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Printed by R. CLARK, Edinburgh


In this new edition of the Guide to Gloucestershire the alphabetical arrangement is adopted for the convenience of tourists. .

Of course the alphabetical method can only be applied to places of some prominent importance ; as, were all the towns and hamlets arranged in accordance with it, the work would take the incongruous and uninteresting form of a dictionary or gazetteer. The plan followed in this case is to group localities of minor importance in the “Vicinity” of those more important places, separately described, to which by their position they may be naturally referred. This principle of arrangement, it is hoped, will be sufficient to enable the tourist readily to turn up such places, even without the aid of the very full index at the end of the volume.

The work has been carefully revised, and in great part re-written. As, however, it is almost inevitable that a writer describing a county so extensive as Gloucestershire should be guilty of errors and omissions, corrections from residents or tourists are invited, and will be duly acknowledged by the publishers.

EDINBURGH, 25th July 1865.

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