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clared prisoners of war 137.-1 ment for the same, in tobacco,
Proviso, in favor of pilots 137. or money in lieu thereof, at
British subjects not to be ad 1 10s. per bundred 539. Per-
mitted, except in cases of ship sons in arrears for levies, may
wreck 137. How apprehend discharge them at the same
ed 137.' Restrictions as to in-

rate 539, i.
tercourse in case of shipwreck

137. Penalty for administer-

Demsey Butler, convicted of
ing oath of allegiance to an
alien enemy, or British sub-

treason, pardoned, in conse-
ject 138. British subjects com-

quence of pardon having been

promised him, by col. Josiah
ing into this state contrary to

Parker 152,
law, declared prisoners of war

138. Copies of act, how dis-
tributed i38. Spies to be

Indemnified for assisting to sup-
proceeded against according

press a conspiracy against the

state, 134.
· to the law military 138.


Sale of lands mortgaged to him
Congress empowered to adopt

by John Connolly, suspended
countervailing regulations re-
specting the British trade, to

276. So much of aci estab-
the West Indies 313.

lishing town of Louisville as

affects lands of John Camp-

bell and Joseph Simon repeal-
Provision for pay and deprecia-

ed 322: Surveyor to run di-
tion of Dr. William Brown
106. His land-bounty 106.

viding line between Campbell

and Connolly 322,475. Lands
Justices of Brunswick county au-

of Connolly to be sold, and
thorised to appoint a place for

mortgage lo be paid off 475.

holding courts, near the cen-

New trustees for light house at
tre of the county 256.

Cape Henry appointed 58.

Former duties appropriated
Lots of James Buchanan in Fal-

58. Directors to be trustees
mouth, vested in Isaac Hite, I.

of the common 58.
for the use of Anne Buchanan,
his widow 154. Lots may be

sold, if personal estate insuffi-

Directors of public buildings au-
cient for payment of debts 155.

thorized to provide apartments

for legislative, executive, and
BUCKNER, WILLIAM judiciary, in the capitol, in-
William Buckner, collector of stead of erecting separate

levies, in parish of St. Tho buildings 496.
mas, in county of Orange, au CARRIAGES,
tharised to discharge a judg-Tax on carriages 93, 113, 418.

CARTER, CHARLES, Ion, and the number of people
Charles Carter re-vested of cer 415.
tain entailed lands, remaining

unsold under a former law, 55.

Military warrants and certificates

to be received for land-war-
Pardoned on condition of serving rants 22. Militia or military

as a soldier during the war, certificates, when to be recei-
1 29.

ved for taxes 69. Receipts or

certificates received by sher-
Tax on cattle 93, 113, 418. iffs för taxes, agreeable to ex-

isting laws to be taken at the
lo militia, how organized and treasury 77. Damages and in-

armed 173. Officers of cav terest remitted to sheriffs who
alry, how appointed 173. Cav had offered to pay 78. Sher-
alry, how trained 173. Ex iffs to make oath as to certi-
empted from duty in main bo ficates by them received for
dy of militia 173. Pay 173. taxes 78. Auditors to issue
Horses &c. lost, paid for by certificates for property, im-
public 173.

pressed for public service 79:

At what prices 79. Act provi-

ding more effectual funds for
Lands saved if duties performed

redemption of certificates
before caveat 91. Affidavit to

granted officers and soldiers
prevent friendly caveats 292.

81. Guard against further de-
Caveat dismissed if summons

preciation 83. Their certifi.
not returned executed 292.

cates to be received for public
List of caveats ended to be

patent fees 84. Further time
returned to register, after ge-

allowed for recording certifi-
neral court 292. Fees on de-

cales of settlement rights 91.
termination of caveats, how

Specie certificates or warrants
paid 443. On trial of caveats,

to be taken for land 92. Pro-
certificate of county courts, of

vision for redeeming military
settlement or pre-emption

and other certificates 93, 169.
rights, not conclusive evidence

Additional taxes 93. Certifi-
of title 508. Proof of testimo-

cates and warrants to be divi-
ny on which certificates grant-

ded into small sums for conve-
ed admissible 508.

niency of change 94. Taxes

payable in military certificates
Namber of people in the com 94. To be divided by aadi-
monwealth, to be ascertained tors into small sums for conve-
40. Act continued 109, 193. niency of charge 94. Interest
Act to ascertain the quantity of on military certificates, when
land, the improvements there! and how to be paid 105. Cer-

tificates receivable in taxes of among the holders 380. Tres-
officers and soldiers 106. Re surer to advertise 380. Toen-
strictivos in issuing certificates dorse payments 381.,Holders
repealed 107. Oath to pre to receive in equal proportions
vent paying taxes of others 381. Further provision for cal-
with certiticates 107. What Jing in and redeeming certain
certificates receivable for tax certificates 417. Addition-
es, what not 126, 127. All al taxes 418. Forgery of cer-
specie warrants and militia tificates issued by congress or
certificates receivable for tax this state, death without cler-
es 170. Sheriffs allowed to gy 495. Impositions in adjust-
pay taxes in, certificates for ing military claims on forged
property impressed 184. War or insufficient vouchers, how
rants in paper money, for pro remedied 500. Remedy where
perly impressed, may be re certificates have been drawn
audiled 184, 192. Certificates 500.
issued by commissioners for CHAIN CARRIERS.
settling claims for property Chain carriers to be sworn 355.
impressed for public service, CHANCELLORS' REVISAL.
receivable in taxes 192. Act Letter from the Chancellor's on
to establish certain and ade- the revision of the laws 547.
quate funds, for redemption of

military certificates 196. Tax See High Court of Chancery.
or duty on certain goods im- Notice to take depositions, when
ported 196. Duties appropri given by publication 343. Or-
ated to payment of military dinary trial by jury in, repeal-
certificates 201. Proceeds to ed 343.
be apportioned among hold-

ers of certificates 202. Pay Vessels to be provided for protec-
ment to be endorsed on certi tion of Chesapeake bay 42.
ficates 203. Death to coun Money in be raised and paid to
terfeit warrants or certificates commissioners 42. Tonnage
issued to army or navy 203. and import duty appropriated
New warrants and certificates 42. Commissioners how to be
may be issued by auditors, appointed 43. To be under
when originals lost 254. Oath the direction of the executive
and bond by applicant 254. 43. And concert with Mary-
Principal of officers certificates land, measures for defending
not to be discounted for their the bay trade 43. Power to ad-
taxes 290. Further time allow just disputes between the offi-
ed for entering certificates for cers of the two states 43. Ves-
seulement rights 291 Funds sels not to be sent out of the
for payment of certificates and capes 43. Prizes to be divided
interest warrants apportioned! among captors 44. Vacancies
in the commission, how sup-1 not to vote in elections, or hold
plied 44. Act for protection of offices 325. Not to contravene
Chesapeake bay, amended 161 treaty of peace 325. Protec-
Tax on seamen and marines, I tion to all, not prolibited com-
for a hospital 161. Wages of ing on lawful business 325.
seamen how paid 161. Land

bounty to officers, seamen, and

Reservation of land, in north-
marines 162. Their fitness to

western territory, for general
be enquired into 162.

George Rogers Clarke, his of-

ficers and men 327. Lands
Proceedings of the court of Ches-

how apportioned, surveyed,
terfield, had in a house contig-

and patented 335. Town of
uous to the court house, lately

Clarkesville established with
burnt by the enemy, confirmed

in the grant 336.
154. Court day of Chesterfield

· county altered 431.

Town of Clarkesville, in north-
See Protestant Episcopal Church.

western territory, laid off 336.

Lots to be sold for the benefit
Protestant episcopal church in-
corporated 532. Various reg-

of the inhabitants 336. Subject

to the condition of building
ulations 532, 537.

337. And sold again if forfeit-

ed 337,
Presley Thornton, Philip Tur CLEARANCE

pin, and John Wormeley ad Of vessels, what shall be done
mitted citizens, on taking the previous to 261. Naval offi-
oath of allegiance, but Joho cers to keep a book of entries
Wormeley ineligible to any of and clearances 261.
fice of trust or profit for four

years 316. Who shall be deem- Entries for land may be made
ed citizens of this common with clerks of court, where do
wealth 323. Citizenship how surveyor 160. When sees of
acquired 323. When they may clerks of superior courts to be
hold offices 323. Exception delivered to sheriffs 163.
as to those holding place or

When to be collected 163.-
pension ander toreigo prince When accounted for 163.–
or potentate 323. How a citi. Commissions for collection
zen may expatriate himself323 163: Remedy against sheriffs
Description of persons prohib 168: How tobacco due for
ited from migrating into this clerks' fees shall be paid 237:
commonwealth, or becoming When distrained for 238:-
citizens 324. Refugees prohib When sheriffs to account 239:
ited 325. All other former res Clerk's tobacco fees may be
idents allowed to return, but paid in money at one penny

Y 3

half penny, per pound 359: Restrictions as to their trial
-Oath of clerks of county | 351.
courts and their deputies 464:

- Penalty for acting without Raies of gold and silver coin
464: To give bond 465:- I paid for taxes 117.
Not to remove records and

papers out of the county 465: 1.
In what cases records may be

Offices of commercial agent, and
removed 465: Every clerk

commissioner of war abolish-
appointed since the 4th June,

ed, and duties transferred to
1776, to reside in his county

executive 133: Books, &c. to

be delivered to executive 134.


In the militia, how appointed
Trustees for the town of Cob-

ham appointed 57.

Duty on coffee 122.

To grant warrants for land boun-

ties 83, 84: Office abolished
Slaves of Walter King escheated

and duties transferred to exe-

cative 133.
and purchased on behalf of
the commonwealth, restored to

Walter King Cole 35: So / Appointed to settle accounts be-
much of former act as gives

tween this state and United
Walter King Cole any com-

States, authorised to sommon

witnesses 33:
pensation, except reasonable

For providing
hires, while staves in public

for defence of Chesapeake bay

39: Powers of commissioners
service, repealed 35.

for adjusting titles to lands

continued 91: Books and pa-
Sheriff not able to give security, pers of Kentucky commission-

a collector of taxes to be ap ers to be returned to register
pointed 66: Collectors of du 91: Tax on litigants before
ties, their powers 124, 199: commissioners 91: Commis-
Allowance for collection 126, sioners of land tax to be ap-
201: When to account and pointed for three years 142:-
pay 126, 201: Penalty for Their oath, duties, and com-
default 126, 201: Penalty for pensation 142, 143, 144:-
receiving a bribe, or conniv Commissioners to settle claims
ing at a false entry 124, 199. for property impressed for
Naval officers to be collectors public service 191: Their oath,
of duties 182: Collectors of duties and compensation 191,
certain duties, appointed by 192, 193: County commis-
governor and concil, but re sioners to correct mistakes of
movable by congress 351: examiners 269.

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