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Bruise the seeds in a mortar, and then mix with the mutton, and forin

it into a ball.

Common Cordial Ball.

Take of Cumin seeds, 10 grains.

Coriander seeds, 10 grains.
Caraway seeds, 10 grains.
Grains of Paradise, 10 grains,
Saffron, 1 drachm.

Syrup, enough to form a ball.
Bruise in a mortar, and mix well together, then make up into a ball.


Public coursing is conducted under certain rules which have recently been revised by a committee appointed at the Great Waterloo Meeting held at Liverpool in 1858. These supersede all previous rules, with the exception of those of Mr. Thacker which relate to the decision of courses, which, by Rule 1, are now approved of. The committee thus appointed have resolved themselves into a National Coursing Club, to be elected each year at the Waterloo Meeting.

The National Coursing Club has now been established, and all complaints of whatever description connected with coursing, or any matters in dispute, can be referred to it for arbitration and adjustment.

The National Club consists at present of the members selected at the Waterloo Coursing Meeting in February, 1858, together with several other influential noblemen and gentlemen who have been added to it, and whose names have been made known.

The Club is now kept up on the elective principle, the various Coursing Clubs electing members in rotation, and eight retiring every year.

Two General Meetings of the Club shall be held in each yearviz. one in London during the Epsom Race-week, and one at Liverpool during the Waterloo Coursing Meeting—for the despatch of business, and for the revision and alteration of rules ; but the Secretary shall be authorised, upon a requisition addressed to him in writing by any three of the secretary and stewards of a meeting, or upon a remonstrance signed by six public coursers who may happen to be present, to summon such special meetings as may be necessary from time to time, at the earliest convenient opportunity, for adjudication upon such questions as may be referred to the Club.

The National Coursing Club recommends that the following code of laws shall be adopted universally for the guidance both of open and club meetings, clubs merely adding such special or local regulations as may be required to adapt the national code to their own peculiar use; in fact it is generally used throughout the kingdom :


1. SECRETARY AND Stewards. — The Secretary of any proposed open meeting shall associate with himself a Committee of not less than three members, to settle preliminaries. The management of the meeting shall be entrusted to this Committee in conjunction with Stewards, who shall be elected by the subscribers present the first evening of a meeting. The Stewards alone shall decide any disputed question by a majority of those present, subject to an appeal to the National Club. The Secretary, if honorary, shall be a member of Committee and a Steward ex officio. No Steward shall have a right to vote during a meeting in any case relating to his own dogs. The Secretary shall declare, as soon as possible, how the prizes are to be divided; and shall give a statement of expenses, if called upon to do so, within fourteen days after the meeting, by any six of the subscribers.

2. ELECTION OF JUDGE.—The Judge may either be elected by the Secretary and Committee appointed under Rule 1, in which case his name shall be announced simultaneously with the meeting, or his appointment shall be determined by the votes of the subscribers taking nominations : but each subscriber shall have only one vote, whatever the number of his nominations. Not less than ten days' notice of the day of election shall be given to the subscribers, and the appointment shall be published at least a fortnight before the meeting. The names of the subscribers voting, with the votes given by them, shall be recorded in a book open to the inspection of the Stewards, who shall declare the number of votes for each Judge, if called upon to do so by any of the subscribers., When a Judge is prevented from attending or finishing a meeting, the Committee and the Stewards (if appointed) shall have the power of deciding what is to be done.

3. DESCRIPTION OF Entry.—Every subscriber to a stake must

name his dog at or before the entry, giving the names (the running names if they had any) of the sire and dam of the dog entered, and also in puppy stakes the name of the dam's owner. The Secretary shall publish on the cards the names of those who are subscribers, but do not comply with these conditions. These nominations shall not be drawn, but must be paid for. For Produce Stakes the names, pedigrees, ages, and colours, and distinguishing marks of puppies, shall be detailed in writing to the Secretary of a meeting at the time of entry. Every subscriber must also, if required, state in writing to the Secretary, before or during the meeting for which such entry is made, the names and addresses of the parties who reared his puppies; and any puppy whose marks and pedigree shall be proved not to correspond with the entry given shall be disqualified, and the whole of its stakes or winnings forfeited. No greyhound is to be considered a puppy which was whelped before the 1st of January of the year preceding the commencement of the season of running. A sapling is a greyhound whelped on or after the 1st of January of the same year in which the season of running commenced.

4. PAYMENT OF STAKES.—All moneys due for nominations taken must be paid at or before the entry, whether the stakes fill or not, and although, from insufficient description or any other cause, the dogs named may be disqualified. No entry shall be valid unless the amount due for it has been paid in full. For all Produce and other Stakes where a forfeit is payable no declaration is necessary; the non-payment of the remainder of the entry money at the time fixed for that purpose is to be considered a declaration of forfeit. The Secretary is to be responsible for the entry money of all dogs whose names appear upon the card.

5. ALTERATION OF Name.-If any subscriber should enter a greyhound by a different name from that in which it shall have last run in public, he shall give notice of the alteration to the Secretary at the time of entry, and the Secretary shall place on the card both the late and the present names of the dog. If notice of the alteration be not given, the dog shall be disqualified.

6. PREFIX OF“Ns.”—Any subscriber taking an entry in a stake and not prefixing the word “ Names” to a greyhound which is not his own property, shall forfeit that greyhound's chance of the stake. IIe shall likewise, if requested, deliver in writing to the Secretary of the meeting the name of the bonâ file owner of the greyhound named by him, and this communication is to be produced should any dispute arise in the matter. .

7. DEATH OF A SUBSCRIBER.—The death of a subscriber shall only affect his nominations, if it occur before the draw, in which case, subject to the exceptions stated below, they shall be void whether the entries have been made or not, and any money received for forfeits or stakes shall be returned. If he has parted with all interest in the nominations, and dogs not his property are entered, paid for, and drawn in ignorance of his being no longer alive, such entries shall not subsequently be disturbed. When dogs, who have been entered in Produce Stakes, change owners with their engagements and with their forfeits paid, the new owner, if otherwise entitled to run them in those stakes, shall not be prevented from doing so by reason of the death of the former owner.

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