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Proposed Marriage between Mary Stuart and Don Carlos

Elizabeth wishes her to marry Lord Robert Dudley ..
Speech of the Queen in Parliament
Proceedings of Convocation
The Civil War in France is brought to an end
Elizabeth refuses to evacuate Havre

War with France . . . .

Siege of Havre

The Plague attacks the Garrison

Surrender of Havre

The Plague in London ..



Philip consents to the Marriage between the Queen of

Scots and Don Carlos . . . .

Death of de Quadra .. ..
The Marriage of the Queen of Scots with a safe person is

made a Condition of her Recognition . . . .

Knox protests against her Marriage with a Catholic

He sends warning to Cecil ..


Relations between England and Spain ..
The Carlos Project cools ..
Elizabeth again attempts to work on the Queen of Scots

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Election of Shan O'Neil by Tanistry
Schemes of Shan for the Ulster Sovereignty ..
Philip again discourages an Irish Rebellion ..
Loyalty of the Earl of Kildare . . . .
Letter of Shan O'Neil to Elizabeth

The English Government proposes to Invade Ulster
Shan carries off the Countess of Argyle ..
Skirmish at Armagh . . . .
Defeat of the Earl of Sussex .
Attempt to procure the Assassination of Shan
Second Invasion of Ulster

Shan goes to London .. ..


Shan at the Court of Elizabeth ..

Murder of the Baron of Dungannon

Indentures between Shan and Elizabeth, and return of

Shan to Ireland

Fresh Treachery of Sussex

Shan again Rebels


The Countess ..

Disagreements between the Council and the Earl

of Sussex

Campaign in Ulster ..

Irish Successes

Second attempt to Assassinate Shan

Triumph of Shan

Inquiry into the Disorders of the Pale

Sir Nicholas Arnold

Desolation of Munster ..


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