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FASTER DAT is the First Sunday after the Full Moon, which in some cases

happens upon, in others next after, the Twentieth Day of March, according to the time it would occur in Judea (a); and if the Full Moon happens upon a Sunday, Easter Day is the Sunday after. Septuagesima

( Nine Sexagesima

į Sunday is
Quinquagesima l

Seven, Weeks before Easter.
Quadragesima )

( Six
Rogation Sunday Five Weeks
Ascension Day is

Forty Days
Whit Sunday

Seven Weeks after Easter,
Trinity Sunday (Eight Weeks
Advent Sunday is the next Sunday after the 26th of November. ..


(e) For instance, if the Full Moon happens here so early in the Day of the zoth of March, that it must have happened at Jerusalem before the 19th expired, Easter Day is not until the Sunday after the following Moon.


and EASTER DAY, from 1813 to 1861.


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1812. 1814. 1815. 1816. 1817. 1818. 1819. 1820.

II. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16.

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1822. - 18.
1824 1.

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18 April. 11. 1838.
10 April. 1839.
26 March 1840.
14 April.
6 April.

22 March. 1843.
11 April. 1844.

2 April. 1845
22 April. 1846.
:7 April. 1847.
30 March

18 April. 1849.
3 April.
26 March
15 April.

6 April.
19 April.
11 April. 1855.

3 April. 1856.
22 April. 1857.

7 April. 1838. 30 March 1859. 19 April. 1860.

3 April. 1861. 26 March.


15 April. 31 March. 19 April. 11 April. 27 March. 16 April.

7 April. 23 March. 12 April.

4. April. 23 April.

8 April. 31 March 20 April. 11 April. 27 March. 16 April.

8 April. 23 March. 12 April.

4. April. 24. April.

8 April. 31 March.

1850. 1851.

1852. · 1853. 1854.

1826. 1827. 1828

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1829. 7830.

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1831. 1832. 1833. 1834 1835. 1836. 1837.

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inclusive, according to the foregoing Calendar.

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THIS Table contains so niuch of the Calendar as is necessary for the determining of Easter ; to find which, look for the Golden Number of the year in the first column of the Table, against which stands the day of the Paschal Full Moon; then look in the third column for the Sunday-Letter, next after the day of the Full Moon, and the Day of the Month standing against that Sunday-Letter is Easter-Day. If the Full Moon happens upon a Sunday, then (according to the first rule) the next Sunday after is Easter-Day.

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To find the Golden Number, or Prime, add it to the year of our Lord, and then divide by 19; the remainder, if any, is the Golden Number; but if nothing remaineth, then 19 is the Golden Number.



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Note, That in all Bissextile or Leap-years, the Letter found, as above, will be the Sunday-Letter from the intercalated day exclusive, to the end of the year.

Another TABLE to find EASTER till the rear 1899 inclusive,

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1st. Prophecies in the Old Testament referred to.

id. Prophecies in the New Testament referred to.

$d. Miracles and Observations thereon.

4th. Conducl and Works of the Apostles, and Observations


$th. Christian Duties and Virtues, and Observations thereon.

(o) The Decree in the 7th of Artaxerxes was (even to a month) 490 ordinary years before the cruci-
i'jvn. See Prid. Conn. Pan 1. Book.5.; and see Chandler's Defence, No. 8. cl. s.l. p. 13* to Ijo.

desert a highway for our God; and
that the glory of the Lord should be
revealed. (Is. xl. 3. 5.) page 7. 34. 172

That God should send his messenger,

who should prepare the way before

him, that the Lord, whom they sought

should suddenly come to his temple,

even the messenger of the covenant,

in whom they delighted; and that he

should purify the sons of Levi, and

purge them as gold and silver. (Mai.

iii. 1. 3.) - 7. 32.62. 112.

That God should send Elijah the prophet

before the coming of the great and

dreadful day of the Lord, and that he

should turn the heart of the fathers to

the children, and the hearts of the chil-

dren to the fathers. (Mal.iv. 5>6.)33.96.

That a virgin should conceive and bear a

son. (Is. vii. 14.) - - 47

That the Lord had created a new thing

upon earth that a woman should com-

pass a man. (Jer. xxxi. 22.) 48

That a rod should come out of the stem

of Jesse, &c. that the spirit of the

Lord should be upon him, that he should

judge the poor with righteousness,

and with the breath of his lips should

slay the wicked, and that righteous-

ness should be the girdle of his loins,

and faithfulness the girdle of his reins.

(Is. xi. 1, a. 4,0 - 8.223.330

That a child should be born that should

be called "the mighty God, &c. the

"Prince of Peace;" that of the in-

crease of his government and peace

there should be no end, upon the throne

of David, and upon his kingdom, to

order it, and to establish it with judg-

ment and with justice from henceforth

even for ever. (Is. ix. 6, 7.)

That God should raise unto David a

righteous branch, and a king should

reign and prosper, and should execute

judgment and justice on the earth.

(Jer. xxiii. 5.) - 7.222

•' The spirit or the Lord is upon me;

"because the Lord hath anointed me

"to preach good tidings unto the

"meek, &c." (Is. lxi. 1.) - 32

"Shout, O daughter of Jerusalem ; be-

"hold thy king cometh unto thee ; he

"it just and having salvation: lowly,

"and riding upon an ass, and upon a

"colt the foal of an ass; and he shall

"speak peace unto the heathen."

(Zcch. ix. 9, 10) - 27. 81.

"Behold, your God will come with

"vengeance, even God with a recom-

pence, he will come and save you;

"opened, and the ears of the deaf shall

"be unstopped, then shall the lame

"man leap as an hart; and the tongue

"of the dumb sing," &c. (Is. xaexv.

4, 5, 6.) - page 32

"I gave my back to the smiters,'" &c
(Is. 1.6.) - 9 J. 104.- 121

"He is despised and rejected of men,"
See. (Is. liii. 3.) 106. 121. 187

"He was wounded for our transgres-
"sions, he was bruised for our iniqui-
"ties: the chastisement of our peace
"was upon him, and with his stripes
"we are healed."(Is. liii. 5.) 106. 137

"He madehisgrave with the wicked, and
"with the rich in his death." (Is. liif.
9) - - 106. 135

"He was numbered with the transgres-

"sors, and bare the sin of many, and

"made intercession for the transgres-

"sors." (Is. liii. 12.) - lit

"They gave me gall to eat, and when

•' I was thirsty, they gave me vinegar

"to drink." (Ps. lxix. 22.) 96

"All they that go by laugh me to scorn;

"they shoot out their lips, and shake

"their heads, saying, " he trusted in

"God, that he would deliver him;

"let him deliver him, if he will have

«' him." (Ps. xxii. 7, 8.) - 96

"They pierced my hands and my feet;

"I may tell all my bones: they stand

"staring and looking upon me: they

"part my garments among them, and
"castlots upon my vesture." (Ps.xxii.
17, 18.) - - 95.12a

"They shall look on him whom they

"pierced." (Zech. xii. 10.) 123

That not a bone of the paschal lamb,

(which was a type of the Messiah,)

should be broken. (Exod. xii. 40.

Numb. ix. 12.) - - 123

"Awake, O sword, against my shep-

"herd, and against the man that is my

"fellow, saitn the Lord of Hosts:
"smite the shepherd, and the sheep
"shall be scattered; and it shall come
"to pass, that in all the land, saith the
"Lord, two parts thereof shall be cut
"off and die; and I will bring the
"third part through the fire, and will
"refine them as silver is refined, and
"will try them as gold is tried; they
"shall call on my name, and I will
"hear them; I will say, it is my
"people, and they shall say, the Lord
"is my God." (Zech.xiii.7,8,9.) 101

"Thou shalt not leave my soul in hell,

"neither shalt thou suffer thine holy

"one to see corruption." (Ps.xvi. 11.)


"His dominion shall be from sea even to
** sea, and from the river even to the
"ends of the earth." (Zech. ix. 10.)

TM ... P8^ 357

"There was given him dominion and

"glory, and a kingdom, that all people,

"nations, and languages should serve

"him. His dominion is an everlasting

"dominion, which shall not pass away,

"and his kingdom that which shall

*' not be destroyed." (Dan. vii. 14.)

38. 92

2. Prophcc'ut in the New Testament

referred to.

By Jesus Christ, that he should be be-

trayed. - p. 100. 102. 110

that Peter should deny him - 111

that his disciples should forsake him

101, in. 149

of his death 77. 141. 144 147. 163

of his resurreftion - 77.95.101.

103. 107. 141

of the gift of the Holy Ghost

147. 150. 152. 155. 156. 218

of the sufferings his followers should
undergo - m. 149. 153

of the powers they should possess

146. 151

of the vengeance that should follow

after his death - 29.40.69.

104 116

of the time within which it should

occur - - 30.40,41

of the discrimination there should be

between believers and the opposers

of Christianity - - 70

Of the future success of Christianity.

(Rev. xii. 7.) 206

3. Miracles and Observations thereon.

Miracle of the loaves 88.180.223

the draught of fishes - - 176

turning water into wine - 56

calming the sea - - 62

sending devils into a herd of swine 62

casting out a devil from the daughter

of a Canaanitish woman - 84

healing a deaf and dumb man - 191

cleansing a leper - - 57, 58

healing ten lepers . 197, 198

healing a Centurion's servant 58

restoring a blind man, Bartimseus, to

sight - - 77,78

healing a man of the palsy - 209

healing a nobleman's son - 213

raising to life the ruler's daughter 221

"a widow's son 200

conferring the Holy Ghost - 153,

1 T, • '54' I57

releasing Peter from prison 176, 177

Enumeration of our Saviour's miracles

Correspondence thereof with former pro-
phecies - - page 32
Nature and publicity thereof 78. 88,
89. 129. 144. 159.181.210
Of the places where they were performed
88. 175. 181. 192. 197
Absurdity and sin of imputing them to
the power of Satan - 86. 129
On the evidence they furnish 144. 159

4. ConduB and works of the Apostles, and

Observations thereon.

On the conduct and character of John

the Baptist - "- 34

On the conduft of Judas - 03

On the ignorance of the apostles as to the

nature of Christ's kingdom - 77.

128. 133. 141. 147. ico

On the desertion of Christ by the apos-

tles, and their subsequent profession

of his religion - 36. 100. 103. 142.

149. 150

On the intrepidity of the apostles after

the ascension - - 131.19c
On their exertions - - 167

On the extent to which they taught

Christianity - - 151. 221

On the sufferings of the apostles and con-

verts -' 59. 73. 136. 143. 168

On the powers they possessed 13c. 142.

146. 149. 151, 158. 195J 196. 205

On the gift of tongues - 154. 157

On the conduft of the apostles in ad«
vancing God's glory, not their own 31
On the testimony they bore to the resur-
rection of Jesus Christ 130, 131. iei
On their expectations at the time called
"the coming," or "day of the Lord"
68. 170. 454
On the conversion of St. Paul - eg
On his conduft - 58.19S, 199. 202
On his opposition to the Jews, and de-
crying the law of Moses 192. 198. 200

5. Christian Duties and Virtues, and
Observations thereon.

On Christian benevolence - 24.75.152.

161. 163, 164. 166. 168.205. 209
On Christian forbearance - 55

On the duty of forgiveness - 215
Against anger - - 146. J 79

Against retaliation -

209 -

Against Judging others - 171

On trying our conduft by God's rules,

not by the conduft of others

171. 190

On the duty of lowliness of mind - 93

Against ambition - 110. 187. 207

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