Introducing Japanese religion

Routledge, 21/12/2007 - 269 páginas
Introducing Japanese Religion is the ideal resource for students who are beginning their studies of the religious traditions of Japan. It offers students a living picture of traditional and contemporary Japanese culture, and a rich understanding of the history and practice of religions in Japan. Robert Ellwood explores the religious heritage of this fascinating country, from the dawn of spirituality to the present day. He gives special attention to the traditions of Shinto, the different forms of Buddhism in Japan, including Shingon and Tendai, and Confucianism. He also explores Japanese New Religious Movements, including Aum Shrinrikyo. Each religion is clearly described in terms of its history, practice, sociology and organization, and Ellwood emphasises how in practice Japanese religion interacts and intermingles. Finally, Ellwood discusses the influence of Japan on popular culture, including discussion of anime, and the transmission of Japanesespiritual, mythical and religious themes to the rest of the world. Introducing Japanese Religion also includes illustrations, lively quotations from original sources, learning goals, summary boxes, questions for discussion, and suggestions for further reading, and a glossary, to aid study and revision.

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vignettes of Japanese spiritual life
Shinto then and now
preBuddhist Japan and how Buddhism arrived
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Ellwood is Professor of Religion, Emeritus at the University of Southern California.

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