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of chapter one hundred, of the revised statutes of one thousand
eight hundred and forty-six, be and the same are hereby
amended so as to read as follows:

Sec. 3. Issues joined in any civil action at law, whether of
fact or of law, may, upon the written consent of the parties,
filed with the clerk, or upon their oral consent in open court, be
referred to such person or such three persons as may be agreed
upon by the parties, or appointed by the court in case the par-
ties fail to agree.

Sec. 4. When the parties do not consent, the court may, upon consent the the motion of either, or upon its own motion, direct a like point. reference in either of the following cases:

First When the trial of an issue of fact shall require the examination of mutual accounts, or of a long account on one side only, or where the taking of an account shall be necessary for the information of the court before judgment; but no such case shall be referred if either party shall, within ten days after the joining issue, file with the clerk a written demand for a trial by jury.

Second. When a question of fact other than upon the pleadings

shall arise, upon motion or otherwise, either before or after Application the judgment; and the circuit judge, in vacation, may, by an in vacation order under his hand, direct such a reference on the written

application of either party, which application, with notice of
the time and place, within the county where the cause is pend-
ing, when and where the same will be presented, shall be served
on the opposite party or his attorney, for such length of time
before presentation as shall be required by the rules of the
circuit courts for notices of special motions.

Sec. 5. The trial by such referees shall be conducted in the conducted. same manner as a trial by the court; they shall have the same

power to administer oaths, to issue process to compel the atreferees.

tendance of witnesses, to grant continuances, to preserve order,
and to punish all violations thereof, and if any witness shall
fail to attend before such referee or referees, after being duly
summoned or subpoenaed, according to the practice of the


to appoint

Trial by ref. arees, how

Powers of

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court, or being present, shall refuse to be sworn or to testify, such referee, or referees, if in term time, may certify the facts to the court, or if in vacation, to any judge of the circuit court at chambers, and such court or judge may thereupon, if the facts certified shall appear to warraut it, punish such witness Contempt of as for a contempt of court, in the same manner as the court punished. could do if the witness had committed such contempt before such court. When more than one is appointed, they must all be forces all meet to hear proofs, arguments, and to deliberate; but a de- of. cision of the majority shall be regarded as their decision. The circuit judge may, by an order under his hand, filed with the clerk, discharge any referee on cause shown by affidavit, Diecharge of and may, in like mamer, fill any vacancy that may occur in their Vacancy. number, or may direct the reference to proceed and be concluded without filling any such vacancy He shall, in like manner, Judge may

com ela re have power, on cause shown, to make an order for expediting port the proceedings before referees, and to compel a report or the signing of a bill of exceptions.

Sec. 6. The referees shall report to the court in writing, Report, showing therein the facts found, and the conclusions of law separately; and such report may be filed in term time or in vacation, and shall stand as the finding of the court in term time, unless excepted to, and judgment may Le entered thereon in Judgment the same manner as if the action had been tried by the court.

Sec. 7. When the referees shall file their report, the clerk On fling the shall, without delay, give notice thereof, in writing, to the re-elek to no.

tify the par. spective parties, or their attorneys, in the manner provided for ties. the service of notices in the circuit court, and immediately endorse on said report, under his hand, his certificate of the giving Certificate of such notice, and the time when the same was given, which certificate shall have the same effect as evidence as the return Effect of. of service of an original writ by a sheriff; and either party, within ten days after receiving such notice, may file with the Exceptions

filed, copy clerk exceptions in writing to any conclusion of law in such servei report, and shall serve a copy of such exceptions on the opposite party, and exceptions being filed and served as afuresaid,

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en'ered thereon.

report, the

of notice.







Notice for the case may be noticed for argument before the court, on such

exceptions, on any day in term, on same notice as shall be

requisite for special motions; but it shall not be necessary for When ex' the parties to file exceptions to the report, in order to obtain a nood not be review of any ruling of the referees embodied in a bill of ex

ceptions, settled as provided by the next section. Exceptions Sec. 8. Either party, on the hearing before the referees, shall to ruling of

be entitled to take exceptions to any ruling of the referees, in the same manner as on trial in open court; and in case exceptions are so taken, the parties respectively shall be notified by the referees of the time and place when and where they will

meet to complete their report, at which time they shall be inBill ofercep formed of the conclusions of the referees; and the party so ex

cepting, may then, or previous to such time as the referees shall then adjourn to, prepare a bill of exceptions, which shall be

settled by the referees on such adjourned day, and shall then How review be annexed to and filed with their report, and a review thereof

may be bad in the same manner as of exceptions to the report. Report may Sec. 9. On the hearing of such bills of exceptions, or upon or set aside. exceptions to the report, or both, the circuit court may confirm

or set aside such report, in whole or in part, and in its discretion refer the case back to the referees, or enter judgment thereon; and in case that judgment shall be entered thereon,

error may be brought on such judgment as in other cases, in be brought

which case the bill of exceptions, if any, the report and the exceptions to the report, shall be considered as forming a part of the record in the case, and the finding of facts by the referees shall be treated as a special verdict.

Sec 10. The referees shall be entitled to call the parties as be witnesses

witnesses in the case on which the court might call them, if the hearing were in open court; and in all cases where motions are referred, the referees shall be entitled, at their option, to call

and examine the parties and their witnesses personally, instead Commis'ion of bearing the motion on affidavits; and commissions may be ing testimo obtained for the taking of testimony to be used on hearings

before referees, in the same manner as on trials in open court.

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Sec. 11. The referees shall be allowed such compensation for Compou. their services as the court may deem just, which shall be taxed erees. as a part of the costs in the cause, or the parties and the referees, by stipulations to be annexed to the report, may agree on the rate of compensation to be made to the referees; and in Certificato every case each referee shall append to, and return with the re. ponded. port, a certificate under his hand, setting forth the time actually expended by him in the business of such reference: Provided, Provino. That six hours shall be considered as one day, and three hours one-half day, for the purpose of fixing the time employed by any referee upon such reference; and whenever a referee shall fail to report, certify, and return, as aforesaid, the time employed Effect of fail

ure to rep'rt by him in any reference, he shall be deemed to have waived all time ex

pended. compensation for his services as such referee: And provided further, that whenever a stipulation in writing, as aforesaid, Stipulation shall be made between the parties and the referees, fixing the sation. compensation, such stipulation shall be attached to, and returned with the report, and the court shall allow the compensation so fixed, and no other.

Approved March 11, 1861.

or compen

[ No. 120.) AN ACT to amend an act entitled “an act to organize the Mich

igan Asylum for the Insane, and more effectually to provide for the care, maintenance and recovery of the insane.

Section 1. The People of the State of Michigan enact, That sections four and twenty-four of an act entitled an act to or. Sections

amended. ganize the Michigan Asylum for the Insane, and more effectually to provide for the care, maintenance and recovery of the insane," approved February fourteenth, eighteen hundred and fifty-nine, being act one hundred and sixty-four of session laws of eighteen hundred and fifty-nine, be and the same are hereby BO amended as to read as follows: Sec. 4. The trustees shall appoint a medical superintendent, Trustees to

appoins who shall be a well educated physician, experienced in the corn.


gane, pro


treatment of the insane, and a treasurer, who shall give bonds for the faithful performance of his trust, in such sum and with such sureties as the Auditor General of the State shall approve. They shall also appoint, upon the nomination of the medical superintendent, a steward and chaplain, and also, in the same manner, an assistant physician and a matron, both of whom, and the medical superintendent himself, shall constantly reside

in the asylum. Iodigeot in Sec. 24. When a person in indigent circumstances, not a ched og in pauper, becomes insane, application may be made in his behalf

to the probate judge of the county where he resides, and
said probate judge shall call two respectable physicians and
other credible witnesses, and also immediately notify the pros-
ecuting attorney of his county of the time and place of meeting,
whose duty it shall be to attend the examination and act in
behalf of said county; and said probate judge shall fully in-
vestigate the facts in the case, and either with or without the
verdict of a jury, at his discretion, as to the question of in.
sanity, shall decide the case as to his indigence; and if the
probate judge certifies that satisfactory proof has been adduced
showing him insane, and his estate is insufficient to support
him and his family, or if he has no family, himself, under the
visitation of insanity, on his certificate, authenticated by the
county clerk and seal of the circuit or district court, he sball
be admitted into the asylum, and supported there at the expense
of said county until he shall be restored to soundness of mind,
if effected in two years, and until removed by order of the board
of supervisors. The probate judge in such case shall have power
to compel the attendance of witnesses and jurors, and shall file
the certificates of the physicians, taken under oath, and other
papers, with a report of his proceedings and decision, with the
clerk of the county, and report the fact to the supervisors,
whose duty it shall be, at the next annual meeting, to raise the
money requisite to meet the expenses of support accordingly.

Sec. 2. This act shall take effect immediately.
Approved March 11, 1861.

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