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Duties of colloctors.

counted for.

such tax in the same manner as he is authorized to collect the tax; and for the purposes of collecting such taxes by the collector, such additional per centage shall be deemed and taken to be a part of the tax.

Sec. 54. Each collector in said city shall and may proceed to collect the taxes in his collection district, and to pay over money to the county treasurer, and to return to the county treasurer a statement of the taxes remaining unpaid and due, in the manner provided by law for township treasurers; and all provisions of the laws of this State relating to the collection of taxes by township treasurers, or to the paying over money by township treasurers to the county treasurer, or to the returning by the township treasurer to the county treasurer of a statement of the taxes remaining unpaid and due, are hereby made applicable to the collector or collectors of said city. Sec. 55. Each collector shall, on or before the first day of Moneys ool

lectea, February, account for and pay over to the city treasurer the when acfull amount of all the taxes contained in his tax roll, deducting the amount to be paid to the county treasurer, and deducting the amount of one per cent. upon all taxes collected by such collector, for the cullector's fees for collecting or receiving the same. Sec. 56. The common council shall have power to make, Common

council, enact, modify, amend and repeal such ordinances, by-laws and power there. regulations, as they may deem necessary or expedient within said city, for prohibiting, restraining, or regulating sports, theatres, caravans of animals, and other performances or exhibitions, exoept exhibitions of agricultural or educational societies, for money or pay; bathing or swimming in any public water or place; indecent exposure of the person, horse-racing, ringing bells, crying goods or commodities for sale or at auction, any disorderly noise or disturbance; and for prohibiting, restraining or Ib. regulating, within such parts of the city as they may deem expedient, and prescribe the building, rebuilding, enlarging, repairing or placing any wooden buildings; the buying, selling, carrying, keeping, storing, using, or firing gunpowder, fire



crackers or fireworks; making bonfires, butchers shops or stalls, candle, soap, glue or starch factories, establishments for rendering tallow, lard or oil, and all establishments where any nauseous, offensive, or unwholesome business may be carried on; blacksmiths, coopers, cabinet makers, carpenters and joiners shops, and all buildings, business, and establishments of any

kind, usually classed as extra hazardous in respect to fire; and Common for preventing, suppressing and punishing street begging, power there soliciting alms, mock auctions, and every kind of fraudulent of.

game, device or practice; the sale of unwholesome meat, poultry, fish, vegetables, or other articles of food or provisions, impure, spurious, or adulterated wine, spirituous liquors, or beer, or knowingly keeping or offering the same for sale; for preventing auctions, peddling, pawnbrokerage, or using for hire carts, drays, cabs, hacks, or any kind of carriage or vehicle, or opening or keeping any tavern, hotel, victualing house, saloon, or other house or place for furnishing meals, food or drink, or billiard tables, or ball alleys, without first obtaining from the common council license therefor; for licensing and regulating carts, drays, cabs, hacks, and all carriages or vehicles kept or used for hire, auctioneers, peddlers, pawnbrokers, auctions, peddling, pawnbrokerage, taverns, hotels, victualing houses, saloons, and other houses or places for furnishing meals, food or drink, and keepers of billiard tables and ball alleys, but not for gaming; for establishing and regulating markets, market places, booths or stands, public reservoirs, wells and pumps, and preventing the waste of water, and may provide for obtaining, holding, regulating and managing burial grounds, within or without the city; for keeping sidewalks clear from boxes, dirt, snow, wood, or other obstructions; appointing watchmen, and their duties and compensation; the purity of the waters in the streams or ponds in the city, and for taking a census of the inLabitants of the city when deemed expedient, and regulating the same.

Sec. 57. Whenever, in any ward or wards in said city, there shall not be two aldermen to constitute the board of registration

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of such ward, previous to any election, the common council Board of

jeg s ration, shall, in time, appoint suitable freeholders, resident in such ***Dre8

therejn, how wards, temporary aldermen of such wards, who shall take the flled. oath of office, and have all the powers of aldermen of such wards, and shall hold their offices until the close of the election, and of the canvass of the votes in such ward, at the next election after such appointment; and shall, during their continuance in office, act as and be members of the board of registration of such ward, and have all the powers, and perform all the duties, of members of the board of registration in such ward.

Sec. 58. This act shall take effect immediately.
Approved February 25, 1861.


[ No. 69. ] AN ACT to organize the township of Wisner, in the county of

Tuscola. Section 1. The People of the State of Michigan enact, That fractional township fourteen north, of range seven east, in the organiza county of Tuscola, be and the same is hereby organized into a separate township, to be known as the township of Wisner; and the first township meeting shall be held at the house now occu. First elecpied by Hiram Thomas; and that N. H. Terry, Wm. B. Ormsbee and Elijah Gibbs, are hereby appointed inspectors of said first township meeting, held in pursuance of this act.

Sec. 2. This act shall take immediate effect,
Approved February 25, 1861.


[ No. 70. ] AN ACT to provide for the levying of a special tax in certain

townships in Van Buren and Allegan counties herein named, for the improvement of the mouth of the South Black river, in the county of Van Buren. Section 1. The People of the State of Michigan enact, That the Tax autholegal voters of the townships of South Haven, Deerfield, Bangor, Arlington, Columbia and Geneva, in the county of Van Buren,


en, thoir powers.

and the townships of Casco, Ganges and Lee, in the county of Allegan, are hereby authorized and empowered to vote annually, for ten years, at the annual township meeting for the election of township officers, for a special tax, not exceeding

one per cent. on the taxable property of each township, to be How or expended in the improvement of the harbor of the South Black ponded.

river, in the said county of Van Buren; said tax to be voted, assessed and collected in like manner, and with the tax for township purposes, and paid out upon the orders of the town

ship board. Commia’lon.

Sec. 2. That Emory 0. Briggs, of the township of Arlington, Daniel G. Wright, of the township of South Haven, and Timothy McDowell, of the township of Casco, be and the same are hereby appointed commissioners, who shall receive all orders drawn on the township treasurers of the said townships, for all moneys raised by said tax, and appropriate the same for the improvement of said harbor, and make all necessary contracts

in relation thereto. Saporinten.

Sec. 3. The said commissioners, or any two of them, shall have power to appoint a superintendent of said work, who shall

be controlled by the said commissioners. Bond of Sec. 4. The said commissioners shall execute bonds in double commission

the amount of the taxes so levied, payable to the treasurer of the county of Van Buren, for the use of the inhabitants of the said townships, conditioned for the faithful performance of said

trust, and shall annually, on or before the annual township Annas! meeting, submit to the supervisor of each township taxed a statement.

full and complete statement of the receipts and disbursements

of all sums received by them. Racancier. Sec. 5. The presiding judge of the fifth judicial district of

the State of Michigan, shall have power to appoint substitutes in said board of commissioners, whenever vacancies shall occur

by death, resignation or removal from office or from the district, emovals. and shall also have power to remove from office any of the said

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commissioners on petition of the resident citizens of said dis-
trict, for good cause shown.

Sec. 6. This act shall take effect immediately
Approved February 25, 1861.

[ No. 71. ].

AN ACT to amend an act entitled "an act to incorporate the city of Battle Creek," approved February third, eighteen hundred and fifty-nine.

SECTION 1. The People of the State of Michigan enact, That section seven of said act shall be so altered and amended as to read as follows:

Common council to

tain officers.

Power of


Sec. 7. The common council shall have power to appoint an attorney for the city, one or more deputy street commissioners appoint oerand deputy marshals, a deputy recorder, who shall have no power or authority to act in the meetings of the common council, and at other times and places, only in case of the death, absence or inability of the recorder to discharge the duties of his office, and such other officers, whose election is not herein specifically provided for, as they may deem necessary to carry into effect the powers granted by this act, and to remove the same at pleasure. They shall also have power to remove the marshal or treasurer, or any constable of said city, for any violation of the provisions of this act, or of any amendment thereof, or of any by-law or ordinance, or for neglecting or refusing to perform the lawful requirements of said common council, in the manner to be provided by the by-laws or ordinances of said common council; and in case of the death, res-To fill va ignation, or removal from the city, or from the ward from which he was elected, of any officer of the corporation, the common council shall, as soon as may be, appoint an officer to fill such vacancy for the unexpired portion of his term of office: Pro- Proviso. vided, Such appointment shall not extend beyond the next annual election of said city, and until his successor shall be elected and qualified. All officers so appointed shall be notified


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