Cognitive and Linguistic Aspects of Geographic Space

D.M. Mark, Andrew U. Frank
Springer Science & Business Media, 06/12/2012 - 519 páginas
This book contains twenty-eight papers by participants in the NATO Advanced Study Institute (ASI) on "Cognitive and Linguistic Aspects of Geographic Space," held in Las Navas del Maxques, Spain, July 8-20, 1990. The NATO ASI marked a stage in a two-year research project at the U. S. National Center for Geographic Infonnation and Analysis (NCOIA). In 1987, the U. S. National Science Foundation issued a solicitation for proposals to establish the NCGIA-and one element of that solicitation was a call for research on a "fundamental theory of spatial relations". We felt that such a fundamental theory could be searched for in mathematics (geometry, topology) or in cognitive science, but that a simultaneous search in these two seemingly disparate research areas might produce novel results. Thus, as part of the NCGIA proposal from a consortium consisting of the University of California at Santa Barbara, the State University of New York at Buffalo, and the University of Maine, we proposed that the second major Research Initiative (two year, multidisciplinary research project) of the NCOIA would address these issues, and would be called "Languages of Spatial Relations" The grant to establish the NCOIA was awarded to our consortium late in 1988.

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Table of Contents continued
Geographic Space
their Practical Application and their Theoretical Evolution Irene Campari
Cultural Influences on the Conceptualization of Geographic Space
Wayfinding and Spatial Cognition
Knowledge for Personal Navigation with a New Research Direction
Mark Blades
FreundSchuh 167
Cartographic Perspectives
Semiotics Hansgeorg Schlichtmann
Formal Treatment of Space in Mathematics
User Interfaces and HumanComputer Interaction
J F Raper and M S Bundock
NATO Advanced Study Institute Participants
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