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performance of such duties; to each alderman of said city, as such, a sum not exceeding one dollar per annum; to the city auditor, a sum not exceeding fifty dollars; to the city attorney, a sum not exceeding one hundred dollars per annum; and they may also establish the fee or salary to be paid to all other officers appointed by them, whose fees are not prescribed by law, and whose compensation for services is required to be paid from the city treasury.

Sec. 6. Section ninety-four of said act is hereby amended 80 as to read follows:

Sec. 94. For the purpose of defraying the expenses and all Tax. liabilities incurred by said city, and paying the same, the common council may raise annually, by tax levied upon the real and personal property within said city, such sum as they may deem necessary, not exceeding three-fourths of one per cent. on the valuation of such real and personal estate within the limits of said city, according to the valuation thereof, taken from the assessment roll of the year preceding the levying of such tax; and the sum or sums so to be raised shall be apportioned between the several wards of said city, in the manner in this act provided.

Sec. 7. Section one hundred and four of said act is hereby amended so as to read as follows:

Sec. 104. It shall be the duty of the Auditor General, on State land 6. recept by him of the returns of the treasurer of the county of Ingham, of lands in said county delinquent for the non-payment of taxes assessed thereon, to cause to be credited to the said city of Lansing all city taxes remaining unpaid upon so much of the property in said city, so returned, as shall have been assessed as "State lands," as provided in section ninety-nine of this act, and within ten days after such return shall have been made to him, to cause to be made out, certified and delivered to the Commissioner of the State Land Office, a correct list of all such State lands, together with the taxes assessed thereon, so returned to him as aforesaid; and the amount of all such city taxes, so credited to said city as in this section provided, shall


be paid to the treasurer of said city by the State Treasurer whenever required by the city treasurer, and the Auditor Gen. eral shall draw his warrant on the State Treasurer therefor.

Sec. 8. Section forty-three of said act is hereby amended so as to read as follows:

Sec. 43. majority of the common council shall be a quorum Two-thirds for the transaction of business, but no tax or assessment shall vote requir: ed to order be ordered except by a two-thirds vote of all the members of a .

said common council elect; nor shall any appointment of any officer, under this act, be made, except by a majority vote of all the members of said council elect, by and with the consent of the mayor; and the common council shall prescribe the rules for its proceedings.

Sec. 9. Section one hundred and twelve of said act is hereby

amended so as to read as follows: Highways. Sec. 112. The common council of the city of Lansing shall

have full power to lay out, establish, open, extend, widen, straighten, alter, elose, fill in or grade, vacate or abolish any highways, streets, avenues, lanes, alleys, public grounds or spaces in said city, except public grounds belonging to or do

nated by the State, whenever they shall deem it a necessary Private pro public improvement, and private property may be taken there

taken for; but the necessity for using such property, the just comDamages.

pensation to be made for the same, and the damages accruing to any person from the making of said improvements, shall be ascertained in the same manner, as near as may be, as such necessity, compensation and damages, are or may be hereafter ascertained in the townships of this state, and for all purposes connected with the streets of said city, the common council shall possess the powers of the highway commissioners of townships.

Sec. 10. Section one hundred and forty-three of said act is hereby amended so as to read as follows:

Sec. 143. The duties to be performed by the marshal of said stables may act as mar: city, in case of the inability of such marshal, whether by ab

sence, sickness, or interest in the subject matter of the pro

When con


alter or dis

ceedings, may be performed by either of the constables of said city.

Sec. 11. Section one hundred and forty-seven of said act is hereby amended so as to read as follows: Sec. 147 The common council shall have the same power, in

council may relation to laying out and establishing, opening, extending, con tinte

any street, widening, straightening, altering or discontinuing any street, do? highway, lane or alley, in said city, which the commissioners of highways in townships have or may hereafter receive in re• lation to town highways, and they shall adopt the same pro- Proceedings

thereon. ceedings to effect such object, as near as may be, as the commissioners of highways in the townships are or may be by law required to adopt, and appeals may be taken to the circuit court for the county of Ingham in like manner, as far as practicable, as appeals are now or may hereafter, by law, be taken for the decisions of highway commissioners in townships; and the said cireuit court is hereby authorized and empowered to hear and determine appeals.

Sec. 12. Section one hundred and ninety-six of said act is hereby amended so as to read as follows:

Sec. 196. The court held by the recorder shall be known in Recorder's law as and by the name of "the recorder's court of the city of Lansing," and shall have an appropriate seal, which shall be provided by the recorder, and kept by the c!erk thereof, who shall keep a record of the proceedings of the said court. Sec. 13. Sections one hundred and thirteen, one hundred and Sections re

pealed fourteen, one hundred and fifteen, one hundred and sixteen, one hundred and seventeen, one hundred and eighteen, one hundred and nineteen, one hundred and twenty, one hundred and twentyone, one hundred and twenty-two, one hundred and twentythree, one hundred and twenty-four, one hundred and twentyfive, one hundred and twenty-six, one hundred and twentyseven, one hundred and twenty-eight, one hundred and twentypine, one hundred and thirty, one hundred and thirty-one, one hundred and thirty-two, one hundred and thirty-three, one hundred and thirty-four, one hundred and thirty-five, one hundred


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New sec. tions.

and thirty-six, one hundred and thirty-seven, one hundred and thirty-eight, one hundred and thirty-nine, one hundred and forty, one hundred and forty-one, one hundred and forty-two, one hundred and forty-four, two hundred and fifty-two, ninety, and one hundred and ninety-three, of the said act amended, are hereby repealed.

Sec. 14. There shall be added to said act hereby amended, four new sections, to stand as sections two hundred and fiftyfive, two hundred and fifty-six, two hundred and fifty-seven and

two hundred and fifty-eight, to wit: Bridges. Sec. 255. All bridges over the Grand, Cedar and Sycamore

rivers, within the limits of said city, shall be built and kept in repair by and at the expense of said city. The common council of said city is hereby authorized to levy, assess and collect, in addition to all other taxes, a sufficient amount of tax, annually, for that purpose, which tax shall be known and designated as

“bridge tax," and shall be used for no other purpose. Torm of pre

Sec. 256. All officers now holding office in said city, shall sent officers.

hold the same for the term for which they were elected.

Sec. 257. The city of Lansing shall constitute one school district from and after the day this act takes effect, and each ward shall, at every annual election on the first Monday in April, elect one member of the board of education, who shall hold his office for three years; but at the election on the first Monday in April, eighteen hundred and sixty-one, there shall be three of said members elected in each ward for one, two and three years, respectively, whose respective terms shall be so designated on

the ballots, and they shall not receive any compensation for Body corpo. their services. The said members shall be a body corporate by

the name and syle of “the board of education of the city of Lansing,” and by that name may be sued, and shall be subject to all the laws of this State, relative to corporations that may be applicable thereto. They shall succeed to and be entitled to demand all moneys and other rights belonging to the present school districts in said city, and all real or personal property or other rights of such districts, or in the possession or control of

Board of ed. ucation.


any person for such districts, and all moneys or other property shall be held by said board and used and expended solely for the benefit of common school or schools within said city; said board shall also cause to be paid all the debts and demands that may be existing against the present districts in said city. A majority of all the members shall constitute a quorum, and Quorum. said board shall meet from time to time at such place in said city as they may designate. They may elect from their number a president and clerk. The treasurer of said city shall be exofficio treasurer of said board; he shall keep the school moneys separate from all other funds, and he shall not pay out or expend any school or library moneys except upon the order of said board, signed by the president and clerk thereof; he shall report to the board the condition of the school fund whenever requested by them. The said board shall keep a record of their pro- Record of

proceedings. ceedings, which shall be signed by the president and clerk; and any proceedings of said board, certified by their president and clerk, shall be evidence of the facts therein contained. The recorder's court of said city shall have jurisdiction of all pros-Jurisdiction

of recorder's ecutions for the violation of the by-laws and ordinances passed court, by said board. The said board of education shall have full board of ed

ucation power and authority, and it shall be their duty:

To purchase sites and huild school-houses;
To establish a high school in said city;

To appoint from their own number, or some taxable elector Superinten and freeholder of said city, a superintendent of the schools in said city, under the charge of said board, with such salary, not exceeding one dollar per day when in actual service, and with such powers and duties as said board may prescribe;

To establish a school library in said city, and designate the Library. place or places where the same shall be kept, and to appoint a librarian, who shall not be entitled to any compensation for services as such librarian;

To apply for and receive from the county or city treasurer or Primary other officers, all moneys appropriated or belonging to the pri

Powers of


school fund.

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