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A DVERTISINCJ, A HISTORY OF, from the Earliest Times.

^^ Illustrated by Anecdotes, Curious Specimens, and Biographical Notes of Successful Advertisers. By Henry Sampson. Crown 8vo, with Coloured Frontispiece and Illustrations, cloth gilt, js. 6.7. ft "Amusante histoire de l'annoncc dans Tantiquite*, e'est-a-dire chez les Grecs et surtout en Italie, ou Ton a retrouve* tant dc piquants specimens sur les murailles de Pompet, puis au m riven age, au dernier siecle et de nos jours. Un tel livre ne pouvait ctre bien fait qu'en Angleterre, terre classique des joyeuses excentricitcs <le Tannonce, des loteries ct des agences matrimoniales."—Le Temps (Paris). .ESOP'S FABLES TRANSLATED INTO HUMAN NATURE. By C. H. Bsnnett. Crown 4to, 24 Plates beautifully printed in Colours, with descriptive Text, cloth extra, gilt, 6s.

"For fun and frolic the new version of /Esop's Fables must bear away the palm. There are twenty-two fables and twenty-two wonderful coloured illustrations; the moral is pointed, the tale adorned. This is not a juvenile book, but there are plenty of grown-up children who like to be amused at Christmas, and indeed at any time of the year; and if this new version of old stories does not amuse them they must be very dull indeed, and their situation one much to be commiserated."—Morning Post. AINSWORTH'S LATIN DICTIONARY. The only Modem Edition which comprises the Complete Work. With numerous Additions, Emendations, and Improvements, by the Rev. B. W. Bratson and W. Ellis. Imperial 8vo, cloth extra, 15s.

AMUSING- POETRY. A Selection from the Best Writers. Edited, with Preface, by Shieley Broors. Fcap. 8vo, cloth, giltelges, y. 6d.

ANACREON. Translated by Thomas Moore, and Illustrated by the exquisite Designs of Gieodrt. Oblong 8vo, Etruscan gold and blue, 12r, td.

ARTEMUS WARD, COMPLETE.—The Works of Charles Faerrr Browne, better known as Artemus Ward. With fine Portrait, facsimile of Handwriting, &c. Crown 8vo, cloth extra, js. 64.

AS PRETTY AS SEVEN, and other Popular German Stories. Collected bv Ludwig Bechstein. With Additional Tales by the Brother* Grimm, ana 100 Illustrations by Richter. Small 410, green and fold, 6s. 6./.; gilt edges, js. 6d.

ASTLE ON WRITING.—THE ORIGIN AND PROGRESS OF WRITING, as well Hieroglyphic as Elementary, Illustrated by Engravings taken from Marbles, Manuscripts, and Charters, Ancient and Modern; also Some Account of the Origin and Progress of Printing. By Thomas Astlk, F.R.S., F.A.S., late Keeper of Records in the Tower of London. Royal 4*0, half-Roxburghe, with 33 Plates (some Coloured), price .£1 i5*. A few Large Paper copies, royal folio, half-Roxburghe, the Plates altogether unfolded, price £3 3*

J2 ACON'S (Francis, Lord) WORKS, both English and Latin, with

an Introductory Essay, Biographical and Critical, and copious Indexes. Two Vols., imperial 8vo, with Portrait, cloth extra, £1 4s.


and Significations. By Chaeles Warrijtg Bardslev, M.A. Second Edition.

revised throughout, considerably Enlarged, and partially rewritten. Crown 8voB

cloth extra, gs.

"Mr. Bardsley has faithfully consulted the original mediaeval documents and works from which the origin and development of surnames can alone be satisfactorily traced. He has furnished a valuable contribution to the literature of surnames, and we hope to hear more of him in this field."—Times.

BAUER AND HOOKER'S GENERA OP FERNS; in which the Characters of each Genus are displayed in a series of magnified dissections and figures, highly finished in colours, after the drawings of Francis Bauer, with letterpress by Jiir William Hoorer. Imperial 8vo, with 120 beautifully Coloured Plates, half-morocco, gilt, ^5 5*.

BEAUTIFUL PICTURES BY BRITISH ARTISTS: A Gathering of Favourites from our Picture Galleries. In Two Series. The Fiest Series including Examples by Wilrie. Constarle, Tuener, Mulready Landseer, Maclisr, E. M. Ward, Frith, Sir John Gilrert, Leslie, Ansdell, Marcus Stone, Sir Noel Paton, Fard. Evre Crowe, Gavin, O'nril, and Madox Brown. The Second containing Pictures by Armytagr. Fard, Goodall, Hrmsley, Horsley, Mares, Nicholls, Sir Noel Paton, PicreesGill, G. Smith, Marcus Stone, Solomon, Straight, E. M. Ward, and Waeren. All engraved on Steel in the highest style of Art. Edited, with Notices of the Artists, by Sydney Armytagr, M.A. Price of each Series, imperial *to, cloth extra, gilt and gilt edges, 2is. Each Volume is Complete in itself.


connected with the Fine Arts. Fifth Edition, with an Appendix on the Nervous

System by Alexander Shaw. Illustrated with 45 beautiful Engravings. Imp.

8vo, cloth extra, gilt, 16>.

"The artist, the writer of fiction, the dramatist, the man of taste, will receive the present work (which is got up with an elegance worthy of its subject) with gratitude, and peruse it with a lively and increasing interest and delight."—Christian Remembrancer.


A New Edition, revised, with copious Index. Two Vols., imperial 8vo, cloth

extra, £i 4s.

*' A writer who does equal honour to the English clergy and to the English nation, and whose learning is to be equalled only by his moderation and impartiality."— Quarterly Review.

Foreign. Hy Henry Ottley. Being a Supplementary Volume to "Bryan's
Dictionary." Imperial 8v-o, cloth extra, 12s.
*m* This is the only work giving an account of the principal living fainter*

of all countries.

BLAKE'S WORKS.—A Series of Reproductions in Facsimile of the

Works of William Ulare, including the " Songs of Innocence and Experience,"

"The Book. of Thel," "America," "The Vision of the Daughters of Albion,"

"The Marriage of Heaven and Hell," " Europe, a Prophecy," "Jerusalem,"

"Milton," "Urizen/' "The Song of Los," &c. These Works will be issued both

coloured and plain. \lnpreparation.

"Blake is a real name, I assure you, and a most extraordinary man he is, if he

still be living. He is the Blake whose wild designs accompany a splendid edition

of Blair's Grave.' He paints in water-colours marvellous strange pictures—

visions of his brain—which he averts he has seen. They have great merit. I

must look upon him as one of the most extraordinary persons of the age."— Chaeles


BLANCHARD'S (Laman) POEMS. Now first Collected. Edited, with a Life of the Author (including numerous hitherto unpublished Letters from Lord Lvtton, I.amii, Dicrens, Rorert Browning, and others), by Blanchasd Jeerold. Crown 8vo, cloth extra. [Inpreparation.

BOCCACCIO'S DECAMERON; or, Ten Days' Entertainment. Translated into English, with Introduction by Thomas Wright, Esq., M.A., F.S.A. With Portrait after Kai'haet., and Stothaud's beautiful Copperplates. Crown 8vo, cloth extra, gilt, 7*. 6d.

BOLTON'S SONG BIRDS OF GREAT BRITAIN. Illustrated with Figures, the size of Life, of both Male and Female ; of their Nests and Eggs, Food, Favourite Plant*, Shrubs, Trees, &c. &c. Two Vols. in One, royal 4to, containing 80 beautifully Coloured Plates, half-Roxburghe, ^3 13*. 6a.

BOOKSELLERS, A HISTORY OF. Including the Story of the Rise and Progress of the Great Publishing Houses, in London and the Provinces, and of their greatest Works. By Harrv CurWen. Crown 8vo, with Frontispiece and numerous Portraits and Illustrations, cloth extra, jt. ,,!. "In these days, ten ordinary Histories of Kings and Courtiers were well exchanged against the tenth part of one good History of Booksellers.*'—Thomas Caelylr.

"This stout little book is unquestionably amusing. Ill-starred, indeed, must be the reader who, opening it anywhere, lights upon six consecutive pages within the entire compass of which some good anecdote or smart repartee is not to be found." —Saturday Review.

BOUDOIR BALLADS : Vers de Socicte. By J. Ashey Sterry. Crown 8vo, cloth extra. [In preparation.

BRET HARTE'S CHOICE WORKS in Prose and Poetry. With Introductory Essay by J. M. Bellsw, Portrait of the Author, and 50 Illustrations. Crown 8vo, cloth extra, 7*. 6d.

BREWSTER'S (Sir David) MARTYRS OF SCIENCE. A New Edition, in small crown 8vo, cloth extra, gilt, with full-page Portraits, 4t.6d.


the Creed of the Philosopher and the Hope of the Christian. A New Edition, in small crown 8v#, cloth extra, gilt, with full-page Astronomical Plates, 4s. 6d.

BRIC-A-BRAC HUNTER (The); or. Chapters on Chinamania. By Major H. Byng Hall. With Photographic Frontispiece. Crown 8vo, cloth, full gilt (from a special and novel design), Iox. 6d.

BRITISH ESSAYISTS (The): viz., "Spectator," "Tatler," "Guardian," "Rambler," "Adventurer," "Idler," and "Connoisseur." Complete in Three thick Vols , 8vo, with Portrait, cloth extra, £1 7*.

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