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Lafayette, Gen., his popularity in Ame. Napier, Col., Griffone, a tale of the
rica, 406.

Peninsula, by, 74.
Legends Walter Childe, 17, 121, 277, Napoleon's Midnight Review, 173.

440, 537; the Ghost-Riders, 471. National Guards, remarks on the, 194.
Lemon, Mark, Song of the Fire-King by, Nights at Sea ; or Sketches of Naval

Life during the War-Lord C--ford
Le Gros, W. B., the Love-Merchant, by, and the Pirate, 141, 557.

61 ; Cupid and Jupiter, 266; Pluto Night on the Enchanted Mountains, 306.
and Proserpine, a poem, 413.

Night Ride, see Anecdotes of Military
Lines on the Power of Beauty, 54; to

-, 155; Memory, paraphrased from Scene, see Gianni.
the French, 133; un Venice, 193; on Nonsense ! a Miscellany about Love, 167.
seeing the timber representation of the Nutmegs for Nightingales, No.V.-Wa.
Duke of Wellington on the arch at terloo, 457 ! No. VI-I met her in
Hyde Park Corner, 276; written in a the Omnibus, 458.
Ball-room, 396; to a Cough, 470;
Extra Ordinary, 500 ; on

Mourners, 511; lines, 552.
Lions of Baden in Baden, 353.

Ode from Anacreon, 580.
Loss of my Leg, story of, 181.

Officer's Lady, the, see Anecdotes of Mi.
Love and the Flimsies, a poem, see Pa-

litary Service.
per Money Lyrics.

“Old Sailor,” Nights at Sea by the, 141.
Love-merchant, a poem, 61.

Oliver Twist, or the Parish Boy's Pro

gress—particulars of the adventure ex.

plained, 1; conversations concerning

him, 15, 105, 107; disclosures respect.
Mackay, Mungo, see Mungo.

ing, 316, 321 ; his interview with Mr.
Macready, Mr., notice of his check of Brownlow,325; particulars relating to
the Claqueur System, 591.

an old acquaintance of his, 417; con.
Maguire, Barney, his history of the Co. versations respecting him, 532.
ronation, 207.

Ouseley, T. J., song of the Earth to the
Maid of Honour, extract from an order Moon, by, 450.

of Henry VIII. for the daily allow.
ance of, 369 n.

Marcel, M., story of his last minuet, 397.
Matilda to King John, a poem, 556. Paddy Flynn, or the Miseries of Dining
Mayhew, Edward, the Good-for-noth out, 31.
ing, by, 94.

Palatable Pilgrimage to the Eating-
Mayhew, Henry, Peter Punctilio, by,609. houses of Paris, 485.
Medwin, Capt., Pasquile, by, 286. Paper Money Lyrics-Love and the
Memory, paraphrased from the French. Flimsies, à poem, 140; Chorus of

Bubblebuyers, 239.
Miller, Joe, the jester, particulars re Pasquale, a tale of Italy, 286.
specting him, 344, 345.

Paris, the Restaurants of, 228: a Pala.
Minuet, story of Marcel's last, 397. table Pilgrimage to the Eating houses
Missionary Bride, story of the, 330. of, 485; remarks on the Cafés of,
Mitchells, the Two, see Anecdotes of Mi. 543.
litary Service.

Parisian Sabbath, a, 194.
Molière, M., account of his marriage, Parisian Cafes, description of, 543.

451; his attachment to his wife, 452 ; Parent-Duchatelet, M., character of,
circumstances respecting his funeral, 301; his description of the employ.

ment of a burying-woman, 303.
Madame, her marriage, 451 ; her Peninsula, a tale of the, sce Griffone.

by, 55.

Phantom Ship, the, a poem, 433. Three Weeks before Marriage, 590.
Pluto and Proscrpine, a pocm, 483. T. H., Mrs., see Holme.
Poems, the Dew-drop and the Rose, 60; ToujoursGai,the French or English,572.

the Lɔve-Merchant, 61 ; Paper Money Translation of a Sonnet by Tasso, sce
Lyrics, 140, 239 ; Cupid couched, 172; Sonnet.
Day Dreams, 260 ; Cupid and Jupiter, Trinity College, extract from a Manu.
266 ; the Phantom Ship, 433; Pluto script found in, see, Cambridge .Row.'
and Proserpine, 483; the Blast of
Winter, 520 ; the Supper of Bacchus,

542; Gonello the Jester, 553; Three
Weeks before Marriage, 590.

Uncle Sam's Peculiarities Journeys
Portrait, the, 329.

from New York to Philadelphia and
Power of Beauty, lines on the, 54.

back, 40, 134, 294 : American
Power, Tyrone, Fight of Hell-Kettle boarding houses, 581.
Press, Gentleman connected with the,

Profession, an extraordinary, 301. Vaslyn, The Courier, by, 90.
Punch,receipt for making a bowl of, 570. Venice, lines on, 193.

Veteran's Death-bed, 571.

Raff's Epitaph, 293.
Reminiscences of the Inauguration of

Wade, J. A., Matilda to King John by,

556; Threc Weeks before Marriage
Gcorge IV., see Coronation Miseries.

by, 590. Charles Dibdin, and National
Restaurants in Paris, peep at the, 228.

Song. 626.

Walter Childe, legend of, canto III. 17;

canto IV. 121,127; canto V. 440, 537.

Warlock, the, a charade, 89.
Sabbath, description of a Parisian, 194. Washington, General, remarks respect.
Sargent, E., Gonello the Jester by, 556.

ing, 405,
Scoggin's Jests, story taken from, 343.

Washington Irving, sce Irving.
Shcchan, John, Paddy Flynn by, 31. Waterloo, No. V., Nutmegs for Night-
Sheridan, Miss L. H., Lines to a Cough ingales, see Nutmegs.
by, 470.

Wellington, Duke of, lines on secing
Smith, Rev. Sydney, anecdote of, 305.

the representation of him on the arch
Songs of the Fire King, 93; of the at Hyde Park Corner, 276.

Gondolier, 203 ; of the Sun, 352 ; of Whitehead, C., Narrative of John
the Bayadere, 413 : of the Earth to Ward Gibson by, 383.
the Moon, 450.

White Horse Hill, origin of the name
Sonnets-translation of a Sonnet by of, 123 n.
Tasso, 30.

Wide Awake Club, proceedings of the,
Soubrette, the, sce Adventures in Paris. 359.
Stanzas written in Autumn, 482. Mourners, lines on, 511.
Sun, song of the, 352.

Witches' Frolic, see Family Stories.
Supper of Bacchus, a poem, 542. Wolf Adventure, see Anecdotes of Mili-

tary Service.

Thomas, William J., Joe Miller and the

Jesters of all times and climes by, 338.


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