Shakespeare Comes to Broadmoor: The Actors are Come Hither : the Performance of Tragedy in a Secure Psychiatric Hospital

Jessica Kingsley Publishers, 01/01/1992 - 282 páginas

Between 1989 and 1991 several of Shakespeare's tragedies were performed in the central hall of Broadmoor Hospital. This book sets these important events on record. It offers insights into the impact of such drama, in such a setting, upon actors and audience. It includes interviews with the directors and the actors playing the title roles, as well as a description of the hospital and its community of patients and staff.

The performances were given by actors from The Royal Shakespeare Company (Hamlet and Romeo and Juliet), The Royal National Theatre (King Lear) and the Wilde Community Theatre Company, a local amateur drama group (Measure for Measure). An account is given of `workshops' which took place after the performances. And a collage of comment, by actors and audience, is presented as a stream of corporate consciousness.

The final section of the book has a more academic timbre, including chapters on performance and projective possibilities, the nature and scope of dramatherapy, and contributions on the place of drama in custodial settings by specialists from a variety of disciplines.

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Foreword Sir Ian McKellen vii
How these things came about Murray Cox 1
Dramatis Personae 11
interviewed by Ann Barker
interviewed by Rob Ferris
Introduction Murray Cox
This Tempest in My Mind
Introduction Murray Cox
Introduction Murray Cox
A Cautious Exploration Eva Røine
Theatre Initiatives in Prison Jessica Saunders
Theatre of Healing Sue Jennings
Reporting to the Yet Unknowing World Murray Cox
Shakespeare Psychiatry and the Unconscious
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Murray Cox was Consultant Psychotherapist at Broadmoor Hospital from 1970 until his death in 1997. He was an Honorary Member of the Institute of Group Analysis, the Danish Society for Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy and an Honorary Research Fellow, The Shakespeare Institute (The University of Birmingham).

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