Reading Shakespeare Historically

Routledge, 26/07/2005 - 216 páginas

Reading Shakespeare Historically is a passionate, provocative book by one of the most renowned and popular Renaissance scholars writing today. Charting ten years of critical development, these challenging, witty essays shed new light on Renaissance studies. It also raises intriguing questions about how the culture and history of the past illuminates the key social and political issues of today. Lisa Jardine re-reads Renaissance drama in its historical and cultural context, from laws of defamation in Othello to the competing loyalties of companionate marriage and male friendship in The Changeling. In doing so she reveals a wealth of new insights, sometimes surprising but always original and engrossing. At the same time, these essays also provide a fascinating account of the rise of feminist scholarship since the 1980s and the diversifying of `new historicist' approaches over the same period.

Reading Shakespeare Historically will fascinate and provoke students of shakespeare and his historical age, and general readers with an urge to understand how the culture and history of our past illuminates the key scoial and political issues of today.

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Defamation and Desdemonas case
Unlawful marriage in Hamlet
Gender dependency and sexual availability
Erasmuss familiar
Mercantile exchange and knowledge transactions
Anxiety for
The scholar of womens history as Penelope
What happens in Hamlet?
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Lisa Jardine is Dean of Arts and Professor of English at Queen Mary and Westfield College, University of London, and Honorary Fellow of King’s College, Cambridge. Her many publications include Still Harping on Daughters: Women and Drama in the Age of Shakespeare and Erasmus, Man of Letters. She is a regular presenter for BBC Radio.

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