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A Pjets Virion and a Princes Qlorie. 1603. 4to.

Written by Greene, the actor.

A Paire of TrrtU Doves: or, the Tragicall History of Bcllora and Fidelio. Seconded with the Tragicall end of Agamio, wherein (besides other matters pleasing to the Reader) by way of dispute betweene a Knight and a Lady, is described this neuer before debated question, To wil: Whether man to woman, or woman to man offer the greatest temptations and allurements vnto vnbridled lust, and consequently whether man or woman in that vnlawfull act, be the greater offender. A historic pleasant, deUghtfull and witty, fit of all to be perused for their better instruction, but especiall of youth to be regarded, to bridle their follies. Printed for Francis Burton, and are to be sold at his shop in Panicschurchyard, at the eigne of the Flower-de-Luce and Oroume. 1606. 4to.

Attributed to Greene merely on account of the resemblance it bears to his writings.
The Art of Jugling or Legerdemain, by S. R. 1612. 4 to.
Questions concerning Conie-hood and the nature of the Conie. n. d. 4to.


The Historic of Orlando Furiosot one of the twelve Pieres of France. As it was plaid before the Qtteenes Matestie. London, Printed by John Danterfor CiUkbert Burbie, and are to be sold at his shop nere the Roy all Exchange. 1594. 4to.

The Histarie of Orlando Fvrioso, one of the Twelve Peeres of France. As it was playd before Uie Queenes Maiertie. Imprinted at London by Simon Stafford, for Cuthbert Burby: And are to be told at his shop neere the Royall Exchange.

1J99. 4to.

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