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copies to each organized township in this State, one copy for the use of the supervisor, and one for the township clerk, and shall also transmit one copy for each township and district library, and shall also transmit to the county clerk of each organized county in this State, seven copies for the use of the several county officers, and shall also transmit twenty copies to the mayor of each city, for the use of the city library. He shall also cause one hundred copies to be deposited in the State library of this State.

Sec. 3. The board of State auditors shall audit and allow such sums as they may deem proper for clerk hire in preparing the statistics for publication, and the amount by them certified to De due each individual shall be paid out of the State treasury on the warrant of the Auditor General.

Approved March 16, 1861.

[ No. 258. ]

AN ACT to prevent officers and clerks in the State land office and Auditor General's office from purchasing lands while in the employ of the State.

SECTION 1. The People of the State of Michigan enact, That Certain per- it shall be unlawful for any officer or clerk employed in the

Bons pro

hibited from State land office, or in the office of the Auditor General of this

purchasing lands

Purchases to be void

State, during the term of his service, or within three months after the discontinuance of such service, to purchase, either directly or indirectly, from the State, at either of said offices, any lands for sale at said offices, or either of them.

Sec. 2. Any purchases made in violation of the first section of this act shall be void.

Approved March 16, 1861.

[ No. 259. ]

AN ACT to amend an act entitled an act to establish graded and high schools, approved February fourteenth, one thousand eight hundred and fifty-nine, being act number one hundred and. sixty-one, session laws one thousand eight hundred and fifty-nine.


SECTION 1. The People of the State of Michigan enact, That sections one, two and five, of the act entitled an act to establish Section graded and high schools, approved February fourteenth, one thousand eight hundred and fifty-nine, shall be amended to read as follows:


Vote requ.

Sec. 1. Any school district containing more than one hundred District children between the ages of five and twenty years, may elect a district board consisting of six trustees: Provided, The dis-Two-thirds trict shall so determine at an annual meeting, by a vote of twothirds of the legal voters attending such meeting: Provided also, That the intention to take such vote shall be expressed in the notice of such annual meeting. When such a change in Notice. the district board shall have been voted, the voters at such annual meeting shall proceed immediately to elect from the qualified voters of the district, two trustees for a term of one Terms of of year, two for a term of two years, and two for a term of three years; and annually thereafter two trustees shall be elected, whose terms of office shall be three years, and until their suc cessors shall have been elected, and filed their acceptances.


be e'ec'ed

Sec. 2. Within ten days after their election, such trustees Officers to shall file with the director a written acceptance of the office to by board. which they have been elected, and shall annually elect from their own number a moderator, a director and assessor, and for cause may remove the same, and may appoint others of their own number in their places, who shall perform the duties prescribed by law for such officers in the primary school districts in this State, except as hereinafter provided. The trustees shall have power to fill any vacancy that may Vacancies. occur in their number, till the next annual meeting. Whenever, in any case, the trustees shall fail, through disa

When school inspectors

greement or neglect, to elect the officers named in this section, within twenty days next after the annual meeting, the school inspectors of the township or city to which such district makes its annual report, shall appoint the said officers from the number of said trustees.

Sec. 5. Whenever two or more contiguous districts, having to eppo.nt. together more than two hundred children between the ages of

five and twenty years, shall severally, by a vote of two-thirds of the qualified voters attending the annual meetings in said districts, determine to unite for the purpose of establishing graded or high schools, under the provisions of this act, the school inspectors of the township or townships in which such

districts may be situated, shall, on being properly notified of Union of dis- such vote, proceed to unite such districts, and shall appoint, as

soon as practicable, a time and place for a meeting of the new district, and shall require notices of the same to be posted in each of the districts so united at least five days belore the time of such meeting, and at such meeting the district shall elect a board of trustees, as provided in section 1 of this act, and njay do whatever business may be done at any annual meeting.

Approved March 16, 1861.



[ No. 260.). ANACT to amend chapter ten of the compiled laws in, relation

to certain duties and compensation of county surveyors. Section 1. The People of the State of Michigan enact, That chapter ten of the compiled laws be so amended that section

one hundred shall read as follows: Certain sur Sec. 100. Upon the application of any person, the county sur

veyor shall record, in a suitable book to be provided by him at the expense of the county, numbering it in the order of record

ing, the description of any survey made in his county, which Contents of shall set forth: The subdivision or subdivisions of the govern

ment survey upon which the survey was made; the date of making the survey, and the name of the person for whom it

veys to be recorded.


was made; and plainly describe all the outlines and corners of the subdivision, or (other) area thus described, in manner and form substantially as follows: beginning at a stake, corner, quarter or meandering stake, if it is one, and what one, and referring, by the usual abbreviation and figures, to such original bearing trees as were found, and to such others as were taken, and running,

First. In a given direction a given distance to a stake, nam. ing it, if it is namable, and referring to bearing trees, as before;

Second. In a given direction a given distance to a stake, naming and referring as before;

And so on throughout the entire outline of the subdivision, or other area thus described, to the place of beginning; and further set forth: The quantity of land contained in the subdivis. ion, or other area thus described; the variation of the compass, and that it has been allowed for in describing the outlines, and the name of the surveyor by whom the survey was made, and the name of his office, if he was the county surveyor or his deputy; to which book he shall make an index, referring to the Index to renumber of each record, the name of the person for whom it was made, and the subdivision or subdivisions upon which the survey was made; he shall also, upon application, furnish copies of any records in his office.

Sec. 2. Ánd section one hundred six shall be so amended as to read as follows:

Sec. 106. The county surveyor shall be entitled to receive a Compensacompensation not exceeding three dollars a day for surveying, veyor. including the time necessary for traveling to and from the work, and ten cents a folio for recording descriptions, and twenty-five cents for each linear mile represented for recording plats, and the same fees for copies of such records; he shall not be liable to prosecution in an action of trespass for entering Not liable

for trespass upon any lands in the discharge of his duties, and he shall adjudge his fees for serving, to be paid by all the parties inter-Foes, how ested therein in such manner as shall be just, and upon notice by the county surveyor that any such fees are due for sur


tion of sur


veying any land, the supervisor of the township shall assess the amount of said fees upon the said land, to be collected in the same manner as other taxes, and held subject to the order of the person named in the county surveyor's notice as being entitled to the same.

Approved March 16, 1861.

[ No. 261.]

AN ACT to attach certain unorganized townships to the county of Marquette.

SECTION 1. The People of the State of Michigan enact, That Territory at the territory designated on the United States surveys as town


ships fifty and fifty-one north, of range twenty-six west; town ships fifty, fifty-one and fifty-two north, of range twenty-seven west; townships fifty, fifty-one and fifty-two north, of range twenty-eight west, and townships fifty, fifty one and fifty-two north, of range twenty-nine west, be and the same are hereby attached to and made a part of the county of Marquette; and said territory shall be and constitute a part of the township of Marquette, in said county cf Marquette, until otherwise ordered by the board of supervisors of said county.

Approved March 16, 1861.

Atrachel for judicial purposes.

[ No. 263. ]

AN ACT to attach the county of Manitou to the county of
Mackinac for certain judicial purposes.

SECTION 1. The People of the State of Michigan enact, That the county of Manitou shall be and the same is hereby attached to the county of Mackinac for the purposes of the jurisdiction of the district court for the Upper Peninsula, sitting in said county, over the same, until other provision is made by law for holding a court in said county of Manitou, and said court shall have jurisdiction thereof.

Sec. 2. All process, writs, declarations and notices issued

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