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We, the undersigned, physicians and Surgeons of the State of Wisconsin, in order to cultivate harmony and kind feeling among the members of the medical profession, to promote the advancement of the medical and collateral sciences, and to assist us in acquiring a knowledge of the same, and in keeping pace with the progress of medical science; to help us appreciate the magnitude and nature of the mutual duties and responsibilities existing between the medical profession and the community, and to protect ourselves and society against the impositions of medical pretenders, do hereby agree to associate ourselves together, and be governed by the following


ARTICLE I.—This organization shall be known by the name of the State Medical Society of Wisconsin.

Art. II.—The Society shall meet annually, on the first Tuesday of May or June, as may be directed by the Secretary, at 8 o'clock P. M., in the place designated by the Society at its previous meeting

Art. III.—Seven members of this Society shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business, but any number may adjourn from time to time.

ART. IV:- The officers of this Society shall consist of a President, First and Second Vice P'residents, a Permanent Secretary and Treasurer, and three Censors, who shall be elected at the annual meeting, and shall hold their offices respectively for the term of one year (except the Permanent Secretary and Treasurer and the Censors) and until their successors in office are duly elected and qualified. The Permanent Secretary and Treasurer shall retain his office for ten years, unless removed by death, resignation, or by a vote of two-thirds of all the members present at the annual meeting. The Censors shall be elected for three years, one to be elected annually.

Art. V.—The President shall preside at the meetings, preserve order and decorum in debate, give a casting vote when necessary, and perform all the other duties that custom and parliamentary usage may require, and deliver an address at the close of his term of office. He may call special meetings at any time, if he deem it necessary; and it shall be his duty to call such' meetings whenever requested, in writing, to do so by five members of this Society.

ART. VI.-In case of the absence or inability of the President to discharge his duties, the latter shall devolve upon the Vice Presidents, and in the order of their election.

Art. VII.—The Permanent Secretary shall record the minutes and authenticate the proceedings, give due notice of all meetings, conduct the correspondence of the Society, preserve all records and papers belonging to the Society, shall have authority to employ a competent stenographer to assist him at each annual meeting, and at the close of his term of office shall lay before the Society a full report of his official correspondence and doings.

Art. VIII.—The permanent Treasurer shall collect and receive all moneys due or presented to the Society, and shall disburse the same under its direction. He shall keep a book in which he shall enter the debits and credits of every member, the amounts received and distributed by him as Treasurer, and shall, at the expiration of his term of office, and at any other time, when requested to do so by the Society, report the condition of the Treasury. He shall also give good and sufficient bond to the Secretary, in behalf of the Society, for the faithful discharge of his trust.

Art. IX.—The Censors shall constitute a committee for the examination of applicants for membership, but shall entertain no petition for membership unless the applicant shall appear in person and present the certificate of two respectable physicians living in the immediate vicinity of said applicant, as to moral and professional character. They shall also examine candidates for the study of medicine, as to their educational qualifications; these qualifications to be at least a good knowledge of English and of mathematics, and no member of this Society shall receive a student into his office until such student shall present a certificate from the Board, stating that he has the necessary preliminary education.

Art. X.—Any regular physician making application for membership in accordance with the provisions of Art. IX, and who shall present a diploma from a regular organized school of medicine of good repute, or a certificate or diploma of membership in a county, or district medical society, accompanied by a certificate of six years' practice, or who shall submit to such an examination as the Censors may impose, shall, on their recommendation, and on receiving a vote of two-thirds of the members present at any annual meeting, be entitled to membership by signing the Constitution and paying five (5) dollars to the Treasurer of the Society.

Art. XI.—This Society may elect honorary members at any annual meeting, by a vote of three-fourths of the members present

Art. XII.-All regularly organized County Medical Societies in the State may elect delegates to this Society in the ratio of one for every five of its members, and such delegates shall, on payment of the annual dues, be entitled to all the privileges of membership in this Society during the time for which they are elected.

ART. XIII. --This society shall have power to obtain funds by an equal assessment of its members, by voluntary contributions, and by the sale and disposal of publications and of works for publication; but no assessment shall be made for more than three dollars upon each member in any one year, nor except at annual meetings, or at meetings called for that express purpose; in the latter case the object of the meeting shall be set forth and published in the call.

Art. XIV.—This Society may censure, reprimand, or expel any member for improper conduct, as may be prescribed by the By. Laws.

Art. XV.—No amendment shall be made to this Constitution, unless the proposed amendment shall have been submitted in writing at some previous regular meeting of the Society, and for such action eight members shall be necessary for a quorum,

and twothirds of the members present must vote for the amendment, Frovided, however, that by a unanimous vote of ten or more members present, at any annual meeting, any article of this Constitution may be amended or repealed, and articles added thereto without such previous notice.



ARTICLE I.-In the discussion and disposition of all business coming before the State Medical Society of Wisconsin, parlimentary rules of debate shall be observed, and Jefferson's Manual shall be the guide.




Art. II.—The order of business at the annual meetings of the Society shall be as follows:

The calling of the roll.

The reading of the minutes.
3. The admission of members.
4. The Secretary's and Treasurer's reports.

5. The reading of essays and reports from all Standing Committees.

6. The reading of essays and reports of cases.
7. Miscellaneous business.
8. Unfinished business.
9. The election of officers.
10. The appointing of Standing Committees.

The President's Address.
12. Adjournment.



Art. III.—The Code of Ethics heretofore adopted by this Society from the American Medical Association shall have the full force of any article of either the Constitution or the By-Laws.


ART. IV.-SECTION 1.-Any member shall be liable to censure, suspension, or expulsion, for wilful neglect of the rules and regula

tions of this Society, for any flagrant violation of our code of Ethics, or for any gross or immoral conduct. A vote of two-thirds of the members present shall be requisite to censure, to suspend, or to expel.

SEC. 2.-Should any charges be preferred against any member which might lead to his censure, suspension or expulsion, such charges shall be preferred while the Society is in special executive session, and the Secretary shall immediately give the accused a written copy of the said charges, and state by whom preferred. The matter shall then lie over until the next annual meeting, when due action shall be taken thereon.

SEC. 3.-—Any member of this Society, who, from professional incompetency or for any other sufficient reason not already mentioned, shall be deemed unworthy of the fellowship of this Society, may be deprived of his membership as provided in sections one (1) and two (2) this article.

SEC. 4.-Any member of this Society who shall absent himself from the meetings of the same for three successive years, without rendering to the Society a satisfactory excuse, shall lose membership in the same.

SEC. 5.—Any member failing for a period of three years to pay to the Society the sum of three (3) dollars annual dues, shall also lose membership in the Society, unless such member shall have removed from the State, in which case he may remain an honorary member thereof during such absence. The annual dues of the Secretary are remitted.

Sec. 6.—If any member of this Society, to whom has been assigned any duty, such as the preparation of a report, or the reading of an essay, or like service, shall fail to perform such duty at the time assigned, he shall be relieved therefrom, but the duty assigned shall be due from him at the next meeting of the Society thereafter, and if he then fail to perform the service required of him, without rendering a satisfactory excuse for such neglect, he shall lose his standing as a member of the Society.


ART. V.–The following named Standing Committees, each to be composed of three members, to be appointed by the Presidentexcept the Committee on Ethics and Publication, otherwise provid

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