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LIVERPOOL. WEDNESDAY, March the 1st.--Fifty Sovs. given by the Earl of Sefton, added to a Sweepstakes of 10 sovs. each ; 5 ft. for horses that never won more than 200 sovs. at any one time; three years old 6st. 71b., four 8st. 31b., five 8st. 10lb., six and aged 9st.; fillies allowed 3lb.; the owner of the second horse received back his stake ; one mile (10 subscribers).

Mr. M. Dawson's br. c. Liston, by the Doctor, three years old (Hay) ..
Lord Chesterfield's br. c. Sampson, three years old (Oates)
Mr. Pedley's b. g. Administrator, four years old (Templeman)


.. 3 Mr. B. Green's b. c. Sylvan, three years old (Basham) Mr. Skerratt's br. m. Romance, five years old (Marlow) .. Sir J. Gerard's b. f. Lucy Ashton, three years old (Abdale) 5 to 2 against Sampson, 4 to 1 each against Liston, Sylvan, and Lucy Ashton.

Won by three lengths; a neck between the second and third. The Liverpool Spring Cup, a handicap sweepstakes of 15 sovs. each ; 10 ft., and 5 only if declared, &c., with a Cup or 100 sovs. added (at the option of the winner) by the Licensed Victuallers of Liverpool and their Friends. The winner paid 10 sovs. towards expenses, and the owner of the second horse received 20 sovs. out of the stakes; one mile and a half (15 subscribers, 3 of whom paid only 5 sovs. each).

Mr. M. Blake's ch. c. Ballinafad, by Harkaway, four years old, 7st. 7lb. (Murphy) .. 1
Lord Chesterfield's ch. f. Lady Lurewell, four years old, 7st. lib. (Oates)
Mr. T. Harrison's b. h. Kingfisher, six years old, 8st. 71b. (Wynn)
Mr. W. H. Johnstone's br. g. Spectator (half-bred), aged, 7st. 1216. (Fowler).. 0
Mr. Jaques's ch. c. Sir Martin, four years old, 7st. llb. (Duncan)
Mr. Heap's br. m. Brown Fly, five years old, 6st. 10lb. (Tasker)..
Sir J. Gerard's b. f. Dipthong, four years old, 6st. 9lb. (Abdale) .
Mr. M. Dawson's br. c. Liston, three years old, 6st. 9lb. (Hay) ..
2 to 1 each against Lady Lurewell and Liston, and 5 to 1 each against Ballinafad and King-

fisher. Won cleverly by half a length, and Kingfisher beaten a head for second; Liston a good fourth.

The Grand National Steeple-chase was run between the above two races.

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WARWICK AND LEAMINGTON SPRING MEETING. TUESDAY, March the 14th.-The Scurry Stakes of 5 sovs. each, with 20 added, for horses of all denominations, winners previous to starting excepted ; 12st. each; Gentlemen riders, qualified as for the Willoughby handicap; the winner paid 5 sovs. to the fund; T.Y.C.

Mr. Skerratt's br. g. Bruce, by Accident, four years old (Mr. Rowlands)..
Mr. Clifton's ch. m. Elimea, five years old (owner) ..
Col. Shirley's b. f. The Diamond, four years old (Mr. C. Brooke)
Sir J. Gerard's b. f. Helena, by Sir Hercules, out of Miss Touchit, four years old

(owner) Lord Strathmore's Khondooz (owner) weighed, but did not get to the post in time to start. 5 to 4 against Khondooz, 7 to 4 against Elimea, and 2 to 1 against Bruce.

Won easily. The Trial Stakes of 10 sovs, each with 50 added by the Town of Warwick ; three years old 7st., and four 9st. ; the winner of the Derby, Oaks, or St. Leger to bave carried 2016. extra ; horses, &c., that never won allowed Alb.; the winner paid £10 to the fund; one mile (11 subscribers.

Mr. T. Parr's b. c. Sponge, by Ascot, three years old, 7st. (W. Butler) ..
Mr. Lillie's br. c. The Great Western, three years old, 7st. (G. Abdale)
Mr. M. Dawson's br. c. Liston, three years old, 7st. (J. Hay)
Lord Warwick's b. c. Lahore, three years old, 7st. (G. Oates)
Lord Strathmore's br. f. Sweetsauce, three years old, 6st. 1b. (Crouch)
Mr. W. Gulliver's ch. f. by Coronation, dam by Middleton, three years old, 6st. 12lb.

(Brookes) .. Mr. Hargreaves's ch. c. Sunnyside, three years old, 6st. 121b. (J. Sharp) 2 to 1 against Liston, 3 to 1 against Sunnyside, 5 to 1 against The Great Western, 5 to 1

against Sweetsauce, and 6 to 1 against Sponge.

Won by a head; Liston beaten a length. The Woodcote Stakes of 25 sovs. each, 10 ft.; for two years old colts 8st. 71b., and fillies 8st. 41b,; the produce of untried stallions or out of mares that never produced a winner allowed 3lb.; half a mile (3 subscribers).



Mr. B. Green's b, c, Lammermoor, by Laneroost, out of Lucia, 8st. 7lb. (Wintering

ham) .. Sir J. Gerard's ro. f. by The Lord Mayor, out of Miss Craven, 8st. llb. (G. Francis) 2

4 to 1 on Lammermoor, who won in a canter. The Willoughby Handicap of 20 sovs. each, 10 ft., and only 5 if declared, &c., with 50 added by the Committees of Warwick and Leamington; ridden by Gentlemen, Members of White's. Brookes's, Boodle's, Goodwood, Heaton Park, Eglinton Park, Bibury, Croxton Park, or Leamington Hunt Clubs, or Officers in the Army ou full-pay; the winner paid 15 sovs, to the fund; two miles (22 subscribers, 13 of whom paid only 5 sovs. each). Count Batthyany's br. h. Master Stepney, by Muley Moloch, six years old, 9st. 121b.

(Mr. Bevill) Lord Howth's b. m. Icicle, five years old, 9st. 121b. (Mr. Rowlands) .. Mr. Waller's b. h. Columbus, six years old, 10st. 3lb. (Capt. Pettat) . Lord Strathmore's br. h. Kesheng, six years old, 11st. (owner).. Mr. W. Learmonth's b. g. Cavendish, aged, 10st. 121b. (Mr. Davenport) Mr. Butler's ch. g. Castoff, four years old, 9st. 6lb. (carried 9st. 816.) (Mr. Clifton) 0 Sir J, Gerard's br. f. Comme-il-faut, four years old, 9st. 61b. (Capt. Little)

Won by a neck. A free Handicap of 10 sovs. each, 5 ft., with 25 added, for three years old and upwards ; the winner paid £5 to the fund; one mile (6 subscribers). Mr. W. Smith's b. g. Master Downes, by The Mummy, or Tamworth, six years old,

7st. llb. (Brookes) .. Mr. Parr's ch, m. Marietta, five years old, 6st. (Dockeray) . " Lord Caledon's b. c. Wanota, four years old, 7st. 9lb. (Ř. Denman) . Mr. Dawson na. b, h. John Harris, six years old, 7st. 2/b. (J. Hay) Lord Chesterfield's ch, f. Lady Lurewell, four years old, 6st. 8lb. (G. Oates) .. 6 to 4 against Lady Lurewell, 3 to 1 against Master Downes, and 4 to 1 against Marietta.

Won by three-quarters of a length. The winner was objected to.
The Farmers' Plate of 50 sovs. given by the Gentlemen of the Hunt, with 10 for the second
horse, for hunters ; ridden by Farmers; 2-mile heats,
Mr. W. Cowper's br. f. The Morsel, by Bran Horse, four years old, 11st. (Mr.

Mr. F. Robbins's ch. g. Logic, by Bran, out of Harry's dam, four years old, 11st.

(Mr. Savin)
Mr. Knight's’ch. g. Young Jerry, by Jerry, out of Young Vivian’s dam, 12st. (Mr.

J.K Mr. Coleman's b. g. The Unknown, six years old (half-bred), 12st. (owner) 0 0 Mr. R. Robbins's b. f. Jezabel, by Liverpool, out of President's dam, four years old,

llst. (Mr. F. Robbins) .. Mr. J. W. Cowper's ch. f. by Bran, out of The Mite, four years old, 11st. (Mr. Root)

00 Mr. Clifton's Mahomed, 11st., against Captain Alleyne's The Nigger, 10st. 71b., owners to ride, 200, h. ft., half a mile.


one mile.

two miles.

three miles.
Mr. Clifton paid 100 sovs, compromise.
WEDNESDAY.--The Debdale Stakes of 5 sovs. each, with 25 added by the Stewards and
Race Committee, for hunters the property of, and ridden by, Members of the Warwickshire or
Leamington Hunt Clubs; the winner paid 5 sovs, to the fund; two miles (7 subscribers).

Lord Strathmore's b. g. Red Lancer, llst. 71b. (owner) ..
Mr. Littledale's b. m. Donna Anna, aged, Ilst. 716. (half-bred) (Mr. C. Brooke)
Sir H. Bruce's br. h. Botanist (late Evergreen), 12st. (Mr. Bruce)
Mr. Hyde Clarke's b. m. The Fairy, six years old, 12st. (Capt. Pettat) ..
Mr. C. Montgomery's br. h. Whistle Binkie, aged, 12st. (Capt. Peel) ..
Mr. Robertson's br. g. Confidence (late the Cardinal), aged, 11st. 71b. (half-bred)

Won easily by four lengths. The Two Years old Stakes of 10 sovs. each, with 25 added; for two years old colts 8st. and fillies 8st. 4lb.; the winner paid 5 sovs. to the fund; T.Y.C. (6 subscribers).

Mr. B. Green's b. c. Lammermoor (Winteringham)
Mr. Gaman's b. f. Salina, by Longsight, out of Scuftius (Marlow)
Mr. Critchley's ch. c. Sir Henry Hardinge, by Gladiator, dam by Muley, out of Rosalia

(G. Whitehouse) ..
Mr. Austin's b. f. by St. Francis, out of Celia (Wakefield) .. ..

Won by half a neck. The Castle Stakes of 25 sovs each, 10 ft., for three years old; one mile (3 subscribers).

Mr. J. Lillie's br. e. The Great Western, by Hetman Platoff, 8st. 71b., walked over. The Great Warwickshire Stakes of 25 sovs. each, 15 ft., and only 5 if declared, &c., with 100 added; the owner of the second horse received 25 sova, out of the stakes, and the winner

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