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Constitution of Royal Irish Constabulary—Selection of offi-

cers—Need of reorganisation—Absence of organised

detective service—Means of maintaining order in the coun-

try—The Land League's reign of terror—Supported by

money from America and merciless punishment of offend-

ers—Weakness of English Government—Sketch of the

existing system of Irish administration—The resident

magistracy—County justices—System of appointment,

pay, and promotion of resident magistrates—Duties of

resident magistrate—Maintenance of order rests ex-

clusively with Dublin Castle—Duties of constabulary—

Organisation of the force—Admirable character of the

force—Provision of extra establishment for disturbed

districts—Centralisation of authority in Dublin, . 35


Kilmallock—Serious condition of district—Police barracks

loopholed for rifle-fire—Land League committee at Kil-

mallock, Kilfinane, and Charleville — Composition of

committee — Fenian armed attacks on Kilmallock bar-

racks in 18G7—Constitutional agitation—Seditious pro-

ceedings of Land League — Post-cars refused by

licensed publicans for Government use—Purchase cars,

horses, &c, in Limerick for police—Mob attack barrack

—Dispersed by constabulary—Threaten to fire—Arrest

of leading rioters—their committal to prison and final

discharge—Reasons for leniency—"Boycotting"—Land

League courts — Case of Patrick Berkery — He dis-

appears, . . . . . .59


General condition of Kilmallock district—Ordinary law of

itself not strong enough to restore order—Father Eugene

Sheehy—His violent conduct—Critical state of locality—

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Reasons for deciding to recommend arrest of Father

Sheehy and Land League committees at Kilmallock and

Kilfinane—Council in Dublin—Decision arrived at—

Arrangements for preserving order—Arrest of Father

Sheehy and others—Painful scene—Mr Clery not arrested

—His warning—Conspiracies to murder—Warning from

Under Secretary—Excitement consequent on Father

Sheehy's arrest—Kilfinane—Arrangements for carrying

out arrests there—Fertility of country—Father Lea—

Arrests made—The Christian priest—Effects of removal

of committee — Organisation necessary — Government

system faulty—No individual responsibility—System in

India— Reinforcements — Mount Coote—Its occupation

by troops, . . . . . .77


The law put in force—A local justice and the mob—Be-

haviour of people—Patrolling by troops and constabu-

lary—Restitution of properties unlawfully seized—The

ordinary law—The strength of its administration rests

with magistrate—Relative administration by j udges and

magistrate—Examples—Break-down in trials by jury—

Denis Murphy's case—No rent—Emergency Committee

and Property Defence Association—Mr Goddard—Evic-

tion—Seizure of cattle—Murnane's case—His address to

the Press—The law defeated—Murnane revisited with

more success—Seizures at Bruree—Costly principles, . 104


Story of Patrick Berkery after his return home—Berkery

boycotted and ruined—Visit to Kilfinane—Issue of war-

rants against rioters—Military called in to aid in their

arrest—Prisoners ultimately discharged on restoration

of order in the town—Visit to Charleville—Hooted and

threatened by the mob—Arrest of ringleaders—Abject

submission of prisoners—Land League committee not

removed at Charleville: hence continued disorder—Land

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League meeting at Charleville on the occasion of Mr Par-

nell's arrest—Meeting prohibited, and measures taken

to prevent it—Prohibition defied by the Land League—

Available force inadequate and in great danger—Riot

Act read and troops prepared to fire—Meeting dispersed

— Prisoners released in the evening — Advantage of

carrying copy of the Riot Act—Multifarious duties to

be performed—Inundated by telegrams from House of

Commons, ...... 129


Newly formed Land League committees at Kilmallock and

Kilfinane—Their action now harmless—Headquarters

transferred to Kilfinane—Expedition with the sheriff

—Herds of cattle seized for non-payment of rent—

Cattle driven to Ballylanders — Hostile mob col-

lected to oppose passage — Ringing of chapel bells—

Conflict with the mob—Extraordinary sounds emitted

by Irish mobs—March towards Kilfinane—Volleys of

stones from the mob—Conduct of the priests—Uniform

success of sheriff's operations—Extension of district—

Arrest of Ballylanders rioters—Siege and relief of Massy

Lodge — Extensive seizures of cattle by sheriff and

prompt payment of rents, .... 147


Restoration of order in district—Release of Father Sheehy

and suspects—Reasons for release—Return of Father

Sheehy to Kilmallock—Serious riot—Treachery in the

Post-office—Departure of Father Sheehy—His speech at

Kilmallock—Reasons for his departure, . . .169


Irish disorder due to weak administration, not to defects in

the law—Resignation of Lord Cowper and Mr Forster—

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Crimes Act of 1882—Services of resident magistratesModification of administrative system—Habeas Corpus Suspension Act—General reflections on the situation— Objects of the Land League—Farmers hold aloof from the League—Extension of district to Bruff—Example of defective system of administration—Conference with Chief Secretary—Mr Forster's scheme—Appointment of special resident magistrates—Measures adopted by special magistrates—System of protection to individuals— System of patrol—Employment of troops on protection duty—Energy of the Land League—Its merciless cruelty, 196

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