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American Gas Association Monthly

Vol. IV

MARCH, 1922

No. 3

From Mr. Barnum's Address to the

New England Gas Engineers

“At the present time there are probably few who will dispute the statement that increased volume of business is our greatest need. We must not allow our sales to fall behind; we must not stand still while others advance, for that is relatively also falling behind, therefore, we must advance. To advance we must have increased sales, not only those which come from customers' demands under present conditions of service, but we must make conditions such that customers' demands will be greatly augmented.

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****** The old saying that the money of the gas company is made or lost in a retort house should not be forgotten. There is a fertile field for research work and development in the generating of gas. The industry has been handicapped because of the fact that where companies are operated, as most are, on the principle of service at cost, there has been little or no incentive, in fact there has been scant opportunity, for the companies to spend money in experimenting with new installations. Consequently, companies have been forced to build plants of such a nature that former standard results were assured, but in few cases have companies been in a position where they could build with the idea of obtaining any reward in return for the risk involved in new designs.

The Technical Section of the American Gas Association is at work on this problem. The industry has the experience and the men, and the company members have the facilities, and through this agency we hope to bring about constructive work in this department."

"The time will soon come, if it has not already arrived, when the industry as a whole, instead of going before regulatory bodies and asking for a given rate or a certain standard, must go before the proper authorities and demand that if we are going to develop this industry,-if we are going to fulfill our full duty to the public and develop the possibilities which we know are inherent in the business, we must have more freedom as to rates and standards.

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There are hundreds of so-called ex- One of the first lessons to learn in positions held yearly where gas has order to exhibit successfully, is to know an intimate bearing on the industries beforehand just what kind of an exthat take part in the exhibit, and, if the position is to be held and what the right class of appliances is displayed, general purpose of the undertaking is there is no doubt but what direct sales going to be. For example, it is of queswill result. There may be some who will tionable value to exhibit domestic gas disagree with this statement because of appliances at a show where the other past experience, but it is generally exhibits are strictly of an industrial true, nevertheless.

nature. On the other hand, if the show

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is devoted to home furnishings and appliances are generally overlooked be-
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cause they do not appeal to the specialdomestic gas appliances would be well ized requirements of the public attendpatronized.

ing. The recent exhibit of the Brooklyn Space heaters and lighting fixtures Union Gas Company at the Brooklyn applicable for office use are the only exManufacturers Industrial Exposition ceptions, as several sales of these result bears out the above statements. Fur- from exhibitions made at shows where thermore, the records of sales and in- the appeal is along different lines. At terest shown in previous years indicate the Brooklyn show it was also demonthat at an exhibit of this kind, the in- strated that water heaters and heating dustrial appliances attract unusual at- boilers applicable for every class of tention whereas the purely domestic building, are well worth exhibiting.

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It will be a matter of pleasure and gratification to members of the American Gas Association to learn that President Dana D. Barnum was recently elected President of the Boston Consolidated Gas Company.

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