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Whiting & Branston, Printers and Engravers, Beaufort House, Strand.




A Tale of Paraguay, review of, 231.
Adolphe, notice of, 280.
An Historical Essay on the state of Greece,

notice of, 546.
Ancelot's Marie de Brabant, notice of,

Annual Souvenir Books, 562.

Beuchot, M. 131.
Births, Marriages, and Deaths, 142, 290,

435, 583.
Bricks of the Modern Babylon, 69.
British Institution, No. II. 49—No. III.

comparison between ancient and modern

Paintings, 341.
Bruner, M., anecdotes of, 150.
Buchon's Froissart, notice of, 279.
Butleriana, No. I., 136–No. II., the

Doctor and his Wife's Pin-money, 425.

5-state of Paris after the battle of
Brienne, 6—the inhabitants of Paris
invited to furnish the hospitals, 7-
slaughter-houses converted into hospi-
tals, ib.-miserable state of the Salpe-
triere, 8-arrival of General Alsufief in
Paris, 9-an extraordinary sitting of the
municipality of Paris, 11-Bernadotte,
ib.—the cannon of the engaged armies
heard at Paris, 12—the allies enter
Meaux, 14-alarm of the country be-
tween Meaux and Paris, ib.-disorder at
the palace of the Tuileries, 16—Bona-
parte's treasures removed, ib.-battle of
Montmartre, 24—fire opened on Paris,
26-armistice proposed, 29—capitula-
tion concluded, 34. No. II., Medal of
the Russians who were at the Moscow
campaign, 238—entry of the Allies into
Paris, 241—conduct of the Grand Duke
Constantine, 242—anecdotes of the mob
of Paris, 244—the Bourbons restored,
253. No. III., Devastation in Paris,
385--the Senate declare the forfeiture
of th Crown by Napoleon, 388—des-
cription of the Cossack camp, 389—
solemn thanksgiving offered by the
Allied Army, 394-entry of Monsieur
Comte d'Artois into Paris, 398—visits
the opera, ib.—-interview between the
Emperor of Russia and the Empress
Josephine, 400—death of the Empress
Josephine, 401–entrance of Louis
XVIII. into Paris, 402—peace pro-
claimed, 403. No. IV., Napoleon quits
Troyes, 485-addresses his troops, 487
---signs his abdication, 489—account of
the meditated attempt to assassinate
Napoleon by de Maubreuil, ibo-copies
of the orders given to De Maubreuil by
the ministers of the Allies, 491-state of
the French press during the reign of
Napoleon, 497—he takes leave of his

Cabanis, sur les Rapports du Physique et

du Moral de l'Homme, 131.
Chit-chat of the Times of Charles II.,

Civilization, 207.
Classique Party, ignorance of, 413.
Complete Servant, review of the, 116.
Count d'Artois, anecdote of, 284.

Détenu, Journal of a, an eye-witness of the

events in Paris during the first four
months in 1814. No. I., 1-state of
Paris in January, 2—the Allied Army
cross the Rhine, 3--the officers of the
National Guard receive orders to attend
in the Salon des Maréchaux at the Palace
of the Tuileries, 4-Bonaparte addresses
them, ib.-order issued to remove the
English prisoners at Verdun to Blois,

troops, 501-has an interview with arrives at Boulogne, 225-meets with
Marshal Augereau, 503—his nautical the Slanderer there, 226—quarrels with
knowledge, 506-arrives at Ella, 507 — some priests, 329-anecdotes of the
the regency at Blois, 509—the Empress hostess of the Lion, at St. Maloes, 331.
Maria Louisa and her son quit Paris, Italian literature, letter on, 36—Buratti, ib.
ib.-Bonaparte announces to the council -Monti's Bassvigliana, notice of, 37.
of regency at Fontainbleau his intention
to march against Paris, 510—attempted
outrage on the Empress by Joseph and Le Souschef, notice of, 274.
Jerome Bonaparte, 512—private con- Lemercier's Les Martyrs de Souli, ou
versation between Napoleon and Jerome, l'Epire Moderne, 415.
513-character of the Empress Maria Letters from the Continent. No. I., The
Louisa, 516.

Netherlands, 191–Ostend, 194—Bru-
Dunoyer, M., and the Censeur Européen,

ges, 196—Ghent, 201.
account of, 419.

Letter to Joseph Hume, Esq. M.P. 423.
Dunoyer, l'Industrie et la Moral conside- Letters of Dr. Franklin. No. II.–430.

rées dans leurs rapports avec la Liberté, No. III. 479.

Letters from Constantinople, 527.
Library of the British Museum, 533.

Lord Ďavenant, notice of, 42.
Edouard, notice of, 543.
Eventful Life of a Soldier, review of, 363.
Extracts from a correspondence from the Magendie's Precis elementaire de Phisi-

North of Germany–No. I. 336—
Hamburgh, 336-Berlin, 337—-military Manufactories, architecture of, 471.

ologie, notice of, 548.
discipline of Prussia, 338—miseries of Mathematics, utility of, 452.
travelling in Prussia, 340. No. II. Medicin malgré lui; 273.
Crossing the Vistula, 467—German en-

Memoirs relating to the History of France
tertainment, ib.

to the year 1200, by M. Guizot, notice

of, 125.

Miracle, account of, at Rome, 146.
Fashions in Physic, 177.

Molart, M., anecdote of, 124.
Flowers of Speech, 556.

Monastery of Vezelay, notice of, 120.
Funds, English and Foreign, prices of, Montule’s Travels in England, notice of,
144, 292, 436, 584.

More Fashions, 88.

Music, report of, 132—notice of Tarrare,
Italian Gentleman, Life and Adventures ib.-Spohr's Opera of Faust, 285-no-

of an-No. I. 145—education, 148– tice of a new Mass, by Cherubini , 287.
sent to study in the house of an Advo-
cate named Bruner, 150—summoned
before the Inquisition, 157—enters the Naples, anecdote of the Queen of, 160.
National Guard, 154-account of the Narrative of the Loss of the Kent, review
Deportation of Pope Pius VII, 155— of, 517.
anecdotes of the Queen of Naples, 160— National Pride, 356.
arrives at Foligno, ib.—is attacked by Nomenclature de viris illustribus urbis
banditti, 163, -account of Spatolino, a Romæ, de Cornelius Nopos, &c. notice
famous bandit, 167—his execution, 169 of, 417.
-goes to Florence, 168—return of the Notes on a Note Book, 173.
Pope to Rome, 171_arrives at Cortona,
172. No. II., Anecdote of a Florentine
lady, 293—arrives at Leghorn, 294 Paris, Letters from, by Grimm's Grandson.
quarrels with some Genoese priests, 295 No. IX., 120—Edinburgh Review on
-arrives at Genoa, ibo-history of the Fouchè's Memoirs, 121—notice of Mon-
Countess Elisei, 297_sets out for tule's Travels in England, 123-anec-
Turin, 302–anecdotes of a priest whom dote of M. Molart, 124_notice of the
he meets on his way, 303—is introduced Memoirs relating to the History of
to Count 0, 304-anecdotes of the France to the year 1200, by M. Guizot,
Countess SM, 305—account of a young 125—notice of the Monastery of Veze-
lady of Turin, 309–is cheated by a lay, 126-notice of Potter's Life of
German Baron, 312-anecdote of a Scipio Ricci, 128-account of M. Re-
Parisian lady, 313--anecdotes of the muzat, 229—M. Beuchot, notice of, 131
Slanderer, 320-story of Janet, 322— -notice of Cabanis Sur les Rapports du

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Phisique et du Moral de l'Homme, 131– Remuzat, M. account of, 129.
notice of the Resumes Historiques, 132. Resumes Historiques, notice of the, 132.
No. X. Medicin Malgré lui, 273_notice Rochefoucauld, M. Sosthenes de la, anec-
of Le Souschef, 274success of, 277– dote of, 542.
notice of Sigismonde de Bourgoyne, 278
notice of Buchon's Froissart, 279-10-
tice of Adolphe,_280—M. de Villele, Shares in the principal Canals, &c. prices
282-notice of Tissot's Mémoires sur M.

of, 142, 290, 434, 582.
de la Fayette, 284—anecdote of the Sicilian Auto-da-fé, authentic account of,
Count d'Artois, ib. No. XI. Ignorance 563.
of the Classique Party, 413—notice of Sigismond de Bourgoyne, notice of, 278.
M. Viennet's Siege de Damas, 413— Sorrows of ** ***, 95.
notice of M. Ancelot's Marie de Bra- Spatolino, an Italian Bandit, account of,
bant, ib.notice of Lemercier's Les Mar-

163—his execution, 167.
tyrs de Souli, ou l'Epire Moderne, 415-, Spiders, a chapter on, 481.
notice of the Nomenclatures de viris il-
lustribus urbis Romæ, de Cornelius Nepos,
&c. 417–account of M. Dunoyer and Tales by the O'Hara Family, review of,
the Censeur Européen, 419—notice of

Lord Davenant, 421.–No. XII. Anec-
dote of M. Sosthenes de la Rochefou- Tissot’s Mémoires sur M. de la Fayette,

cauld, 542—notice of Edouard, a novel
by the Duchess de Duras, 543_notice
of an Historcal Essay on the State of
Greece, 546—notice of Magendie's Pre- University Intelligence, 140, 289, 431,

cis elementaire de Phisiologie, 548_notice
of a new Italian novel, °549—notice of University Studies, 438.
M. Dunoyer's L'Industrie et la Morale
considerées dans leurs rapports avec la
Liberté, 549.

Villele, M. de, 282.
Playhouses, The, 405—Paul Pry, 408- Viennet's Siege de Damas, notice of, 413.

Quite Correct, 410—Love's Victory, or

a School Pride, 551.
Poetry. Ode to the Anatomie Vivante, Wild Animals, on the domestication of,
45–The Ballad of the Living Skeleton,

288–The Doctor and his Wife's Pin Wines, No. II. 75-wines of Champagne,

78—of Burgundy, 79—of Bordeaux, 81
Pope Pius VII., account of the deportation of Sardinia, 87.

of, 155—return of, to Rome, 171. Works, Projected, list of, 141, 289, 433,
Potter's Life of Scipio Ricci, notice of, 581.

Works published during the month, list
Pythagorean Objections against eating of, 141, 289, 434, 582.
animal Food, 380.

money, 425.

Register, Theatrical, 411, 554.
Regrets of a Cantab, 438.

Yorkshire Musical Festival, account of,


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