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ed for-shall be organized at every annual meeting, for preparing, arranging, and expediting business for each next ensuing year, and for carrying out the objects of the Society, not otherwise provided for, namely, a Committee on Ethics, a Committee on Arrangements, a Committee on Practical Medicine, a Committee on Surgery,a Committee on Obstetrics, a Committee on Finance, and a Committee on Publication.

The Committee on Ethics shall be composed of nine members who shall be nominated by the President, and elected by the Society. Three of the number shall serve for a term of three years, three for two years, and three for one year after the first election; thereafter three shall be elected annually for a term of three years. They shall consider all cases for discipline of members. All charges made shall be referred to them without discussion; all evidence shall be presented to them, when they shall report their conclusions to the Society.

The Committee on Arrangements shall provide suitable accommodations for the meeting, and for the members from abroad, and, in general, attend to the wants of the Profession while attending the meetings of the Society.

The Committee on Practical Medicine shall make an annual report, embodying the recent and most practical improvements, discoveries, and advancements in the practice of medicine.

The Committee on Surgery shall make an annual report on the subject of surgery, and give a summary of the recent improvements, discoveries, and progress in this department of medicine.

The Committee on Obstetrics shall make an annual report on the subject of obstetrics and the diseases of women and children, giving a summary of the recent discoveries and improvements in this branch of medicine.

The Committee on Finance shall be the Executive Committee of this Society, to whom all accounts must be referred, and who shall make an annual report on the financial condition of the Society, and on all matters usually falling to the consideration of executive committees.

The Committee on Publication shall be composed of the Secretary, Treasurer, and President, who shall have charge of all matters intended for the press, and superintend their publication.

The reports of all Standing Committees shall, on their reference

to the Publication Committee, be published in the Transactions of the Society. All other, or voluntary reports or papers, shall be referred to the committee under which the report or paper would properly fall, and such committee shall decide upon the publication of papers so referred.

The publication of any paper is not to be understood as necessarily an endorsement by the Society of the views contained therein.


Art. VI.--Every member of this Society who is neither appointed to read an essay, or to the chairmanship of a committee, shall give a complete detailed written history of one case of disease occurring under his own observation, comprising everything touching its etiology, pathology, syptomatology, nosology, diagnosis, prognosis, therapeutics, and hyigenics.


ART. VII.—These By-Laws may be altered, added too, or repealed by a three-fourths vote at any annual meeting.




Amundson, A. C.... Cambridge Burrall, Geo W*....Dodgeville Armstrong, L. G... . Boscobel Burroughs, F. V*

Mauston Atwell, W: F... Medford Butterfield, H. L*. ...Waupun Bacon, J. E. .Waukesha Caldwell, Margaret... Waukesha Bading, John P..... Milwaukee Catlin, Geo. E....Lake Geneva Ballard, J. A... .La Crosse Christison, J. S..Cottage Grove Barling, Thomas

Mindoro Clark, Almon.......Sheboygan Barnes, H. L.. .. Ripon Clark; S. S*.. Menomonee Falls Barnett, J. R.

Neenah Clason, J. A.... Neosho Barrows, L. J. Janesville Cosens, Richard....Dodgeville Barry, John S*.Prairie du Chien Coates, John T....... Excelsior Bartlett, E. W... ..Milwaukee Cody, James. .Watertown Bartlett, J. K. Milwaukee Collins, J. M. .Barneveldt Beck, H. M.. Green Bay Coon, J. W.

Montello Beebe, D. C... ..Sparta Curtis, J. Wilber... .Decorah, la Bell, Samuel .. Beloit Daniels, W. N

Mosinee Bennett, D. O... Waterloo Davies, D. C. Columbus Berwig, P.

Sauk City Davies, John Et...... Madison Bicknell, L. C.... Fort Atkinson Davis, J. C*..... Fort Atkinson Bill, B. J... .Genoa Junction Davis, M. Mf. Baraboo Binnie, John.... Poynette Dawley, J. H. ... Antigo Bird, H. R.... Mifflin Day, FH

Wauwatosa Blair, W. M.. Darlington Day, H. L. .Eau Claire Booth, C. E..... ..Elroy DeMars, G. E..... .Centralia Boothby, E. L. Hammond DeVoe, I. W.

..Wausau Bordon, W. H.

Milton Dodge, E. F...... Fond du Lac Boyd, J. N. . Madison Dodge, N.

Milwaukee Brandt, J. R. .Robinson Dodson, B. F. ... Berlin Brett, Ben C... Green Bay Dodson, J. M. Madison Broughton, R . Brodhead Dodson, N. M. .... Berlin Buck, Erastus, Jr. . Platteville Dorland, James.. Milwaukee Buckmaster, S. B..... Mendota Dubois, Darwin* Lake Mills Bulson, A. E. Brodhead Earll, R. W... . . Columbus Bulson, H. R. .Evansville Eastman, Wm.... Mineral Point Eldridge, E. F.... New London Hobbins, Joseph... Madison Epley, F. W.... New Richmond Hobbins, William* Madison Farnham, A. B..... Milwaukee Hoegh, Knut.... La Crosse Farnsworth, S. E...... Baldwin Hogeboom, C. E.. .Eau Claire Favill, John*


+Honorary Member.

Madison Howe, W. F...... . Brooklyn Favill, H. B.

Madison Hurd, H. H.... Chippewa Falls Fernald, W. D.. . Mendota Irwin, E. H...

... Lodi Fischer, Francis* Madison Jackson, J. A. Madison Fisher, J. W... . Milwaukee Jenkins, G. W... Kilbourn City Fisk, M. H.. .Wauwatosa Johnson, S. C.

Hudson Fox, George H. ..... Oregon

Jonas, A. F... Madison Fox, Philip..

Madison Keller, Sebastian. ... West Bend Fox, William. : Milwaukee Kerwin, M. H........ Seymour Frank, Louis F..... Milwaukee King, (). A. Lake Geneva Freeman, A. R*.. New London Ladd, G. D).. Milwaukee French, S. W... . Milwaukee Langland, P. Milwaukee Frissell, C. H. .. Knapp Larkin, O. E... Deerfield Gage, M. R.

.. Sparta Lawrence, Amos* ..Oshkosh Galloway, W. T... Eau Claire La Count, D..

Chilton Gapen, Clark. .Madison Leffingwell, H. S. Milwaukee Garlock, F. R.. ..Racine Levings, A. H....... Appleton Gee, J. E..

Brandon Lewis, F. L.. Green Bay Geyer, John.. Muscoda Lewis, L. V..... Sun Prairie Gorham, W. M.f.... Milwaukee Linde, Christian. ..Oshkosh Gould, C. M... River Falls Linde, F. H*.

.Oshkosh Graff, H. H.. Eau Claire Lindsay, H. E.

Lindsay, H. E...... Whitewater Gratiot, C C.......Shullsburg Logier, W.

W... . Black Hawk Grættinger, Alois.... Milwaukee Loomis, E. E. ..Janesville Gregory, L. M. ....Plover Lueck, A. W*

Mayville Grider, A. B..... Milwaukee Mackie, W.

Milwaukee Griffin, E. L. Fond du Lac Madden, J.

Ashland Gudden, B. C........Oshkosh Mailer, A. C. ... Depere Hall, Samuel Reedsburg Mann, H. E.

Marinette Hall, Storrs.. Rosendale Manley, Ira, Jr... Markesan Hall, J. C

Monroe Marks, Solon. . Milwaukee Hallock, W. E

Juneau Marquardt, C.H..... La Crosse Hamilton, J. P* Darlington Marsh, J. E. . Pardeeville Harrison, G. W .. Ashland Marston, S. L.... Fond du Lac Hartford, W. P. . Beetown Martin, E.. .. Medford Hasse, Herman E.. Milwaukee Martin, O. H.. Kewaunee Hausman, W'm* Ashford Mason, Darius. . Milwaukee Hayman, L. H. Boscobel Massman, J... ... Mayville Head, C. R..

Albion Masterson, J. A. Watertown Head, L. R... Edgerton McArthur, D.S. .. La Crosse Hewitt, M. R....... Pewaukee McBride, J. H.. .. Wauwatosa

* Deceased.

fHonorary Member.

McCall, William*

.Omro Regan, J. N.....Oconomowoc McDonald, E. M... Doylestown Reineking, Herman.... Franklin McGovern, W. P. ... Cedarburg Reynolds, B. 0... Lake Geneva McLeod, John A.... Milwaukee Reynolds, J. C.... Lake Geneva McVey N.. ... Alma Rice, John A

Merton McWain, H.

.Poysippi Richards, J. B. . Viroqua Meachem, E. H.G... Milwaukee Riddell, S. S....Chippewa Falls Meachem, J. G... Racine Robinson, F. B...Grand Rapids Meachem, J. G., Jr..... Racine Rogers, E. M........ Hartford Meacher, Wm. .Portage Rood, Galen.....Stevens Point Meyer, W..

Milwaukee Rosenheimer, M. Schleisingerville Miller, D. McL...Oconomowoc Russell, T. P.

Oshkosh Miller, Clark I... Whitewater Sarles, W.T.

... Sparta Mitchell, Johnt. · Janesville Sauerhering, D. L..... Mayville Monroe, Wm. . Monroe Schmitt, Phillip. Milwaukee Moore, D. W... .Waupun Schneider, Jos.

Schneider, Jos...... Milwaukee Morley, W. B. . Neillsville Schorse, William. Milwaukee Moulding, F. C.. Watertown Schreiner, J.C......... Westby Moyer, S. R... Monroe Scollard, W.E. Milwaukee Munro, Andrew.....Green Bay Searles, W. H. Oshkosh Munro, Sarah R.. ... Milwaukee

Seiler, George.

... Alma Myers, Miles G* Wautoma Senn, Nicholas Milwaukee Newel, G. E... Waterford Sercombe, Harriet F. Milwaukee Nye, F. T.

Beloit Sether, C... .. Stoughton O'Brien, J. N.. Milwaukee Sheldon, C. S... Madison O'Connell, R. S.......... Cato Shepard, J. L. , Sheboygan Falls Orrick, J. H* .... Stevens Point Smith, C. M.. ... Evansville Ottilie, Chas. La Crosse Soper, J. H.. Sturgeon Bay Oviatt, W. H Clintonville Spalding, W. C.....Watertown Page, J. L* ... Racine Sperry, Johnson*

..... Delafield Palmer, Henry.. Janesville Stalker, H. J... Mauston Pelton, J. G......Spring Green Stansbury, Emory.... Appleton Pearce, W.J. .Dodgeville Steele, Geo. M. Oshkosh Pelton, L. H.

Waupaca Stewart, F. W Wauwatosa Philler, Hugo....

Waukesha St. John, J. W. Janesville Phillips, B. T..Menominee Mich Stockman, Geo. C..Ft. Atkinson Phillips, John.....Stevens Point Stone, A. Jt..... St. Paul, Minn Plagemann, Henry... Woodland Strong, C.G.. Eau Claire Post, G. W.

Strong, H. P*.

Beloit Pratt, H. J.

. Montello Templeton, J. A. Neilsville Puchner, E. Clintonville Terhorst, H.. .. Richfield Puls, A..

Mayville Thomas, W. M*. Darlington Raymond, D. 1.1*. Fond du Lac Thorndike, Wm..... Milwaukee Reed, W. A.

Necedah Townsend, E. H... New Lisbon Reeve, J. T

. Appleton Trowbridge, J. B..... Hayward


fHonorary Member.

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