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to pay such moneys borrowed, and to provide the relief hereby authorized.

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Sec. 2. It shall be the duty of the supervisor of each town-Supervisors ship, and of each supervisor, alderman, or other officer repre-ece senting any city or ward upon the board of supervisors of his county, from time to time, to make diligent inquiry in regard to the necessities and relief required by the family of any such commissioned or non-commissioned officer, musician or private; and in conducting such inquiries, it shall be his duty to consult with any voluntary committees of citizens, who may have heretofore taken, or who shall hereafter take action upon the subject. It shall be his duty to afford such temporary relief as Duty to at may from time to time be necessary, not excceding the sum ofiary reket. fifteen dollars per month to any one family, and may give orders upon the county treasurer of his county, payable out of any moneys appropriated for that purpose, or out of any moneys not otherwise appropriated, in case no appropriation has been made to defray the expense of such relief. In case of the death, Relief in while in the service of the United States, or of this State, of death of any such commissioned or non-commissioned officer, musician or private, his family shall be entitled, for one year after his decease, to the same measure of relief herein provided for. Sec. 3. It shall be lawful for the board of supervisors of any Volunteers family eles: county, at any meeting, to establish a separate fund, into which fud the moneys so borrowed, or collected by tax, shall be paid, and to direct the transfer of any moneys in the treasury not otherwise appropriated, at any time, to such fund; and it shall be the duty of such board to establish such separate fund whenever the crders upon the general fund, issued in such county, have been, for the period of six months, at an average discount of ten per centum. Whenever such separate fund shall have been established, it shall be known as the "volunteers' family relief fund," and all orders thereafter drawn shall be drawn payable out of such fund, unless the said board shall otherwise direct.

Sec. 4. The said boards of supervisors are hereby authorized


Rules and rezulations relative to expenditure

to adopt and enforce such rules and regulations as shall secure, as well the ascertainment of the relief required as the proper of money. expenditure of moneys for relief, and may require bonds or other securities from any agents or officers employed to dis burse any moneys, or otherwise to afford relief, and may require such reports, under oath or otherwise, as shall be deemed proper.

Relief independent of

ed poor per

Sec. 5. The relief hereby authorized to be afforded shall be that afford and remain separate from, and independent of, the relief, temporary or otherwise, afforded to poor persons under existing laws.


Sec. 6. This act shall take effect on the first day of June, eighteen hundred and sixty-one.

Approved May 10, 1861.


[ No. 3.]

AN ACT to make an appropriation to aid the Michigan State agricultural society.

SECTION 1. The People of the State of Michigan enact, That Appropria there be and is hereby appropriated, out of the treasury of this State, the sum of one thousand dollars each year for the years eighteen hundred and sixty-one and eighteen hundred and sixtytwo, to the Michigan State agricultural society, for the payment of premiums, to be paid by the State Treasurer to the treasurer of said society, on the warrant of the Auditor General: Provided, That the treasurer of said society shall, on or before the fifteenth day of October, in each year, make, subscribe and deposit with the Auditor General, his affidavit that said society has raised for the year the sum of fifteen hundred dollars by voluntary subscription and fees of membership.


Approved May 10, 1861.

[ No. 4. ]

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AN ACT to provide a tax for the interest on the war loan. SECTION 1. The People of the State of Michigan enact, That there shall be levied upon the taxable property of the State, for Tax author each of the years eighteen hundred and sixty one and eighteen hundred and sixty-two, in addition to all other taxes, the sum

of seventy thousand dollars, and the same is hereby appropriated for the payment of the interest on the war loan of the State, if so much shall be required; if not, the balance shall be and the same is hereby appropriated to the payment, from time to time, of the principal of such loan, in the manner provided in an act entitled "an act authorizing a war loan," passed at this session of the legislature.


Geeral to make appor

Sec. 2. The Auditor General shall apportion, each year, the Auditor sums herein directed to be raised, among the several counties, women in proportion to the taxable property therein, as may be determined by the State board of equalization, and the same shall be collected and returned as other State taxes are required to be by law..

Sec. 3. This act shall take immediate effect
Approved May 10, 1861.

| No. 5. ]

AN ACT authorizing a war loan.

Whereas, Our country has reached a crisis unprecedented in Preamble. its past history, and treason and civil war are raging within its borders; And whereas, Attempts are made, in large sections of the country, to break up and destroy the government, and it has become necessary for the several States to look to their own safety, as well as the defense and perpetuity of the Union and government of the nation; therefore

SECTION 1. The People of the State of Michigan enact, That the Governor and State Treasurer be and they are hereby au- Loan an thorized and directed, in the name and behalf of the people of


When redeemable.

the State, for the purpose of organizing the volunteer militia, repeling invasion, suppressing insurrection, or defending the State in time of war, to negotiate and contract for a loan or loans, for such sum or sums as may be necessary for the purposes herein specified, not exceeding one million of dollars in all, on the most favorable terms that in their judgment can be obtained, redeemable at the pleasure of the State at any time within or at the expiration of twenty-five years from the first day of January, eighteen hundred and sixty-one, at a rate of interest not exceeding seven per centum per annum, payable semi-annually, on the first day of January and July in each Bonda ex. year; such loan shall be known as the war loan of the State empt from taxation. of Michigan, and the bonds issued under this act shall be exempt from taxation; the proceeds of said bonds shall be known as the war fund, and shall be paid out in no other manner, and for no other purpose, than in this act specified. The treasurer is hereby authorized to advance such an amount from Vince he said fund as may be necessary for the payment of the interest become due to become due January first, eighteen hundred and sixty-two, on the bonds issued under this act, until such time as the tax authorized for that purpose shall have been collected and paid into the treasury.

Treasurer may nd

Interest 10

Jan. 1, 1862

Ione of

bas authorized.

Sec. 2. For the purpose of effecting the loan or loans by this act authorized, the Governor and State Treasurer are hereby empowered and directed to cause to be issued bonds of the State of Michigan, from time to time, as they may deem necessary, in sums not less than fifty dollars each, to be signed by the Governor, and countersigned by the Secretary of State and State Treasurer, with the seal of the State affixed thereto, and with coupons for the interest thereto attached. Both principal and interest of all bonds for a less sum than five hundred dollars Where pay each, shall be payable in the city of Detroit; the principal and interest of all bonds for the sum of five hundred dollars and over, shall be payable in the city of New York. The bonds shall be drawn in favor of the Auditor General, and, when en


dorsed by him, become negotiable, in such manner as the Governor and State Treasurer may deem proper.

Sec. 3. All moneys arising from the sale of the bonds by this Monev arle

ing from the -ae of the boca to be

Stare treas


act authorized to be issued, shall be paid into the treasury of the State, to the credit of the war fund, and shall be drawn int therefrom upon the warrants of the Auditor General, which warrants may be issued upon proper vouchers of the paymaster of the volunteer militia, or Quartermaster-General of the State, certified by the Governor, for the purchase and distribution of all necessary military stores, whether of subsistence, clothing, pay, medicines, field and camp equipage, arms, munitions and equipments, for such companies of the volunteer militia of this State as may have been or shall be mustered into the service of the State or of the United States, under the provisions of any law of this State. Warrants may be issued by the Auditor Gen-Warrants eral upon proper vouchers, certified by the Governor, for ad faces vances made by John Owen, as trustee, for expenditures already made for the purposes herein specified. Under this act Kxpenses the Governor may allow, on proper vouchers of commandants 15 1861, to of companies, approved and certified by the military board, such necessary and proper expenses as have been in good faith made since April sixteenth, eighteen hundred and sixty-one, under the direction of the Governor and Adjutant General, for the organization and subsistence of such companies as have been or may be mustered into the service of the State, under any law of this State.

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made by John Owen

» trustee.

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Sec. 4. All claims and accounts accruing against the State, Arun to for expenses and disbursements authorized by this act, and e which have already accrued, shall be presented within three months from the passage of this act; and all other claims shall be presented within three months of the accruing of the same, or the same shall be considered as donated to the State, and shall not thereafter be allowed, under any pretence whatever.

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Sec 5. The bonds issued under this act shall be numbered and Bon's to be registered in a book provided for that purpose, and kept in the "n regia Auditor General's office, which register shall contain the num

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