Theologisch tijdschrift, Volume 25

Loman & Verster, 1891

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Página 262 - Mariae filium, similiter ut reliqui omnes homines, " et plus potuisse justitia, et prudentia, et sapientia " ргэе s omnibus ; et post baptismum descendisse in " eum, ab ea principalitate quae est super omnia, " Christum figura columbae ; et tune annuntiasse 14 " incognitum Patrem, et virtutes perfecisse ; in fine " autem revolasse iterum Christum de Jesu ; et Je" sum passum esse et resurrexisse, Christum autem " impassibilem persévérasse, existentem spiritalem.
Página 486 - For though you may believe that I am but a dreamer of dreams, I seem to see, though it be on the far horizon — the horizon beyond the fields which either we or our children will tread — a Christianity which is not new but old, which is not old but new, a Christianity in which the moral and spiritual elements will again hold their place, in which men will be bound together by the bond of mutual service, which is the bond of the sons of God, a Christianity which will actually realize the brotherhood...
Página 478 - The world of the time was a world, I will not say like our own world, which has already burst its bonds, but like the world from which we are beginning to be emancipated — a world which had created an artificial type of life, and which was too artificial to be able to recognize its own artificiality — a world whose schools, instead of being the laboratories of the knowledge of the future, were forges in which the chains of the present were fashioned from the knowledge of the past.
Página 257 - Und ich will Feindschaft setzen zwischen dir und dem Weibe, und zwischen deinem Samen und ihrem Samen. Derselbe soll dir den Kopf zertreten; und du wirst ihn in die Ferse stechen.
Página 404 - Patris et Filii et Spiritus Sancti ; huic legi collata definitio ilia Nisi quis renatus fuerit ex aqua et spiritu non intrabit in regnum caelorum obstrinxit fidem ad baptismi necessitate™ (c.
Página 478 - ... contact with the society in which, that habit of mind existed, it modified, it reformed, it elevated, the ideas which it contained and the motives which stimulated it to action ; but in its turn it was itself profoundly modified by the habit of mind of those who accepted it. It was impossible for Greeks, educated as they were with an education which penetrated their whole nature, to receive or to retain Christianity in its primitive simplicity. Their own life had become complex and artificial...
Página 482 - BO complete that the modern question is not so much whether the ethics of the Sermon on the Mount are practicable, as whether, if practicable, they would be desirable. The socialistic theories which formulate in modern language and justify by modern conceptions such an exhortation as " Sell that thou hast and give to the poor," meet with no less opposition within than without the Christian societies.
Página 262 - Et Cerinthus autem quidam in Asia non a primo deo factum esse mundum docuit, sed a virtute quadam valde separata et distante ab ea principalitate, quae est super universa, et ignorante eum, qui est super omnia, deum.
Página 485 - ... which won its first victories over the world by the simple moral force of the Sermon on the Mount, and by the sublime influence of the life and death of Jesus Christ, may throw off Hellenism and be none the loser, but rather stand out again before the world in the uncoloured majesty of the Gospels. It is possible to urge that what was absent from the early form cannot be essential, and that the Sermon on the Mount is not an outlying part of the Gospel, but its sum.
Página 543 - Warum bist du ergrimmt, und warum senkt sich dein Antlitz? Ist's nicht also: wenn du recht handelst, so kannst du dein Antlitz frei erheben; wenn du aber nicht recht handelst...

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