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In honour of Dame Donae's luckless death;
Unto the which, in pain of his displeasure,
He hath invited all the immortal gods
And goddesses, so that I must be there,
Unless I will his high displeasure bear.
You see Alphonsus hath, with much ado,
At length obtained fair Iphigena,
Of Amurack her father, for his wife;
Who now are going to the temple wards
For to perform Dame Juno's sacred rites;
Where we will leave them, till the feast be done,
Which, in the heavens, by this time is begun.
Meantime, dear Muses, wander you not far
Forth of the path of high Parnassus' hill,
That, when I come to finish up his life,*

* That, when I come to finish up hit life, &c] This proves that Greene intended to write a Second. Part of Alphonsus.

Tou may be ready for to succour me:
Adieu, dear dames; farewell, Calliope.
Cal. Adieu, you sacred goddess of the sky.

[Exit Venus; or, if you can conveniently, let a
chair come down from the top of the stage, and
draw her up.

Well, loving sisters, since that she is gone,
Come, let us haste unto Parnassus' hill,
As Cythorea did lately will.*
Mclpom. Then make you haste her mind for to

[Exeunt omnet, playing on their instruments.

Perhaps, indeed, lie did write one: "possibly," observes Mr. Collier (Ifist. of Engl. Dram. Poet. iii. 171), "the continuation has perished."

* did lately will] Qy. **did us lately will" f (i. e., according to the phraseology of Greeno'o time, "did lately desire us.")


A Pleasant conceytcd comcdie of George a Greene, the Pinner of Wakefield As it teas sundry times acted by the seruauts of the right Honourable the Earlt of Sussex. Imprinted at London by Simon Stajford% for CuthbeH Burby; And are to be sold at his shop neere tht Royall Exchange. 1599. 4to.

Reprinted in the different editions of Dodsley's Old Plays.


Edward, King of England.
James, King ol' Scotland.
Eabl or Kendal.
Earl Of Warwick.
Lord Bonfikld.
Lord Hum Eh.
Sir Gilbert Armstrong.
Sir Nicholas Manxerixo.



Cuddv, his Mm.



Robin Hood.

Much, the Miller's son.


Jexkik, George-a-Grecno's man.

Wily, Georgc-a-Greeno's boy.



Townsmen, Shoemakers, Soldiers, Mossougers,

Jane A-barley.

Bettris, daughter to Grime.

Maid Mariak.

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