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18 Ap'08


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APRICOT, origin of the, 20.

setts Agricultural Society, for the best specimen of

ARRACACHA, some account of, with a description of 137. To facilitate the manufacture of, 237. New-
ADLUN, John, profits of his vineyard in 1826, 152.

its botanical character, by Doct. Edward N. Ban ly invented churn, 259. On manufacturing and
AGRICULTOR, essay by, on forcing large manufacto croft, 123, 133.

preserving, 364.

BUTTERFLIES, migration of, 23.

ries into existence by law, 59.

AGRICULTURE, on the utility of making experiments

in, 200. As influenced by physical circumstances,


CACTUS, varieties of the, 154.

--of New England, and improvements suggested BACON, mode of curing, 380.

CALVES, remedy for the scouring of, 387.
for the Southern States, &c., by Thomas Gold, 113. BANCROFT, Doct. Edward N., on the Arracacha of

CANALS, rates of tolls on, in England, 30. Notice of

- Philadelphia Society for promoting. Resolution South America, &c., 123, 133.

BANKING system of North Carolina, remarks on, by

in favor of Francis Rotch, 20.

the Rideau, in Canada, 237. Arrivals on the New

York, at Albany, 238. Stocks, value of, in Eng-

AGRICULTURAL Association in Lancaster county, Calvin Jones, 273.

land, 101. Table of the length of those finished,

Penn. Premiums awarded for products of Indian BARNEY, John, notices sales of cattle and sheep in

or in progress in the United States, up to August,

corn, 308.

the Philadelphia market. Offers Bakewell sheep

1828, with remarks, by W. D., 252. Annual 1'e;-

-Distress. Report of the Committee appointed and Devon cattle for sale, 251.

port of the President and Managers of the Cnien

at a meeting held at Eatonton, Geo., to enquire BARNITZ, C. A., notice of his fine cattle of the Dur-

Canal Company of Pennsylvania, Nov. 18th, 1824,

into the causes of, &c. &c., 34. Remarks on, by the ham short-horn breed, 20.

301. Business on the Miami. Amount of toll re-

Editor, 39. Further remarks, by A. M., with a BARNWELL, Edward, on the cultivation of sugar,

ceived on the New York, 317. Report of the Cao

plan for alleviating it, 45.


nal Commissioners of Pennsylvania, to the Legis-

---Meeting in Philadelphia county, Penn., on the BARRELL, G. G. Esq., U. S. Consul at Malaga, com-

lature, 325, 332. Account of the Delaware and

present price of produce, &c. Resolutions passed minicates information and prospectus respecting

Hudson, 340. Extract from the annual report of

thereat, 401. -

the fecula of the sweet potatoe, 323.

the New York Canal Commissioners to the Asseni-

--and Manufacturing productions. Letter from BEAN, account of a thrifty one, 388.

bly, 381.

the Secretary of the Treasury to Congress, on the BEES, notice of a new mode for the care and rearage


subject of, 378.

0., &c., by Francis Kelsey, of Lockport, N. Y.,

--Schools. Remarks by Professor Eaton, against 258. New method of taking the honey, without

cers. Ninth general report of the President and

Directors, 172. Progress, and probable advanta-
their establishment, 17. In France, 369.

destroying them, 404. On the management of, 109.

-Habits and economy in the South, 163.

To prevent the destruction of, by the bee-miller,

ges of, 309.

SCHESAPEAKE AND OHIO, officers of the com-


118. To destroy the bee-miller, 194. On the

pany for 1828, 135. Account of the ceremony of

--HAMILTON COUNTY, Ohio, proceedings of a management of, as pursued by Mr. E. Williams,
quarterly meeting. Extract from an address to, by
in Massachusetts, 381. To remove bee-moths, 388.

breaking ground on the 4th of July. Address of

J.C. Short, Esq., 201.

BEE FLOWERS, proper kinds to cultivate, 12.

the President of the United States, 141. Progress

of, 238.

-NARYLAND, meeting of the Trustees at Thos. BEE HIVE, description of an improved one, of which
Oliver's, Esq., 29th May, 1828, 96. Meeting at model is sent to the Editor, 29. Description and

CANCER, remarkable cure of, 136.

CANDLES, improvement in, 372.
James Swann's, Esq. List of premiumis for the ise of Dyer's retrocoupling, (with engravings,) CAPITOL 'at Washington, description of, 374.
show of 1828, 120. Constitution of, in 1811, 122. 125.

CARRIAGE WHEEL, patented in England, account os,
Meeting of the Trustees at Brookland Wood, 18th BENCH TREES, proof against the electric fluid, 295.

of Sept. Several distinguished foreigners elected BEC, large one, 101.

v: CARRIAGE WHEELS, improvement in, 366, 393.
honorary members, 223. Official account of their BENTON, W. H. sends specimens of silk from Mis->

Iso CARROLL, Charles, of Carrolton, celebration of his

annual cattle show, Oct. 16, 1828, 249. List of sissippi, to the Editor, 37.

91st birth-day, 222.

officers, 250. Meeting of the Trustees at Mr. Geo. BIBLIOGRAPHIE Francaise, &c., by Ch. De Behr, CA

aco, by On. De bent, CARROLL, James, on the preservation of Indian corn

Howard's, Oct. 11, 1828, 256. Do, at "Hayfield," proposal to publish, 175.

Oct. 30, 263.

BIRDS, preventive against their taking seeds out of the

from the fly or wevil, in the corn-house, 244.

- MASSACHUSETTS, offer a premium of $100

CART WHEELS, description of an improved kind,

ground, 20. Insectivirous, should not be destroyed,


for the best butter, 131. Sketch of its rise and pro 61. Changes in the color of different kinds, 111.

gress, extracted from an old letter to the Editor of Curious structure of the eye in, 214.

1. CASTOR OIL, of an excellent quality, made in Geor-

the American Farmer, 290. Official report of the BIRNIE, ':, reports his experiments with various seeds

I gia, 391.

CATERPILLARS, new mode of killing, by shooting,
Committee on Agricultura' experiments, 362. Er sent him by the editor, 37. On the kinds of thorn

-MOSCOW, in Russia notice of, 315.

w best for hedges, .with estimates of the cost, &c., CATTLE. improvement in the breed of. 29. Descrino
-MUSKINGUM COUNTY, Ohio. Extracts from 147.
the proceedings of their annual meeting, October BLOOD HOUNDS, remarkable instance of the saga-

tion of the large ox Columbus, with a cut, 32. Edi-
1st, 1828, 354.
city of one, in England, 64.

torial remarks on Col. Powel's short-korn stock, 55.
-SOUTH CARJLINA, premiums awarded by, in BOA CONSTRICTOR, notice of, 206.

Large ox slaughtered at Pittsburg, 58. Improved
Feb. 1827, 11. Copy of a circular addressed to the BOLIVAR, an improved short-horned Bull, description

Durham short-horns, their dairy and feeding pro-
different societies in the State, by Whitemarsh B. and pedigree of, 94.

perties, certificates, &c., în favor of, 58. Descrip-
Seabrook, 44. Addressed by do., 6th Dec. 1827, BOLIVAR, General, description of his person, man-

tion and pedigree of the improved short-horned
89. Letter to, from Mr. Jefferson, on the Olive

bull Bolivar, 94. Interesting experiments in the

ner, &c. 295.

Tree, 172. Addressed by Elias Horry, Esq., 226, 233, BOLLING, Linæus, on the cultivation of the vine, with

feeding of, on Swedish turnips and mangel-wurt-
242. Anniversary meeting, 19th Aug. 1828. Pro- explanations of technical terms, 387.

zel, ill. How to procure, of either sex, 163.
ceedings, and list of officers and committees, 307. BONAPARTE, Joseph, sketch of his rural pursuits and

Notices of large calves, in New York, 193. Weight

*, W. Elderton, on the cultivation of the grape, Republican habits, 74.

of, at the Washington county, Penn. show, 275.

BOTANY, a short treatise on, 181.

Winter food for cows, 299. Notice of a large ox
RA GOAT, inquiries respecting, by W. Haile- BREAD, made from the potatoe, 27, 28.

raised by Gov. Lincoln, 315. On the benefits of
notice of, from Loudon, 83.
BREEDING, remarks on the in-and-in system, pro and

shifting to better pastures. Premiums for large,
MALS, how to procure, of either sex, 122. Gene con., from late English journals, 99. Do. by a

raised by John L. Boylston, 339. Further remarks
rations of, 123. On salivation of domestic, 266.

on shifting, by James Cunningham, 355. Sales of,

Farmer in Massachusetts, 291.

On ra

raising and improving the breed of domestic, BROCOLI, Cape, directions for the cultivation of, 60.

at the Brighton, Eng., market. On feeding, 363.


S.. On the changes which take place in the do- BUCHANAN, W. B., on the management of the Silk-.

Cure for the hoven in, 369. Cure for the horn-ail,

estic of Europe, when transported to America,


Worm, 35.

BUEL, J., on the improvement of pastures, 2. On the

CATTLE SHOW and Fair of the Maryland Agricultu.
s, industry of, 119. Labors and policy of, 375.

ral Society, Oct. 16th, 1828, 249. Remarks on, ly
fire-blight in fruit trees, 331. On the use of gyp-
sum in agriculture, 345. On pear and plum trees,

the Editor, 255, 263. Do. in French, by L. L. P.,

255. Notice of one held in Washington county,


EE, history of, as a native of Pennsylva- BUFFALO HUNT in Arkansas, 271.

Penn., 275, 282.
nia, &c., by Samuel Preston, 124.
BUTTER, premium of $100 offered by the Massachu- CHARACTER, on the formation of, 327.

CEDAR TREE, prevents the effects of lightning, 271.




APE, anecdote of an, 119.
APPLES, how to preserve, 207, 316.
APPLE TREE, history of, as

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