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BE IT REMEMBERED, that on the 27th day of August, A. D. 1828, in the fifty-third year of the Independence of the United States of America, E. & G. W. Blunt, of the said District, have deposited in this office the title of a book, the right whereof they claim as proprietors, in the words following to wit:

“ The American Annual Register; for the years 1826-7, or, the fifty-first year of American Independence."

In conformity to the Act of Congress of the United States, entitled, “An Act for the encouragement of Learning, by securing the copies of maps, charts, and books, to the authors and proprietors of such copies, during the time therein mentioned ;" and also, to ap Act, entitled, “An Act, supplementary to an Act, entitled, an Act for the encouragement of Learning, by securing the copies of maps, charts, and books, to the authors and proprietors of such copies, during the times therein mentioned, and extending the benefits thereof to the arts of designing, engraving, and etching historical and other prints."

FRED. I. BETTS, Clerk of the Southern District of Nero-York.


UNITED STATES. Character of American bistory-Controversies with Great Britain

North east boundary-Navigation of St. Lawrence-Disputes with Brazil-Papama mission.

Ozanization of the opposition-Sectional character-Machinery of party-Exceptions to first mes

sue of Mr. Adalas--Nomination of general Jackson--His address to the legislature of Tennes-

Principles of opposition-Materials of opposition-Charge of corruption against the ad-

ministration General Jackson's letter to the public-Mr. Clay's answer-General Jackson's

reply-Refutation of charge-Executive patronage-Internal improvement-Manufacturos-

Commerce Indian affairs.

Colonial regulations of Great Britain-Condition of States after the revolution--Acts of first con-

These Sheffield's pamphlet - Convention of 1815--Acts of congress of 1818-Act of parlia-

nent of 1818-Negotiation--Law of the U.S of 1820-British Act of 1822-Proclamation

of the presideat in 1822-Negotiation contidaed-Act of U. S. of 1823-Order in Council

of 1223-Acts of Parliament of 1825. Principles of the two parties-British colonial ports

shot-Negotiation Proceedings in senate-In house-Conclusion of session-Proclamation

of president-Ports of U. S. closed.

eping of congressBankrupt system-Failure of law of 1800—State laws-Postponerpent of

bankrupt act of last session-Mr. Hayne's proposition-Discussion in senate-Mr. Branch's

amendment-Proceedings thereon--Defeat of bill-Vice president's appeal-Report of com-

taittee Publishing the law-Character of the debate-Creek controversy-Message of the

president thereon-Proceedings in senate-Debate in house--Report-Cession of land by

Creeks; and conclusion of controversy.

Depressed condition of woollen manufactures-Tariff of 1824-Alteration of British tariff-

Frauda upon the revenue-Mr. Mallory's report and bill— Discussion in house-Proceedings

in senate Harrisburg convention-Division of opinion.
Treasury report-Revolutionary pensions-Bill authorizing exchange of stock-Grant to suffer-

er at Alexandria Salary of postmaster general-Appropriations for the support of govern-

ment-Army appropriations-Georgia militia claim-Indian appropriations-Appropriations

for internal improvement-Fortifications-Naval appropriations-Bill for the gradual im-

provement of the Navy-Public building Correspondence between Mr. Benton and the

Mexican minister.

MEXICO. Congress of 1827-Foreigo relations Ecclesiastical affairs Persecution of the Spa-

niarde-Laws against them-Plot and execution of Arenas-Arrest of Negrete and Echa-
varri-Disturbances in Durango-Yaquis-Texas State of parties-Expulsion of Esteva

from Vera Cruz-Attack on Mr. Poinsett-Rincon's proceedings—The navy.

CENTRAL AMERICA Constitution of the States-Origin of the civil wars-Meeting of an

extraordinary congress President Asco convokes a convention-Disturbances in Guatamala

-Xew government organized Salvador makes war upon Guatamala-The Salvadorenos

bestea and repulsed-Arce marches against Salvador The latter summits-Peace restored-

Canal of Nicaragua.

COLOMBIA. Government in 1827-Santander's message_Foreign relations-Treasury-Army

and savy-Capture of Benevides' party-Bolivar in Bogota-State of things in Venezuela -

Bolivar at Puerto Cabello Paez submits-Bolivar at Caraccas-Renounces the presidency

-M. Warts and Bolivar-State of things in April and May-Bustamante's return from Peru

-Proceedings at Guayaquil-Third division of the army-Their views and object-They sub-

mit-Bolivar prepares to march against them-His intentions-Congress meets in May-San-

tander's resignation refused-Speeches in congress, of Soto and Uribe, concerning Bolivar-

His renunciation pot accepted-Decree of amnesty-Re-establishment of public order-Grand

cogvention-Apprehensions entertained of Bolivar-Communication of the city of Panama-

Pretended conspiracy at Bogota-A groundless fabrication-Vindication of Santander-

Falsely accused by the Reform purty-Concordat with Leo XII.-Insurrection at Guaya-

quil-Bolivar's pessage to the senate-Entry of Bolivar into Bogota-Swears to the Consti-

bution-Proceedings of congress-Decrees on the press-Earthquake-Concluding reflections.

PERU. Bolivar in Peru-Departs in September-His council-Congress of 1826- Their ad-

dres-Decrees thereon-Circular of the council-Acts of the province of Lima-Tara paca

dimento - Other provinces unanimous for the Bolivian code-Supreme court refuses to ratify

their votes-Counted by the municipality of Lima-Decree of the council, that the Bolivian

code is adopted, aad Bolivar president for life--He is proclaimed, and the constitution sworn

to-Desatisfaction-Third division of the Colombian army-Lara perceives their discontent

Conspiracy of the patriots-Colombian troops declare against Bolivar-Conduct of the

council Bustamante's proclamation-Citizens of Lima renounce the Bolivian code--Santa
Cruz provisional president-Pando-Old constitution restored-Colombian troops leave Peru

Coagress meet La Mar chosen president-His character-Proceedings of congress-Con.


BOLIVLA. Seanty accounts of Upper Peru-Sucre re-appointed by congress-Colombian

troop Secre's address op his election- Bolivian code sworn to-Movement of Fuento on

Pape-Sucre stands neutral as to Peru-His address to the Colombian army-Conspiracy in

Bolivis-Acquisition of Arica--Bolivia not recognised by Buenos Ayres-Sucre intends to

extraordinary congress Postitution of the States Originedings-The navy.
beater and repntent organized Salvadoronvokes a conventions sivil wars-Meeting of


CHILE Blanco's resignation-Chilian finances-Resignation of president Freire-Of vice pre-

édent Pinto- The latter not accepted-Pinto's installation--War in the southern pro-

vincee Constitution of Chile-Proceedings of the provincial assemblies-Arguments of the

federal party-Arguments of the centralists-State of parties--The present government.

BRAZIL AND LA PLATA. Folly of the war-False policy of the republic-Dissentions-

Bank of Buenos Ayres-Mines-State of the war-Invasion of Rio Grande-Battle of Itu-
zaingo-Consequenceg-Brown's successes-Both parties desire peace-Garcia's treaty-
Rejected-And justly-Garcia's defence-Rivadavia resigns--Lopez elected--Government of
Boenos Arres-Dissolution of the republic-Cordova and Buenos Ayres unite-State of the
Var-Brazilian sinistryMr. Raguet's departure from Rio-Paraguay.

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