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Página 1291 - ... shall pass current in the colony, and is to circulate at the aforesaid rate of twopence. And that no one may plead ignorance of the rate or legality of this or any other of the coins circulating in this colony, of which it does not appear that any regular proclamation has ever collectively been issued, I have judged it most expedient herewith to publish the following table of all the specie legally circulating in this colony, with the rates affixed to each, at which they shall be considered and...
Página 1055 - In shield, Apollo, the inventor of physics, with his head radiant, holding in his left hand a bow, and in his right an arrow, supplanting a serpent. About the shield a helm, thereupon a mantle, and for a crest, upon a wreath of their colours a rhinoceros supported by two unicorns armed and ungulated. Upon a compartment, to make the achievement complete, this motto,
Página 1115 - COINS, A GUIDE TO ENGLISH PATTERN, in Gold, Silver, Copper, and Pewter, from Edward I. to Victoria, with their Value. By the REV. GF CROWTHER, MA Illustrated. In silver cloth, with gilt facsimiles of Coins, price 5s., by post 5s.
Página 1011 - The examination of the obverse alone will be sufficient to ' exhibit the wretchedness of such attempts at fabrication. The ' type is a vase of quite modern fashion, the handles- and other parts ' being ornamented in the most paltry style of the last century ' instead of having the severely simple character of the Omer of the ' ancient shekels... which it is intended to imitate. The smoke, or ' incense issuing from it, a most unmeaning addition, is also treat' ed in a flat, inartistic, and modern...
Página 997 - SILVER COINS OF ENGLAND, arranged and described with Remarks on British Money, previous to the Saxon Dynasties, by E.
Página 1161 - These bullets were then put into the die, and received the impression bv re- .r peated strokes of the hammer, though sometimes a machine appears to have been used for this purpose : for Boiterue. informs us, that there was a picture of the Roman mintage in a grotto near Baix, where a machine was represented holding up a large stone as if to let it fall suddenly, and strike the coin at once.
Página 1133 - The modern theory of bimetallism is almost the only instance in history of a theory growing not out of practice, but of the failure of practice; resting not on data verified, but on data falsified and censure-marked.
Página 1011 - ... hour and a half, but on perceiving the danger of being surrounded , they fled with great precipitation. Their loss is not yet ascertained, but it must be very considerable; the loss on our part is not great, the particulars of which I will report as soon as possible. In the mean time I am sorry to say that L' Sandys of the Longford Regiment is killed and that Colonel King of the Sligo was wounded".
Página 1089 - Corea is entirely brass, and these brass coins which go by the name of cash are round coins of about the size of a halfpenny, with a square hole in the centre by which they are strung together, generally a hundred at a time.
Página 1011 - Loftus ; a fourth column, up. on the left, was commanded by the hou. major-general Needham. To the determined spirit with which these columns were conducted, and the great gallantry of the troops, we are indebted for the short resistance of the rebels, who maintained their ground obstinately for the time above-mentioned ; but ot» ' perceiving the danger ol" being surrounded, they fled with great precipitation.

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