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ant, in the county of Hamilton, to issue bonds and subscribe and take, for said towns, capital stock in the Gloversville, Mayfield and Northville Railroad Company."

"An act to enable incorporated rural cemeteries to acquire title to lands where the owner or owners are unwilling to sell, or where the company cannot agree upon the value thereof."

"An act declaring certain lands not exempt from taxation, and providing for the payment of the taxes due thereon from the years 1863 to 1868, inclusive.”

"An act for the relief of James Gallagber.” "An act to legalize the acts of Francis Hamilton, a notary public." "An act to incorporate the New Amsterdam Savings Bank of the city of New York."

"An act for the relief of Patterson Freeman, assignee of John White..” "An act relative to savings banks."

“An act to authorize the boards of supervisors of the counties of Oswego and Onondaga, to raise money to complete the payments for the construction of a bridge across the Oneida river, known as Schroeppel's bridge."

"An act to incorporate the Milton Ferry Company.'

“An act to alter the commissioners' map of the city of Brooklyn, and to provide for the improving of and widening of Middle street, in said city, and changing the name of the same."

"An act to incorporate The St. Francis Monastery' of the city of Brooklyn.”

Ordered, That the Clerk return said bills to the Assembly.

The Assembly returned the following entitled bills, with a message that they had passed the same, without amendment:

"An act authorizing the placing of an obstruction at the intersection of Big Ditch with the Wallkill river."

"An act to incorporate the People's Mutual Warehousing and Security Company."

"An act to change the boundaries of the First and Second wards of the city of Albany, and to define and establish the boundaries thereof."

"An act in relation to mortgages executed by railroad companies."

An act to confirm the title of the Excelsior Fire Insurance Company to certain real estate in the city of Brooklyn.”

"An act to prevent encroachments upon graveyards."

"An act to authorize the supervisor of the town of Lowville, Lewis county, to purchase burial lots."

"An act to provide for the appointment of an additional inspector and measurer of lumber and timber, and of boats and their cargoes, at Oswego."

"An act authorizing the Syracuse, Fayetteville and Manlius Railroad Company to transfer all its rights, franchises and property to the Syracuse and Chenango Valley Railroad Company."

"An act to provide a manual for the mayor, aldermen and commonalty of the city of New York, and to defray the expense thereof."

"An act to incorporate the International Dock Company."

"An act to amend an act entitled 'An act to encourage and facilitate the construction of a railroad along the valley of the Upper Hudson, into the wilderness in the northern part of this State, and the development of the resources thereof, passed April 27, 1863, and for the relief of the Adirondack Company formed under said act.”

“An act to amend and consolidate the several acts relating to the preservation of moose, wild deer, birds and fresh water fish, passed May 13, 1867."

"An act in relation to a system of sewerage in and for the city of Syracuse."

"An act to authorize Lewis Runyon to establish and maintain a ferry across the Seneca lake, at Lodi Landing."

"An act to provide for the completion of the improvement of Third street, in the city of Brooklyn, and for the collection of the expense thereof."

Ordered, That the Clerk deliver said bills to the Governor. A message from the Assembly was received and read, in the words following:

IN ASSEMBLY, May 6, 1868. Resolved, (if the Senate concur,) That the Legislature adjourn sine die, at 21 o'clock P. M., By order.

C. W. ARMSTRONG, Clerk. By unanimous consent, the rules were suspended and said resolution ordered considered immediately.

The President put the question whether the Senate would agree to said resolution, and it was decided in the affirmative.

Ordered, That the Clerk return said resolution to the Assembly, with a message informing that the Senate have concurred in the passage of the same, without amendment.

Mr. Kennedy moved that the Senate take a recess until 2:25 o'clock,

this day.

P. M.

The President put the question whether the Senate would agree to said motion, and it was decided in the affirmative.

Whereupon the Senate took a recess until 2:25 o'clock, P. M.


The Senate again met.
Mr. Folger offered the following resolution:

Resolved, That a committee of two be appointed to wait upon His Excellency the Governor, and inform him that the Senate has completed its business, and is now ready to adjourn.

The President put the question whether the Senate would agree to said resolution, and it was decided in the affirmative.

The President appointed as such committee, Messrs. Folger and Tweed. Mr. Palmer offered the following resolution:

Resolved, That Messrs. Bradley and Stanford, be appointed a committee to wait upon the Assembly and inform them that the Senate has completed its business, and is now ready to adjourn.

The President put the question whether the Senate would agree to baid motion, and it was decided in the affirmative.

Mr. Folger, from the committee appointed to wait upon His Excellency the Governor, reported that they had discharged that duty, and that His Excellency was pleased to inform them that he had no further communication to make.

Mr. Bradley, from the committee appointed to wait upon the Honorable the Assembly, reported that they had performed that duty.

The hour of 2:30 having arrived, the President rose and addressed the Senate. Whereupon the Senate adjourned sine die.


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Abortions, bill to amend Revised Statntes, in relation to criminal, 334
Accord Lodge No. 421, Independent Order of Odd Fellows, act to
change number of......

....105, 126, 175, 179, 185, 785
Adams, village of, act supplementary to an act to make a valid
corporation of.....

..377, 864, 910, 924, 938, 978
Addison, village of, act providing for the election of police justice
and constable in, &c.....

.69, 126, 154, 166, 172
Adirondack Company, act for relief of, and to facilitate construc-
tion of railroad along the valley of Upper Hudson....410, 456, 515

522, 558, 559, 1029, 1058, 1108
Adirondack to Saranac, bill to repeal act to construct road from..

Adjournment of Legislature, concurrent resolutions for....30, 36, 132

140, 150, 155, 629, 935, 1026, 1074, 1081, 1109
Administrators and executors, to enable to maintain actions, &c.

(See "Executors.")
bill in relation to proof of wills, &c. (See “Wills.”)
bill to amend powers and duties of, and rights of, with
will annexed.....

Advertisements, act for suppression of obscene, &c. .78, 144, 194, 219

224, 227, 768, 810, 844, 923
Affidarits, bill to authorize commissioners of United States court to
take ...

....44, 52, 392
Afton, petition for free bridge across the Susquehanna river at... 484

act for construction of......490, 530, 592, 597, 600, 606, 785
Agricultural Society, New York State, communication from, for

relief to heirs of Chauncey E. Goodrich ............. 156
communication from, asking for appropriation to continue

investigation of causes of abortion among cows...... 156

concurrent resolution for printing Transactions of...604, 974
Albany, city of, act for bridge across Hudson river at. (See

Hudson river.")
act to provide for additional supply of water in..171, 178, 184

279, 284
act to amend act to incorporate Young Men's Associa-
tion of ......

...180, 210
act to incorporate Exempt Firemen's Association of, and
in relation to the fire department fund of....,181, 326, 330

470, 514, 524, 542, 588


Albany, city of, act to incorporate Excelsior Temple of Honor No.
23, of........

..263, 422, 514, 522, 536, 540
bill to amend act to combine into one act the several acts
relative to.......

...410, 882
act to regulate use of certain docks in. ...575, 598, 670, 693

702, 706, 905, 924, 935
act to incorporate West Albany Mechanics' Relief Asso-

ciation of. (See "West Albany.")
bill to provide for organization and government of police
force of......

...766, 871
act to reduce width of De Witt street in... 783, 872, 910, 945
act to change boundaries of First and Second wards in.. 910

924, 937, 1108
act to authorize West Station M. E. Church to change its

name to Trinity M. E. Church... ..1056, 1074, 1080
act relating to buildings in....

Albany, city and county of, bill to exempt from operation of act to

suppress intemperance, &c. ...
Albany Commercial Warehouse Company, act to incorporate, 634, 805

828, 843
Albany, county of, bill to more fully develop certain agricultural
lands in ....

..767, 876
bill to amend act in relation to courts in..

Albany Iron Manufacturing Company, act to extend time for
organization of.......

...837, 838, 841, 844, 849, 1088
Albany National Savings Bank, act to incorporate....38, 48, 224, 419

509, 519, 527, 860
petition for.....

Albany and Stephentown, bill for construction of railroad between, 65
Albany and Susquehanna railroad, petitions for State aid to..108, 357

407, 420, 445, 509, 589
act to provide for completion of.....353, 405, 974, 1003, 1021
Albany Synod, act to incorporate trustees of.. 273, 571, 594, 630, 639
Albany Union Foundry Company, act to incorporate, 646, 889, 912, 924
Albany Woman's Aid Association, act to incorporate..906, 956, 967, 1000
Albion, town of, bill to authorize election of additional justice of
the peace in.....

Albion, village of, act to authorize construction of vertical wall in,

on Erie canal. (See " Medina.")
act to legalize proceedings of trustees and assessors of.. 765

828, 872, 896
Alienism, act to confirm title to persons to real estate, by reason

of. (See “Real estate.”)
Allegany county, act to facilitate construction of railroad through, 1012

1053, 1054, 1066
Almond, town of, act to authorize, to raise money by tax for erec-

tion of academy and town hall in..329, 331, 418, 446, 460, 462, 496
American Bureau of Mines, act to amend charter of, 568, 589, 771, 795
American citizens abroad, concurrent resolutions relative to...


American Institute, bill to secure building site for ..... ..526, 738

concurrent resolution to print Transactions of...... 604, 975
American Security and Warehousing Company, bill to incorporate, 172

American Printing House and University for the Blind, act to

incorporate board of trustees of....161, 183, 313, 415, 423, 436, 444

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