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“Marmion” is in course of enactment at Astley's, where the admirers of the Great Wizard congregate to witness the rendering into a dramatic form the charming poem of their favourite author. Several very striking tableaux are introduced. General approval is bestowed on the “Goblin Cave,” and on « The Phantom Fight.” A mixture of the horrible and of the supernatural that is nightly relished by the patrons of the Fitzballian drama.

The manager of the SURREY, seizing one of the subjects of the day, has brought out a translation of “ Monte Christo," the chief characters being allotted to Mr. Hicks and Mrs. R. Honner, both of whom acquit themselves to the unspeakable delight of a not over fastidious audience. T. P. Cooke continues to offer his powerfully-drawn pictures of nautical life in “ The Pilot,” “ Poll and My Partner Joe,” and “Black Eyed Susan" to the complete satisfaction of all judges of marine manners.

Juba at VAUXHALL GARDENS should be seen as something quite marvellous. There never was such kicking, there never was such dancing, and there never was such singing as this sable young gentleman practises. No wonder Boz immortalized him. Then again in this al fresco promenade, Pell, the veritable “ bones," is to be met with, extracting as much music as ever from his rattling instruments, and drawing down an equal proportion of applause to that which he gained when last in the metropolis.

Ballooning and Aquatic Tournaments are eyents that rapidly succeed one another at CREMORNE GARDENS, greatly to the delight of the numerous sight-seeking folks that flock hither for recreation and amusement.

The German Society of twenty-four instrumental and solo performers, whose performances at the Hanover Square Rooms were attended with considerable success, are now giving a series of Promenade Concerts at the ADELAIDE GALLERY. The musical public of the metropolis may hear interpreted to perfection, the music of Weber, Mendelssohn, Rossini, Cherubini, Spöhr, Meyerbeer, Strauss, Lannes, Labikski, &c. The programme is nightly enriched with a solo or two, which are rendered in a first style of excellence. On Saturday evenings Laurent's excellent band attend here, and are kept continually in practice by the votaries of Terpsichore, who muster on these occasions as strongly as in the most juvenile days of the Casino.



J. B. DAY.

Gs. Fortress (the dam of Pyrrhus the First) covered by Epirus

380 The Farmer's Daughter, four years old, by Muley Moloch out of Patty, covered by Slane, &c. (mare untried) .......

170 Monstrosity (dam of Ugly Buck, &c.), with a filly foal by Epirus, and .. The foal engaged in the Ham Stakes at Good- }

| mare covered by Venison.


foal wood, and the Bibury Produce Stakes ........................) Deceitful (own sister to Deception, winner of the Oaks), with a filly mare

foal by Epirus, and covered by Venison ........... .......... | foal Fraudulent, four years old, by Venison out of Deceitful (sister to Deception),

covered by Epirus (mare untried) .......................

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Ugly Doe, by Venison out of Monstrosity; engaged in the Triennial Stakes,

at Newmarket, the Bibury Produce Stakes, the Produce and Triennial Stakes at Stockbridge, in the Ham and Gratwicke Stakes at Goodwood, and the Great Produce Stakes at Winchester ................................. 155 Esplanade, by Cotherstone out of Glacis, by Venison or Bolero out of Lot;

engaged in the Windsor Forest Stakes at Ascot, the Triennial Stakes at Stockbridge, the Settrington and Richmond Stakes at Goodwood, and the Great Yorkshire Stakes...........

50 Monsieur Guizot, by Sir Hercules out of Deceitful.....

John Boll, two years old, by Touchstone out of Pyrrhus the First's dam, &c.;

in the Triennial Stakes at Newmarket, the Derby, Triennial Stakes at Ascot,
Produce Stakes at Bibury and Stockbridge, the Ham and Gratwicke Stakes
at Goodwood, the Doncaster St. Leger, the Great Yorkshire Stakes, Pro-

duce Stakes at Salisbury, Winchester, and Northampton ,............... 730 Bernadotte, two years old, by Charles XII. out of Calumny; in the New. market Stakes, the Derby, the Triennial at Ascot, the Wilton Park Stakes, Salisbury, the Foal Stakes at Winchester, and the King John Stakes at

Egham (allowed 3lb.)..........
Traitress, two years old, by Charles XII. out of Deceitful; in the Triennial

Stakes at Newmarket, the Oaks, Triennial at Ascot, Produce Stakes at
Bibury and Stockbridge, the Ham and Gratwicke Stakes at Goodwood, the
Great Yorkshire Stakes, Wilton Park Stakes at Salisbury, Two-year-old
Stakes at Winchester, Produce Stakes at Abingdon and Bath, and the King

John Stakes at Egham ..........
Macedonia, two years old, by Emilius out of Euryene ....................
Anglia, three years old, by Venison out of Fortress ...........

Bay gelding, five years old, by Venison, 56 gs; Whirling was sold for 40 gs. At a general meeting of the Jockey Club, held on Saturday, the 10th inst., Lord George Bentinck in the chair, it was unanimously resolved

"1. That the thanks of the Jockey Club are due and are hereby offered to Sir Gilbert Heathcote, Bart., for the great accommodation afforded by him to gentlemen who run borses at Epsom, by granting the use of his paddock for the horses to walk in, and by allowing the fences to be removed, in order to afford them access to the starting-post away from the crowd.

“ 2. That the thanks of the Jockey Club are due and are hereby offered to John Isatt Briscoe, Esq., Lord of the Manor of Epsom, for the increased gratification afforded by him to the public in allowing the ground to be cut for the formation of a new course, on which the race for the Derby and the Oaks can be viewed from the Stand for the whole distance."

It was also resolved--“That the Jockey Club having learned that it has been an ancient practice for winners of the great stakes to make a present to the judge, are of opinion that such practice is, in principle, objectionable, and that hereafter a fixed sum should be paid out of certain large stakes in lieu thereof, and that the judge should be preclude. from receiving any presents whatever from winners of races.

" That the winner of the 2,000 Guineas Stakes shall pay 10 sovs, to the judge, of the Cæsarewitch and Cambridgeshire Stakes 30 sovs, each, of the Derby at Epsom 50 sovs., and of the Oaks 30 sovs., in addition to his salary for judging other races at Epsom and Newmarket."

- That it is recommended to the stewards of Doncaster and other places where very large prizes are run for, to adopt the same principle in remunerating the judge."

The proposal respecting the betting-posts at Newmarket was adjourned to the July Meeting.

The Derby settling, from one certain foreseen circumstance, was not altogether so awkward as often has been the case when “the gentle

men" get an innings. To be sure, many were forced to hold off for a time with mere promises to pay, while a few others of a more retiring nature had not even that excuse to make. Considering the terrible run against then this season, it is almost a wonder the profession has be haved so well and stood the succession of certainties so manfully as they have. The evident fact, however, that Surplice was not the horse to take liberties with or stand as the target to, no doubt saved numbers who must have possessed immense resolution to buy themselves out at the price they did. The only consolation perhaps, after all, is that Surplice was not beaten by Springy Jack, a horse that everybody knew could not win, and who consequently would have bothered the books of many a body if he had. 'Tis well it's no worse. These first and second from Epsom are now so calculated on for Doncaster, though not at prices regulated on by the running at the former place. According to, and what followed at Ascot, there is hardly a point between them. At present the pair, with his Grace of Bedford's importation from Erin, almost entirely represent the business on the “Great” St. Loger, as we used to call it a few years back. The Goodwood events, though the next to come off, are hardly better furnished with favourites ; the Hero, of course, being once more the hero for the Cup, and the home-stable having managed to cry up Crozier as a crack for the Stake. A worse handicap, or one with a stronger proof of its unsatisfactory arrangement in the meagre acceptance that followed, has not been published for a long time than this said Goodwood Stakes.

About the most promising race in the market is the Derby of '49, for which Garrick, the clever winner of the New Stakes at Ascot, figures as the present premier. For two and three-year-olds verily Mr. Green has quite a Midas-like attribute : all he touches are sure to run a bit.

LATEST BETTING, MONDAY, JUNE 26. Goodwood STAKES.-9 to 1 against Crozier, four years old, 7st. 8lb.; 10 to 1 against Chat, four years old, 5st. 131b. ; 12 to 1 against Diplomatist (late Walmgate-Bar-without), four years old, 7st. Illb. ; 12 to 1 against Hydrangea, five years old, 7st. 71b. ; 12 to 1 against Remembrance, three years old, 5st. 21b. ; 12 to 1 against The Tartar, four years old, 7st. 71b. ; 13 to 1 against Alpheia, three years old, 4st. 10lb. ; 17 to 1 against Reflection, three years old, 4st. 10lb. ; 20 to 1 against Gaiety, four years old, 6st. 8lb. ; 20 to 1 against Chanticleer, five years old, 9st. 21b. ; 25 to 1 against Milwood, four years old, 5st. 121b. ; 25 to 1 against Baronet (late Rosin-the-Beau), five years old, 6st. 51b.

GOODWOOD Cup.—7 to 4 against The Hero, 4 to 1 against Van Tromp, and 15 to 1 against Chanticleer.

St. LEGER.-5 to against Surplice, 3 to 1 against Springy Jack, 7 to 1 against Justice to Ireland, 20 to 1 against Beverlac, and 50 to 1 against Loadstone.

THE DERBY, 1849.—20 to 1 against Garrick, 22 to 1 against The Flying Dutchman, 25 to 1 against Elthiron, 25 to 1 against Honeycomb, 25 to 1 against Crucible, 30 to 1 against Borneo, 1,000 to 30 against colt out of Alice Hawthorn's dam, 1,000 to 30 against Uncle, and 40 to 1 against Montague.

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First Quar., 7 day, at 57 min. past 2 morning.
Full Moon, 14 day, at 16 min. past 8 afternoon.
Last Quar., 21 day, at 8 min. past 4 afternoon.
New Moon, 28 day, at 1 min. past 7 afternoon.

Sun Moon High WATER

rises and rises & London Bridge. sets. =

sets. morn. I aftern.

| h. m. d. . . Th. m./ h. m. 1 T Lammas Day. Belfast Regatta r 4 26 2.sers./ 3 15 3 35 2 W Southptn Reg. E.,H.,&W.C.C., s 7 45 3 9 2 3 55 4 15 3 T Horwich RACES [Lord's r 4 29 4 9 25 4 4 F MARLBOROUGH RACES

s 7 41 5 9 49 5 10 5 25

r 4 32 6 10 13 5 45 6 0 65 Sebenth Sunday after Trinity's 7 38 710 39 7 M 'RIPON RACES. Greenwich Reg. r 4 35 811 9 7 5 7 25 8 T CHELMSFORD R. Radcliffe Reg.'s 7 34 9 11 43 7 50! 8 20 9W READING R. WEYMOUTH R. r 4 38 10 Morning. 8 55 9 10 T St. Lawrence. Erith Regatta s 7 3111 0 2310 910 45 11 F Dog days end.

r 4 4112 1 1011 2011 12 s

2713 2 4no tide 0 20 13* Eighth Sunday after Trinity'r 4 4414 3 5 0 50 1 10 14 M Cric.—Eng. v. Kent, at Canter- s 7 23 FRENES. 1 33 15 T Ryde Regatta. EGHAM R. [bury r 4 48 16 7 35 2 15 16 W TUNBRIDGE Wells RACES 8 7 1917 8 3 17 T Sailing Match for H.M. Cup, at'r 4 51 18 8 31 18 F Lyme Regis Regatta. [Ryde s 7 1519 9 0 19 S

1 4 5420! 9 311 4 55 5 15 20 $ Ninth Sunday after Trinity s 7 11 21 10 6 21 M C.--11 of Eng.o. 20 of Derby,at D.'r 4 57 22 10 44 22 T CANTERBURY R. Teigumouth R. s 7 723 11 29 7 15 23 W YORK RACES. HEREFORD RACES r 5 024 Morning 8 20 9 0 24 T St. Bartholomew Torbay Reg. s 7 225 0 21 9 40 10 20 25 F

r 5 326 1 2011 011 40 S Plymouth Regatta

s 6 5827 2 25 no tide o 27 S Tenth Sunday after Trinity r 5 728 3 34 0 44 1 10 28 M HUNTINGDON RACES

s 6 54 N SETS | 1 35 2 0 29 T ABINGDON R. DERBY R. r 5 10 1 7 3 2 20 2 40 30 W ROCHESTER R. RADCLIFFE R. s 6 50 2 7 28 2 55 3 15 31 TO

r 5 13 3 7 52 3 33 3 50

RACES IN AUGUST. Leominster .. 2 3 Taunton .... 8 9 Plymouth.... 15 16 | York........ 23 24 25 Brighton .... Necwcastle

Egham...... 15 16 Tiverton .... 24 25 Horwich .... (Staffordsh.) 8 9 Tunbridge

Huntingdon. 28 29 Edgeware ...

Preston .... 9 10 Wells .... 16 17 Stourbridge. 28 29 Marlborough.

Weymouth.. 9 10 Eton ........ 18 Abingdon ... 29 30

Eccles ...... 21 22 23 Derby....... 29 30 Blakeley .... 8 9 Wolverhamp

Basingstoke.. 21 22 Rochester ... 30 31 Knighton ... 8

ton ...... 15 16 Canterbury .. 22 23 Radeliffe 30 31; Sept. 1 Chelmsford .. 8 Oxford ...... 16

Hereford .... 23 Stirling .. 31; Sept. 1.

Belfast .............. 1 2 S Shadwell and Radcliffe 8 | Lyme Regis.......... 18
Royal Southern Y.C.,

Richmond .......... 10 R. Y. Sqd. M., at Ryde 21 at Southampton ... 2 3 Erith ..


Teignmouth .....
R. York Y.C., at Whitby 2 3 4 Isleworth.
Worcester .....

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9 10





Hartlepool .......... 14 15 London Y.C...

Manchester & Salford 14 15 16 Torbay ... Greenwich .......

R, Vict. Y.C., at Ryde 16 16 18 Royal Western Y. St. George's Y.C., Fulham ............ 17

at Plymouth .... Kingstown ........ 7 8 9|R. Y. Sqd. M., at Ryde 17 Glasgow ..........

Oulton ..............

er & sje: 14 15

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