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I come, I come, from the icy North,
From my alpine palace I issue forth ;
I come from the caves of the blue glacier,
My voice in the whirlwind's roar ye may hear.
My car swiftly glides o'er the watery waste,
Its course through the snow-drift may now be traced.

As I traverse the West, my nitrous breath
Dooms plants, and herbs, and flowers to death;
E'en amaranths fade on the young beauty's grave,
And laurels now droop o'er the dust of the brave.
O well is it fitting this season of gloom,
To speak of destruction, and point to the tomb!

My spirits rush forward on racks of the North,
They shiver the pines in their eddying wrath,
The larches they strip, the gnarld oak feels their blow,
The cedar branch snaps with the weight of the snow,
The surge into mountains is lash'd by their blast.
The sea-boy is wash'd from the slippery mast.

All mute are the groves, not a chorister heard,
As in the soft prime when bird carol'd to bird ;
But the barnacle flocks, as they soar on high,
And wing their far flight for a milder sky,
Scream forth their harsh notes, and in wedge-like form
The mid air they cleave, surmounting the storm.

The fountains lie bound in their dark, deep source,
No more chafe the brooks in their pebbly course ;
My sceptre I've waived o'er the mountain drear,
And the cataract halts in its proud career;
While masses of ice down the blue Rhone sweep,
As wave chase wave, rushing on to the deep.

Though stern is my form, in my train I bring
Sweet joys and bright hours outrivalling spring;
The song and the dance in gay halls resound,
The feast it is spread, the wine-cup goes round;
While Charity lightens the prisoner's chain,
And gladdens the heart of the desolate train.

But Christmas has vanish'd, Saint Valentine's come,
The songsters are mated, the first flowers bloom,
I wrestle with Spring, we by turns rule the hour;
But, aided by Phæbus, she baffles my power.
Here my empire's dissolved, my throne melts away-
To realms then I hasten still owning my sway!



SUBSCRIBERS to the above works and the public, are respectfully informed, that ample 21rangements have been made by the undersigned, who is the widow and administratrix of the lati MR. WILLIAM LEWER, of carrying on the same with great care and despatch. Bein: mately acquainted with all the details of the business, and desirous that the plan of publication so a vantageously brought into practice by her late husband should be permanently carried out, the undersigned flatters herself that the patrons of these Republications will find an increased, rather than a diminished care, apparent in the manner and time of their successive appearance.

The undersiguied may, perhaps, be pardoned for making an appeal to the present subscribers, and requesting a prompt payment of arrears. It will be apparent to them, that the commencement of such a responsibility as now rests upon her, requires that she should be as little fettered with pecuniary anxieties as possible, and she therefore trusts that they will be pleased to remit their severa amounts at early convenience.

It may be proper also to observe, that all subscribers who do not notify their discontinuance at the end of the year now concluding, will be considered as continuing their subscriptions, and the num. bers will be forwarded as usual.



NOTICE TO AGENTS. The REPUBLICATIONS of BRITISH REVIEWS and MAGAZINES, having now bet? before the public for nearly six years, during which period they have acquired a circulation unprece dented in the history of ine periodical press of the United States—the present publisher begs leate respectfully to intimate that she deems t no longer essential to continue the practice, very properis adopted by the projector on the first onset of the works, of sending copies to agents on " sale or for

over and above the numbers for which they may have received orders. COUNTRY AGENTS and others, will, therefore, please to lose no time in notifying the subscriber the precse number of each work respectively they will hereafter require, as no returns will be allowed for, in the settlement of accounts.


3 5


TERMS TO SUBSCRIBERS, PAYABLE IN ADVANCE. The London Quarterly, Edinburgh, Foreign, and Westminster Reviews, per annum, . 88 Three Reviews,

7 Two do.

5 One do. Blackwood's Magazine, Metropolitan do.

4 Blackwood and Metropolitan,

8 Bentley's Miscellany, Agents are requested to take notice, that if they deviate from this established rule, they do so solely on their own responsibility-the publisher holding herself at liberty to draw al sight for the amount of each number as published and delivered.

JEMIMA M. LEWER Lasement rooms corner of Broadway and Pene street.

NEW YORK, December, 1838

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