Works Issued by the Hakluyt Society, Volume 55

B. Franklin, 1877

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Página 49 - Affonso de Albuquerque forgot all that he had been guilty of towards himself, and only held in memory that this man had been his companion in arms, and had helped him in all the troubles connected with the conquest of the kingdom of Ormuz like a gallant knight, and he ordered him to be buried at his own expense, with the usual display of torches, and himself accompanied the body to the grave, clad all in mourning, a thing the Viceroy would not have done V 1 Albuquerque's Commentaries, vol.
Página x - Tão grande era de membros que bem posso Certificar-te que este era o segundo De Rodes estranhíssimo colosso, Que um dos sete milagres foi do mundo...
Página 111 - God, king of Portugal and the Algraves of this side, and beyond th« sea in Africa, lord of Guinea and of the conquest, navigation and commerce of Ethiopia, Arabia, Persia and India, Sic.
Página xi - O gente ousada mais que quantas No mundo commetteram grandes cousas; Tu, que por guerras cruas, taes e tantas, E por trabalhos vãos nunca repousas: Pois os vedados terminos quebrantas, E navegar meus longos mares ousas, Que eu tanto tempo ha...
Página lxx - Satya is the burning of a wife, who from a platform erected for the purpose, throws herself into the same fire with her husband, committing suicide with the creese at the same time. These may be either lawful wives or concubines, and the latter is not unfrequently the case. Bela, on the contrary, is the burning of a wife, who is burnt in a separate fire, not with her husband, jumping into it alive, without using the creese. This latter method is not thought so much of, but is the more common. These...
Página x - De disforme e grandissima estatura, O rosto carregado, a barba esqualida, Os olhos encovados, ea postura Medonha e má, ea cor terrena e pallida. Cheios de terra e crespos os cabellos. A boca negra, os dentes amarellos.
Página xxiv - The translations are adequate and satisfactory, the work has evidently been a labour of love," &c., &c. — The Athencenin. PALCOEN (CALICUT) Facsimile of a Dutch Narrative L< of the Second Voyage of Vasco da Gama to Calicut. Printed at Antwerp, circa 1504. with Introduction and Translation, by J. PH. BERJEAU.
Página xi - Sabe que quantas naos esta viagem Que tu fazes, fizerem de atrevidas, Inimiga terão esta paragem, Com ventos, e tormentas desmedidas : E da primeira armada, que passagem Fizer por estas ondas insoffridas, Eu farei d'improviso tal castigo, Que seja mór o damno, que o perigo.
Página lxxiii - In the centre there is a small house, affording a last resting-place to the victim, in which she waits until the ceremonies for her husband are finished and his body has begun to burn. The side of the bamboo scaffold nearest to the fire is protected by a wall of wet Pisang-stems. Upon the bridge lies a plank smeared with oil, which is pushed out a little over the fire, as soon as the time for the leap draws near. At first there is a door at the end of the bridge, and this is not removed till the...
Página xxxiii - ... coast, in the third year of the reign of Emmanuel. Several other celebrated Portuguese navigators, such as Almeida, Albuquerque, Acunga, Silveira, and de Castro, following the tract of Vasco di Gama, laid the foundation of the power of the Portuguese in India. Francis Almeida defeated the fleet of the Mameluke Sultan of Egypt, in conjunction with that of the Kings of India (1509). Alfonzo Albuquerque conquered Goa (1511), and made it the capital of all the Portuguese settlements in that part...

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