Circular[s] of Information, Volume 19,Edições 1-4

U.S. Government Printing Office, 1893

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Página 206 - The fund, called the School Fund, shall remain a perpetual fund, the interest of which shall be inviolably appropriated to the support and encouragement of the public or common schools throughout the State, and for the equal benefit of all the people thereof.
Página 206 - The first expressions of co-operation were found in the co-operative and communistic colonies which settled on the land in the latter part of the Eighteenth Century and the early part of the Nineteenth Century.
Página 206 - Cases of Conscience, he shall make, or cause to be made, from time to time, such explanations as may (through the blessing of God) be most conducive to their establishment in the principles of the Christian Protestant religion.
Página 206 - I look upon him to be one of the most valuable men upon earth ; he has, joined to an ardent sense of religion, solid learning, consummate prudence, great candor and sweetness of temper, and a certain nobleness of soul capable of contriving and acting the greatest things without seeming to be conscious of having done them.
Página 157 - ... of the court of oyer and terminer, general jail delivery and quarter sessions of the peace...
Página 153 - That in all criminal cases wherein after conviction the defendant shall make an affidavit that he is unable, by reason of his poverty, to pay for such copy, the court or judge thereof may, by order indorsed on such affidavit, direct the reporter to make such copy without the payment of any fee.
Página 206 - ... nor to finish the details of either a professional or practical education ; but to commence a thorough course, and to carry it as far as the time of the student's residence here will allow.
Página 206 - ordered that a free school shall be sett up in this towne, and our pastor, Mr. Davenport, together with the magistrates shall consider whatt yearly allowance is meete to be given to itt out of the common stock of the towne, and also what rules and orders are meet to be observed in and about the same.
Página 206 - Corporation meeting, offered a resolution " for the appointment of a committee to inquire into the expediency of establishing a...
Página 158 - Reasonable compensation, not to exceed 20 cents per hundred words, shall be allowed such stenographer, to be fixed by the court and taxed in the bill of costs.

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