Cosmetic Surgery Today

Thieme, 2005 - 207 páginas
For millennia, men and women have turned to surgical and cosmetic aids in the pursuit of well-being through physical beauty. Indeed, many of the procedures performed by today's aesthetic plastic surgeons have their origins in places and cultures as remote as ancient Egypt and Rome. Never before, however, has aesthetic plastic surgery been so safe, so affordable, and unfortunately, so fraught with risk and misinformation. It can be overwhelming, if not impossible, to obtain accurate, unbiased information about this rapidly changing field.
In Cosmetic Surgery Today, one of Europe's leading plastic surgeons shares valuable insider's knowledge and offers advice gathered over decades in practice.
Written with candor and compassion, Cosmetic Surgery Today presents clear descriptions of the latest techniques, including face lifting, nose correction, liposuction, breast augmentation, reconstructive surgery, procedures specifically for male patients, hair transplantation, and many more. Before-and-after photos show clearly what is involved in each procedure.
Cosmetic Surgery Today provides the background necessary for an intelligent, informed discussion about aesthetic surgery that will interest not only medical professionals from various fields, but also potential patients, journalists, stylists, make-up artists, and anyone interested in this field.

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Ethical Aspects in Plastic Surgery
The Ideal Patient
The First Consultation
The Surgeons Tools
Correction of Prominent Ears Otoplasty
Corrections of the Arms and Legs
Plastic Surgery
The Satisfied and the Dissatisfied
The Night before the Operation
In the Temple of the Religion of Surgery 154
Radiofrequency Surgery as Refinement
Strictly Masculine Problems
A Little OP Music


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Department of Radiology, University of Turku, Turku, Finland

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