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Gorernment of St. Christopher in 1662 (Vol. v., between Europe and the East, in ancient and p. 510.). - The following notices of the Bailiff De modern times, will find ample information in the Poiney, and his successor the Chevalier De Sales, second volume of The Expedition for the Survey of which we have found recorded in the Chronology the Riders Euphrates and Tigris, by Lieut. Col. of St Christopher, may give URSULA that inform- Chesney:

WILLIAM BROCK. ation he wishes :

Gower Street. * “ In 1641 De Poincy arrived at St. Christopher as

Physiologus (Vol. ii., p. 205.). — The work of governor from France. *** In 1651 M. De Poincy buys of the French West Turner to be the same as that so often quoted by

Theobald, called Physiologus, supposed by Sharon India Company their share of the Island of St. Kitts. " In 1653 the King of France makes a bequest of Phillippe de Thaun, supplies

, according to your the Island of St. Kitts to the Knights of the Order of correspondent B. F. (Vol. ii., p. 205.), the fable Malta.

and application of the Lion, with very trifling “ 11660, April 11th, De Poincy dies, aged seventy- variations from Philippe de Thaun's fabulous acseven, and is succeeded by the Chevalier De Sales." count of the Lion. The Grand Master, Nicholas Cotona, on the 5th

Mr. Wright*, on the other hand, is of opinion of May, 1673, made over all the titles of his West that the Physiologus of Thetbaldus is not the same India possessions to Monsieur Colbert, the prime

as that quoted by Philippe de Thaun. I have minister of France. At the time of this cession much pleasure in expressing my concurrence with the Chevalier De Sales," nephew of that great Vincent of Beauvais, in whose Speculum Naturale

Mr. Wright's conclusion, on the testimony of saint, Francis De Sales," was governor of St. Christopher.

are quoted several passages from Physiologus, Any information with reference to the islands which, as will appear from a comparison, are very of St. Bartholomew, St. Martin, St. Christopher,

different from the Latin poem of Thetbaldus, and Santa Cruz, when held by the Order of st! printed among the works of Hildebert

, p. 1174. John, will be most acceptable. I would like to Paris, 1708, a translation of which appears in know for what amount they were purchased by the Halliwell and Wright's Reliquiæ Antique, vol. i. Knights of Malta, for what period they were held, P: 208., whilst they precisely correspond with sum they were disposed of. The disposal of these “ Viewe Bowes" (, p. 10.). – I believe islands caused much dissension among the knights, "viewe bowes” to be simply yew bows. In my native as I have some interesting testamentary evidence town, in South Lancashire, such used to be the to prove.

W. W. vernacular pronunciation of yew, and probably is La Valetta, Malta.

still. I remember it with particular distinctness

in the name of a farm-house, which was called by De Sanctâ Cruce (Vol. vi., pp. 9. 61.). — Father the “natives” the “ View-tree House," with re. Gretser's works were published in seventeen folio ference to a remarkable yew, which bas withered volumes, Ratisbon, 1734 ; the first three treat De within my recollection.

G. T. D. Sanctâ Cruce. Your correspondent may see a fine copy at Nutt's in the Strand. Lipsius has written The Death-watch (Vol. v., pp. 537. 597.).-I on the same subject. Martial, a student at Lou- read in the Library of Entertaining Knowledge, vain, wrote A Treatise on the Cross, which he

Vol. Insect Miscellanies, the following: dedicated to Queen Elizabeth. Cruciana, by John “ Sir Thomas Browne considered the subject of the Holland, Liverpool, 1835, is a useful little work death-watch of great importance, and remarks that the with numerous illustrations. Mr. Alger has drawn man who could eradicate this error from the minds largely from it in a work he published last year of the people, would save from many a cold sweat the in America; History of the Cross of Christ, by the meticulous heads of nurses and grandmothers, as such Rev. W. Alger, Cambridge and Boston, James persons are firm in the belief that Munroe & Co. Mr. Haslam's The Cross and the • The solemn death-watch clicks the hour of death.' Serpent, Parker, 1849, is doubtless well known to

“Swift endeavoured to perform this useful task by MARICONDA. means of ridicule. His description, suggested, it would


and Hugo is right in his belief that Gretser, the appear, by the old song of A cobbler there Jesuit, wrote a treatise entitled De Sancta Cruce. lived in a stall,' runs thus"The best edition is said to be that in folio, 1616.- Then follow the lines already quoted by Mr. See Biog. Univ. J. M. | Yarrell.

H. W.G. Oxford.

Elgin. History of Commerce. (Vol. v., pp. 276. 309, * See Popular Treatises on Science, written during 329.).—Your correspondent X. Y. Z., who asked the Middle Ages, published by the Historical Society for a work relating to the courses of commerce of Science,

your readers.

William, Abbot of St. Albans (Vol. v., p. 611.). — pen of Turgot, on the authority, I presume, of the At pp. 213, 214. of Massingherd's History of the Life in the Biographic Universelle, art. "Turgot.” English Reformation a solution is offered of the On this I beg leave to observe, that I think I difficulty arising from the hiatus in the list of the have already addressed you, Mr. Editor, on the Abbots of St. Albans, by supposing that the name subject, though I cannot refer to the time, nor of the wicked abbot was erased or omitted from the have I preserved a copy of what I wrote; but I records of the abbey. It seems probable that the may now add, that in the Dublin Review for March practice of such omissions might be copied from 1847, p. 212., I distinctly traced the line from the example of the omission, in St. Matthew's Turgot to the Anti-Lucretius of Cardinal de Poligenealogy of our Lord, of those sinful kings, who gnac, as mentioned by Grimm, who, however, does are passed over as if they had never been, accord- not quote the book and line of that poem, which I ing to the sentence of Him who visits the sins of did, viz. lib. i. v. 37.; as I equally did those of the fathers unto the third or fourth generation. I Manilius, lib. i. v. 104., where he says of his hero, believe that there are other instances of similar Epicurus — omissions in other monasteries : such a case was

· Eripuitque Iovi fulmen, viresque Tonanti.” stated at a late meeting of the Lincolnshire Architectural Society, in regard to Thornton Abbey

ip The Biographie merely notes that, of Turgot, that county.

"On connait l'épigraphe qu'il fit pour le portrait It would be grievous to think that the high de Franklin, Eripuit,'" &c., without further excharacter of Ramridge (see Stephens' Supplement, planation. It will thus be seen that my article i. 264.), who wrote The Lives of the Abbots, Monks, preceded that of the Quarterly by three years; and and Benefactors of St. Albans, and whose noble I may add, that long before I furnished these partomb remains in the Abbey Church, was altogether ticulars to the Gentleman's Magazine, though I fictitious: besides that his name was Thomas ; and cannot now go in search of the article, thinking it the dates of his election, and of the death of Wil- sufficient to refer to the Dublin Review in claim of liam Wallingford, seem to be equally authentic.

priority. I am not in the habit of keeping copies F. C. M. of what I consign to the press, which, I own, is

wrong, and am sometimes made to feel it so. Lines on Crauford of Kilbirnie, fc. (Vol. v.,

J. R. p. 546.). — These lines are evidently merely an Cork. adaptation of the well-known epigram on Austria:

St. Augustinus De Musica" (Vol. v., p. 584.) is “ Bella gerant alii — tu felix Austria nube ;

enumerated as being in vol. i. of the Benedictine Nam quæ Mars aliis dat tibi regna Venus."

edition of his Works: 4to. Bassano, 1807. J. M. But this epigram is again only an adaptation of Oxford. Helen's exhortation to Paris, in Ovid's Epistles, lines 253–4.:

Giving the Sack (Vol. v., p. 585.).“ Apta magis Veneri, quam sint tua corpora Marti ;

“ Donner à quelqu'un son sac; c'est le congédier

brusquement, le mettre dehors, le casser aux gages. "Bella gerant fortes : tu, Pari, semper ama.

See Dictionnaire des Proverbes, par Quitard : 8vo. Paris, J. R.

1842. Cork,

In the same work it is said that the origin of the Can Bishops vacate their Sees (Vol.v., p. 548.). phrase was traced by Goropius (who was rather - Many examples may be produced from the Church fanciful in his etymologies) to the Confusion of of Rome. So recently as the early years of this Tongues at Babel, the word such being the same in century, on establishing the Concordatum between all languages : sakkos, Greek; saccus, Latin; sakk, Pius VII. and Bonaparte, several bishops resigned Gothic; sac, Anglo-Saxon; sack, in English, Gertheir sees; and a century before, the learned Huet, man, Danish, and Dutch; sacço, in Italian; saco, bishop of Avranches, did so, in exchange for the in Spanish ; sak, in Hebrew, Chaldee, and Turkish; Abbey of Fontenay, near Caen, in Normandy. I suc, in Celtic, &c.; and the reason given by Goroam acquainted with an ex-bishop, returned from pius for this uniformity is, that when the workmen the East Indies, now in holy retirement at Dublin, dispersed at Babel, none of them forgot, in going from ill health.

J. R.
away, to take his sack with him.

J. M. Cork.

Oxford. Lines on Franklin, Vol. v., p. 549., and again at Royal Arms in Churches (Vol. v., p. 559.). – p. 571., where, in explanation of its origin, we As these can hardly be intended to excite devoread, that it was lately reproduced, having been tional feelings, we must imagine them to denote first cited in the “Correspondance de Grimm et de the royal supremacy. The origin may, of course Diderto" (Diderot), in the Quarterly Review for be traced to the Roman eagle placed on the Temple June 1850, with the addition that it was from the at Jerusalem !

A. A. D.

Meaning of Royd (Vol. v., pp. 489. 571. 620.). Meaning of Whit" (Vol. v., p. 610.; Vol. vi., - Not at all differing with your correspondent p. 45.). ---Your correspondent J. B. Colman reLANCASTRIENsis in the meaning to be applied to peats an error I noticed in an Illustrated Almanack Royd in Huntroyd, &c., as explained, p. 571., I a year or two ago. Our forefathers would never must express a doubt if "Ormerod" should be have been content with the quantity of ale one of referred to “Royd," as the derivative of its last these small earthen bottles contained. They were syllable. I apprehend od means old, and is now used for wine. Two exactly, alike in form and pronounced oud, in the East Riding dialect. Thus, material are now in the Norwich Museum ; one is in the reign of Edward I., two places stood at the inscribed “whit, 1648," and the others

CLARET, mouth of the Humber, spoken of in old charters 1648." Another of the same form, but much and deeds respectively as “Ravenser" and “Ra- smaller, has “SACK, 1650" upon it. The larger venserod,” that is, Old Ravenser. I fancy od, bottles would hold about half a pint, the small one affixed to Ormer, means Old Ormer, and not about a quarter.

HENRY HARROD. Ormer in the clearing.


Plague Stones (Vol. v., p. 571.). - On the three Foundation-Stones (Vol. vi., p. 20.).— Founda- main roads leading out of Beverley, about a mile tion of Blackfriar's Bridge, from Noorthouck's each from the Minster, are three crosses, each of History of London, 1773, p. 404.:

which, according to the reputation of the country“ The first stone of the new bridge at Blackfriars people, was erected in the time of the plague, as a was laid with great ceremony on the last day of October substitute for the market cross in the town of Be(1760), by the Lord Mayor and Bridge Committee. verley; and tradition states that on market days Several gold, silver, and copper coins of the late King during the plague, the country people brought Fere deposited under the stone, together with the silver their goods (marked with the price demanded) medal given to Mr. Mylne by the Roman Academy. and left them at one or other of those crosses: By order of Common Council, a plate with the follow- afterwards the townspeople came there, took away ing inscription on it was placed there likewise, the the goods and left their money in their place, classical Latinity of which was much burlesqued by the which afterwards the owners of the goods came and wits at the time:

took away; the parties thus never coming into Ultimo die Octobris, Anno ab Incarnatione

contact. MDCCLX,

Finding this tradition current on three different Auspicatissimo principe Georgio Tertio sides of the town, I cannot doubt it being in the Regnum jain ineunte,

main correct; but it is certain those crosses were Pontis hujus, in Reipublicæ Commodum not erected for any such purpose, for from ancient Urbisque Majestatem,

documents it is well known they are the boundary (Late tum flagrante Bello)

crosses, showing the limits of the sanctuary for à S. P.Q L., suscepti,

criminals belonging to the Church of St. John of Primum Lapidem Posuit

Beverley in ancient times; and no doubt being Thomas Chitty, Miles,

existing in the times of the plague, formed a very Prætor, Roberto Mylne, Architecto.

convenient point on each road for the sort of fetch Utque apud posteras extet Monument'ım

and carry market above alluded to. May not Voluntatis suæ erga Virum,

other plague stones also have had their origin Qui Vigore Ingenii, Animi Constantiâ,

(since forgotten) prior to the times of the plague, Probitatis et Virtutis suæ felici quadam Contagione,

their latter use only being remembered ? (favente Deo

T. THOMPSON. faustisque Georgii secundi auspiciis)

Imperium Britannicum

Custom of Cranes in Storms (Vol. v., p. 582.;

Vol. vi., p. 31.). — The crest of "Cranstoun" is a
Asia, Africa, et America,
Restituit, auxit, & stabilivit,

crane, holding a stone in his foot. Necnon Patriæ antiquum Honorem & Auctoritatem

Inter Europæ gentes instauravit,

Cives Londinenses, uno Consensu,
Huic Ponti inscribi voluerunt nomen


There is added to the above a translation, which
you already have. As there is a great probability
that the present bridge will be taken down, the
first stone, with the inscription, &c. as above, may



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Print d for Hodges, by Crowder and Woodgate.

THE LITERARY MISCELLANY. perhaps be found.

E. N. W. XIV. and XV. Stourport, 1812. South park.

SHAKSPEARE'S JULIUS CESAR, by D'Avenant and Dryden, 1719.





London, Griffin. 8vo. 1767. CLARK'S Poems. Feap. 8vo. Last Editicn. MAGNA CHARTA ; a Sermon at the Funeral of Lady Farewell, by

George Newton. London, 1661. BLACK'S (DR.) LECTURES ON CHEMISTRY, by Robison, 2 vols. The following Trealises by the Rév. THOMAS WATSON, of St.

Stephen's, Wallbrook.
RELIGION OUR TRUE INTEREST, or Notes on Mal. iii. 16, 17, 18.
TAB MISCHIEF OF Sin; it brings a Person Low.
A PLEA FOR THE GODLY, wherein is shown the Excellency of a

Righteous Person.
The Duty of Self-DENIAL briefly opened and urged.
SERMON ON REV. 11. 10.

Letters, stating particulars and lowest price, carriage free,
to be sent to MR. BELL, Publisher of “NOTES AND
QUERIES," 186. Fleet Street.

Matices to Correspondents. Replies RECEIVED. – Salt as Fire Celebrated Fly Inscriplion at Persepolis - Snike - Burial in Unconsecrated Ground Flemish Clothiers in Wales, c.- - Portrait of For Dissertation on a Salt box - Veire Barres - Man in the Moon - AU Foars Governor of St. Christopher Royal We" - Mummy Wkeat and many others which are in type.

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" These Maps are executed with great accurecy. and apparently quite free from that indistinctness and disproportion which are the great faults of all our small maps. We think Mr. Arnold successful here is always : and he has done his part to render geography, as it should be, an additional inducement for work." - Guardian, RIVINGTONS, St. Paul's Church Yard, and


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1S.M. Part I. By the Rev. S. R. MAITLAND, D.D. F.R.: F.S.A. Sometime Librarian to the late Archbishop of Canterbury, and Keeper of the MSS. at Lambeth.

“One of the most valuable and interesting pamphlets we ever read." - Morning Herald.

“This publication, which promises to be the commencement of a larver work. will well repay serious perusal." - Ir. Eccl. Journ.

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“Dr. Maitland, we consider, has here brought Mesnerism to the touchstone of truth,' to the test of the standard of right or wrong. We thank him for this first instalment of his inquiry, and hope that he will not long delay, the remaining portions." - London Medical Gazette.

“The Enquiries are extremely curious, we should indeed say important. That relating to the Witch of Endor is one of the most successful we ever read. We cannot enter into particulars in this brief notice, but we would strongly recommend the pamphlet even to those who care nothing about Mesmerisin, or angry (for it has come to this at last) with the subject."- Dublin Evening Post.

"We recommend its general perusal as being really, an endeavour,

by one whose position gives him the best facilities, to ascertain the genuine character of Mesmerism, which is so much dispu:ed." - Woolmer's Exeter

Gazette. "Dr. Maitland has bestowed & vast deal o attention on the subject for many years past, and the present pamphlet is in part the result of his thoughts and inquiries. There is a good deal in it which we should have been glad to quote .... but we content ourselves with referring our readers to the pamphlet itself.” Brit. Mag.


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contained in the Maps, with their Latitude Writers; including the Computation of St. and Longitude. A New Edition, corrected Paul, as connecting the Period from the Exode throughout from the best and most recent to the Temple. Under the revision of Sir Authorities ; with all the Railways laid down, HENRY ELLIS, K.H., Principal Librarian and many of the Maps re-drawn and reof the British Museum. New Edition, with engraved. Colombier sto., price 5l. 5s. halfCorrections. Imperial 8vo., price 318. bil. hall

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NITIES, containing Rolls of the Official Per-

ductory Outline f Universal History,

Ancient sonages of the British Empire, Civil, Ecclesias

and Modern, and a series of separate Histories tical, Judicial, Military, Naval, and Municipal,

of every principal Nation that exists; their from the Earliest Periods to the Present Time

Rise, Progress, and Present Condition, the compile i ciefly from the Records of the Public

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Inhabitants. their Religion,

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toms, &c. New Edition. Foolscap 8vo., price states: the Peernze and Nobility of Great

. 108. Britain, and marnerous other Lists. Being a New Edi ion, improved and continued, of "Beat.on's Political Index.' 8vo., price 259. MAUNDER'S SCIENTIFIC

and LITERARY TREASURY : a new and

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and Art. The whole written in a fa niliar cal, and Practical. Illustrated with more than

style, adapted to the comprehension of all perOne Thousand Engravings on Wood, from

son desirous of acquiring information on the Designs by J, S. GWILT. Second Edition,

subjects comprised in the work, and also with a Supplemental View of the Symmetry and Stability of Gothic Architecture ; com

adapted for a Manual of convenient Reference

to the more instructed. New Edition. Foolsprising upwards of Eighty additional Woodcuts. 8vo., price 528. 61. - The SUPPLE

cap. 8vo., price 108. MENT, separately, price Cs.




Tables of English Verbal Distinctions ; a Glossary of all the words representing Visible

Proverbs, Terms, and Phrases, in Latin, jects connected with the Arts, Manufac

Spanish, French, and Italian, translated ; New tures, and Every-day Life of the Ancients.

and Enlarged English Dictionary: Directions With Representations of nearly Two Thousand

for Pronunciation ; New Univerval Gaz tteer Objects from the Antique. Pst svo., with

Tables of Population and Statisties: List of about 2,000 Woudcuts, price Dae Guinea.

Cities, Boronghs, and Market Towns in the
United Kingdom: Regulations of the General
Post Office : List of Foreign Animal Vegetable,

and Miner 1 Productions Compendius ClasBRANDE'S DICTIONARY of sical Dictionary: Seripture Proper Names SCIENCE, LITERATURE, and ART. Se

accented, and Christinn Names of Men and cond Edition. corrected with a suppiement,

Women: with Latin Muxims translated ; List crintaining many Additions, with the chief

of Abbrev ations : Chronology and History: Scientic Terins, Processes, and Improveme ts

compen, ious Law Dictionary: Abstract of Ta

Acts In crest and other Tables : Forms of that have eome into general use since he Pub

Epistoliny Adrian Tables of Precedency, lica ti n of the First Pdition. 8vo. with Wood

Syn psis of the B itish Prerage ; and Tables of cuts, pric- 60s.; or 31. 55. half-bound in ru sia,


and . with flexible back.

New Edition, enlarged. Foolscap 8vo., price *** The Supplement may be had separately,

10s. price 39. 60.


A great advance on the works we have hitherto had, connected with our Church and Cathedral service." - Times.

"A collection of Pealm Tunes certainly unequelled in this country." - Literary Gazette.

" One of the best collections of tunes which we have yet seen. Well merits the distin. quished patronaze under which it appears.". Musical World.

"A collection of Psalms and Hymns, together with a system of Chanting of a very superior character to any which has hitherto appeared." -John Bull. London : GEORGE BELL, 186. Fleet Street.


Also, lately published,
formed at the hapel Royal St. James, price 28.

C. LONSDALE, 26. Old Bond Street,

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