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preceeding section shall not apply to any mortgage executed before this act shall take effect.

Approved March 16, 1861.

[ No. 249. ] AN ACT to amend act number one hundred and forty-four of

the session laws of eighteen hundred and fifty-nine, being an act to amend act number twenty-one of session laws of eighteen hundred fifty-eight, it being an act to amend act number sixty-three of session laws of eighteen hundred and fifty-seven, entitled an act to lay out and establish a State road in the counties of Sanilac and Tuscola.

Section 1. The People of the State of Michigan enact, That Appropriae, section two of act number forty-four of the session laws of tion of taxes

eighteen hundred and fifty-nine, be and the same is hereby amended so as to read as follows: For the purpose of relieving the holders of orders drawn by the commissioner of said road on the county treasurer, there shall be appropriated all such of the non-resident highway tax as not otherwise appropriated for the year eighteen hundred and sixty-one, and four years thereafter, as may be collected upon any legal subdivision of land, an equal or greater part of which shall be within two lines running parallel with said road, one mile each way from the center of said road; and the whole of the non-resident highway taxes in township twelve north, of ranges twelve, thirteen and fourteen east, shall be appropriated for the payment of said orders during the full term, or until said orders are redeemed, and the balance, if any, may be appropriated for the improvement of said road in the manner aforesaid.

Approved March 16, 1801

[ No. 250.]

AN ACT to amend sections one and two of an act entitled "an act to amend certain sections of an act to establish a house of correction for juvenile offenders, approved February tenth, eighteen hundred and fifty five," which act hereby amended was approved February tenth, eighteen hundred and fifty


SECTION 1. The People of the State of Michigan enact, That sections one and two of the act entitled "an act to amend cer- Act amended. tain sections of an act entitled an act to establish a house of correction for juvenile offenders, approved February tenth, eighteen hundred and fifty-five," which act is hereby amended was approved February tenth, eighteen hundred and fifty-seven, be and the same is hereby amended so as to read as follows:

Sec. 1. That sections ten and twelve of the act to establish a house of correction for juvenile offenders, [approved February tenth, eighteen hundred and fifty-five,] be and the same are hereby amended so as to read as follows:

fenders to

till 21 years

Sec. 10. From and after the time said institution shall be Certain ofready for the reception of offenders, every male person under the be sentenced age of sixteen years and over the age of seven years, who shall of age. be convicted before any competent court or magistrate for any offense punishable by law by fine or imprisonment, or both, and who, in the opinion of such court or magistrate, would be a fit subject for commitment to the reform school, except in the case of offenses punishable by law with imprisonment for life, may be sentenced and committed by such court or magistrate to the reform school until he shall reach the age of twenty-one years, or until discharged by law or the provisions of this act; and every such court or magistrate shall certify to the superin- Age to be tendent of said reform school the age of all persons so committed, as near as can be ascertained by any competent evidence, with the cause of such commitment: Provided, That all Reviewal of judgment judgments and commitments rendered and made under this act by circuit by police courts and justices of the peace, shall, upon a reviewal court. by the proper circuit or probate judge of the proceedings and testimony taken on the trial, be approved, and that if such sen


or probate

Thore com

m 'ted to be

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tence be disapproved, such police court or justice is hereby authorized to pass sentence as in other cases punished by law.

Sec. 12 Each and every boy under the age of sixteen years di cipl ned, who shall be legally committed to said school, as provided in the foregoing section, shall be kept disciplined, instructed and employed, and governed under the direction of the board of control of said school, until he either be reformed and discharged, or be bound out by said board of control, or until he When board shall have arrived at the age of twenty-one years; but it shall may turn be the duty of said board of control, and they shall have power to return any boy to the authorities of the county or city from which he shall have been received, who the said board of control may deem to be an improper subject for their care and management, or who shall be found to be incorrigible, or whose continuance in the school they may deem prejudicial to the management and discipline thereof, or who, in their judgment, ought for any other cause to be returned from said school; and in every such case it shall be the duty of said board of control bet amit to transmit to the court or magistrate by whom the said boy was committed to said school, a statement of the reasons of said discharge, and it shall be the duty of the authorities of the city or county to whom said boy shall be returned, to produce such boy before the court or magistrate, or successor of such magistrate by whom such boy was committed, as soon as the same can reasonably be done; and such court or magistrate shall have power thereon to make such order, and have such proceedings as would have been legal in the first instance, and would have been made or had in case the boy had not been sent to the said reform school.

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And Gen'l to d⋅aw

Sec. 2 The Auditor General is hereby authorized and requir warrant for ed to draw his warrant on the State Treasurer for such sums

our entex


as the board of control of said house of correction shall from time to time direct, but such sums so drawn at any one time shall not exceed two thousand dollars, and no further sum shall be drawn until satisfactory vouchers are presented to and allowed by the board of State auditors for the amount pre

viously drawn: Provided, That the amounts so drawn shall not in any case exceed the amount appropriated for that purpose. Approved March 16, 1861.

[No. 251. ]

AN ACT to provide a military force.

Whereas, Certain States have resolved to secede from the federal Union, have forcibly seized upon the arsenals, forts, cus- Preamble.' tom houses, navy yards and other public property of the general government, and have willfully fired upon and insulted the flag of the United States, and are now in continued defiance of the federal laws, by which open rebellion and a state of war actually exists; And whereas, This State, as one of the loyal States of the Union, ought to be prepared to meet this public emergency, and to aid in sustaining the American Union and the federal laws and authority; therefore,


to muster two gi

men's into


SECTION 1. The People of the State of Michigan enact, That the Governor is hereby authorized and empowered to accept authorized and muster into the military service of the State, the volunteer uniformed militia, and in case of deficiency in numbers of such volunteer uniformed militia, such of the enrolled militia as shall volunteer to be so mustered, and who, in conformity with the army regulations of the United States, would, in like cases, be musterable into the service of the United States, not to exceed twenty companies, which shall be organized into two regiments of ten companies each, by the commander-in-chief, who shall appoint and commission such field officers to each regiment as belong to a regiment of infantry in the United States service; the regiments so organized shall be subject, upon the order of the commander-in-chief, to be first used in case of actual hostilities, or to be transferred to the military service of the general government, whenever required by the President.


Sec. 2. Minors may be mustered on the written consent of Miners, how their parents or guardians, and those having no parents or


may disband.

Persons mustered


The force to


guardians may be mustered on the written consent of a justice

of the peace of the township or city where, for the time being, Term of ser said minor resides; the term of service shall be for at least

three months, but for no longer a term than three years, or

wbile the exigency for which they were called out shall exist, Governor in the discretion of the Governor; but the Governor may dis- .

band one or both of such regiments, at any time after the expiration of three months, unless they shall have been previously mustered into the service of the United States, if, in his opinion, their services shall no longer be required either by the State or by the United States.

Sec. 3. All and every person enlisted and mustered into said into service service, shall, so far as the same may be applicable, be subject subject to army regu to all the laws and regulations established for the government

of the army of the United States and of this State.

Sec. 4. Such force shall be immediately put on a course of be drilled,

drill and instruction at such points, and devote such time to that object, as shall be directed by the commander-in-chief, and for that purpose shall meet for drill and instruction not more

than ten days in each month, unless otherwise ordered; and Cora pensa. each member shall receive pay at the rate of one dollar per

day for the time actually employed in such military drill and exercises, and transportation to and from any regimental rendezvous ordered by the commander-in-chief, at the rate of fire cents per mile.

Sec. 5. In order to settle and adjust the pay rolls, the captain be kept.

or commanding officer of each company shall keep an accurate time book, setting forth the number of hours each member of his company has been engaged in drill and military exercises

for each week, a copy of which, with an affidavit that the same To be pre. is just and true, shall be transmitted to the Adjutant General,

who shall lay the same before the State military board; upon the time tables so reported, the said board shall make up and adjust the amount severally due to each member of said companies, allowing for the number of hours actually employed, at the rate of eight hours for a days service; upon such adjust


Time book

sented to military board.

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