Historical and Scientific Sketches of Michigan: Comprising a Series of Discourses Delivered Before the Historical Society of Michigan, and Other Interesting Papers Relative to the Territory

S. Wells and G. L. Whitney, 1834 - 215 páginas

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Página 153 - On Erie's banks, where tigers steal along, And the dread Indian chants a dismal song, Where human fiends on midnight errands walk, And bathe in brains the murderous tomahawk ; There shall the flocks on thymy pasture stray, And shepherds dance at Summer's opening day ; Each wandering genius of the lonely glen Shall start to view the glittering haunts of men ; And silent watch, on woodland heights around, The village curfew, as it tolls profound.
Página 48 - Indian towns on the south side and west end of Lake Erie, to inform them that I had his consent to come into the country. He attended me constantly after this interview till I arrived at Detroit, and while I remained in the country, and was the means of preserving the detachment from the fury of the Indians, who had assembled at the mouth of the strait, with an intent to cut us off. I had several conferences with him, in which he discovered great strength of judgment, and a thirst after knowledge.
Página 21 - their hand •was against every man, and every man's hand was against them.
Página 49 - Council, that he would carry to his native village the head of your chief warrior, and that he would eat his heart and drink his blood. Did I not then join you, and go to his camp and say to him...
Página 49 - My Brothers ! I begin to grow tired of this bad meat, which is upon our lands. I begin to see that this is not your case, for instead of assisting us in our war with the English, you are actually assisting them. I have already told you, and I now tell you again, that when I undertook this war, it was only your interest I sought, and that I knew what I was about. I yet know what I am about.
Página 49 - And as a proof of my friendship, recollect the war you had seventeen years ago, [1746] and the part I took in it. The Northern nations combined together, and came to destroy you. Who defended you ? Was it not myself and my young men...
Página 50 - I have avoided urging you upon this subject, in the hope, that if you could not aid, you would not injure us. I did not wish to ask you to fight with us against the English, and I did not believe you would take part with them. You will say you are not with them. I know it, but your conduct amounts to the same thing. You will tell them all we do and say. You carry our counsels and plans to them. Now take your choice. You must be entirely French, like ourselves, or entirely English. If you are French,...
Página 48 - ... his country unmolested, and relieve the French garrison ; and that he would protect me and my party from any insults that might be offered or intended by the Indians ; and, as an earnest of his friendship...
Página 156 - In 1823 Congress abolished the legislative power of the governor and judges, and granted more enlarged ones to a council, to be composed of nine persons selected by the President of the United States from eighteen chosen by the electors of the Territory; and by this law, also, eligibility to office was made co-extensive with the right of suffrage as established by the act of 1819; also the judicial term of office was limited to four years.
Página 32 - And at all events, he delivered his belt in the usual manner, and thus failed to give his party the concerted signal of attack. Major Gladwyn immediately approached the chief, and drawing aside his blanket, discovered the shortened rifle; and then, after stating his knowledge of the plan, and reproaching him for his treachery, ordered him from the Fort.

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