

wear as his own the adornments of Though hope was there all credulous others. We are therefore the more

[hung ? surprised at noticing in this work, the Why on thy brow a cheerless shadow frequent insertion of articles selected E'en at that hour did dark forebodings without any other than internal evished

[dread? dence to distinguish them from original O'er shivering nature some unconscious productions. We cannot believe these And felt thy heart new wounds of sad- editors calculate that many are proness flow,

bably ignorant to whose credit this Prophetic sadness and a weight of woe? stock should be transferred, that few 'How dark though fleeting are the

know its fair owners, that consequently days of man!

gain will be greater, than loss, and tim.s What countless sorrows crowd his nar.

strike the balance in favor. Neither row span!

can they at this day doubt the right For what is life? a groan, a breath, a sigh, bably arises from mere inattention,

of literary property. The error proA bitter tear, a drop of misery, and it is therefore we notice it. A lamp just dying in sepulchral gloom, A voice of anguish from the lonely tomb. The Polyanthos, published in this Or wept or weeping all the change we town, is a fair candidate for popular

favor. The style of engraving does 'Tis all our mournful history below. honor to American artists,

and deserves Pleasure is grief but smiling to destroy, American patronage. The execution And what is sorrow but the ghost of joy? of the work is in general neat. Its Edi. Oh haste that hour, whose rustling tor delves not in mines for incrusted wings shall play

ore, but labors with success in polishing To warn the shades of guilt and grief refined metal

. Literary bullion enaway.'

cumbers, where small coin will often pass current.


THE QUAKER AND CURATE. After the ceremony of marriage To CORRESPONDENTS. the curate demanded five shillings as his due.- How dost thou prove

CARADOC has indeed “ goared befrom scripture," said the Quaker, istences," and we cannot imagine wbere

yond the boundaries of imagined ex" that thou oughtest to have from he is. « Existence saw" Shakespeare me such a share of earthly mam- spurn her bounded reign." But existmon?"_“Why,” replied the cu

ence spurns the boundless reign of Cara. rate, “I take it for granted, that the

doc. person you have just been married Praon came too late.

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No. 11.

Saturday, July 12, L'it.


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