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Bennington County . Mr. Kent of Dorset,

66 Batchelder of Peru,

ci Bacon of Sunderland. Caledonia County ..“ Harvey of Barnet,

" Montgomery of Hardwick,

66 Perkins of Walden. Chittenden County " Curry of Hinesburgu,

" Walston of Williston,

Barrett of Underbill. Essex County ... King of Lunenburgh,

6 Hibbard of Concord,

" Wells of Granby. Franklin County. Cutler of Bakersfield,

" Kelton of Montgomery,

Barney of Swanton. Grand Isle County . " Conro of South Hero,

“ Lefevre of Grand Isle,

Hutchins of North Hero. Lamoille County.

. 6 Fairman of Wolcott,

“ Powell of Cambridge,

" Churchill of Elmore. Orange County .. • Adams of Randolph,

" Martyn of Orange,

Goodwin of Tunbridge. Orleans County . . " Hitchcock of Westfield,

" Davis of Holland,

" Mitchell of Coventry. Rutland County . .. 6 Peckof Ira,

Noble of Tinmouth,

" Page of Rutland. Washington County. “ Foster of East Montpelier,

" Pierce of Northfield,

" Daniels of Middlesex. Windham County .." Martin of Londonderry,

Fullerton of Townshend, 16 Webb of Rockingham.

Windsor County . . Mr. Clark of Bethel,

" Bailey of Windsor,

" King of Bridgewater. The Speaker nominated, and the House appointed, the following named members to constitute the committee on the part of the House to canvass votes for county offieers, judges of probate and justices of the peace, who were duly sworn, to wit : Addison County .. Mr. Sprague of Vergennes,

" Kent of Panton,

" Casey of Whiting. Bennington County . Bottom of Shaftsbury,

16 Houghton of Readsboro,

“ Amidon of Winhall. Caledonia County . 1 Hall of Groton,

16 Ellis of Sutton,

" Kinne of Waterford. Chittenden County. " Sayles of Huntington,

" Robinson of Westford, .

v Landon of South Burlington. Essex County . . . Beattie of Brunswick,

" Holbrook of Lemington,

" Hudson of East Haven. Franklin County . . tó Hopkins of Enosburgh,

" Cutler of Highgate,

" Parsons of Fletcher. Grand Isle County. " Hill of Isle La Motte,

" Hutchins of North Hero,

" Lefevre of Grand Isle. Lamoille County .

• Stevens of Eden,
" McFarland of Hydepark,

“ Hulburd of Waterville. Orange County .. " Stocker of Newbury,

“ Harwood of Braintree,

Stanley of Washington.

Orleans County, Mr. Scott of Craftsbury,

" Calderwood of Greensboro,

• Chamberlin of Jay. Rutland County. - Buel of Middletown,

6 Wilson of Hubbardton,

McFadden of Wells. Washington County. Perrin of Berlin,

Abbot of Cabot,

" Evans of Moretown. Windham County .. Atcheson (f Westminister,

Stone of Halifax,

" Parkhurst of Athens. Windsor County .. " Watson of Hartford,

“ Pettigrew of Ludlow,

" Parker of Andover. Mr. Guild introduced a bill entitled

H. 1. An act to repeal an act entitled An act in amendment of section sixty-seven of chapter eighty-four of the General Statutes, entitled. Of collection of taxes,'approved, November 7, 1872;

Which was read the first and second times, and
Ordered to lie.

Mr. Dana, from the committee appointed to wait upon his Excellency, the Governor, and inform him of the organization of the House, reported that the committee had performed the duty assigned them, and that the Governor had at present no communication to make to the House. The Speaker announced as the

Committee on Rules :
Mr. Ladd of Alburgh,
" Newell of Shelburne,

" Burgess of Grafton. Mr. Lynde introduced a bill entitled

H. 2. An act relating to the duties of town superintendents of schools ;

Which was read the first and second times, and
Ordered to lie.

The Speaker announced the appointment, on the part of the House, of the following


On Joint Rules :
Mr. Slade of Middlebury,
" Batchelder of Arlington,

" Kennedy of Fairfield. The Speaker also announced that the Clerk had appointed as his Assistants :

W. H. Harrison Kenfield of Hydepark,

Milo S. Buck of Cavendish. Mr. Nash of New Haven moved to adjourn ; which motion was lost. Mr. Hyde offered the following joint resolution :

Resolved by the Senate and House of Representatives, That the two Houses meet in Joint Assembly, this afternoon at three o'clock, to hear the report of the committee appointed to canvass the votes for Governor, Lieutenant Governor and Treasurer;

Which was read and adopted on the part of the House. On motion of Mr. Wells, the House adjourned.


A message from the Senate, by Mr. Baldwin, their Secretary, as follows:

Mr. SPEAKER: I am directed to inform the House that a quorum of the Senate have assembled ; and the Senate has organized by the election of F. W. Baldwin of Barton as Secretary and C. W. Brownell, Jr., of Burlington as Assistant Secretary, and are now ready on their part to proceed with the business of the session.

The Senate have on their part adopted a joint resolution relating to joint rules;

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In the adoption of which the concurrence of the House is requested.

The Senate have appointed the following named Senators, a committee on the part of the Senate, to canvass votes for Governor, Lieutenent Governor, and Treasurer:

Addison County ... Senator Brookins,
Bennington County .. "

16 Colburn,
Caledonia County . .

Chittenden County .. Ohesmore,
Essex County .... Benton,
Franklin County ...

Grand Isle County .

Lamoille County ..

Orange County ..

Orleans County ..

Rutland County ...

Washington County .
Windham County .. "

Windsor County .. " Parker.
Joint resolution from the Senate as follows:

Resolved by the Senate and House of Representatives, That the joint rules of the last session be the joint rules of this session until others are adopted;

Was read and adopted in concurrence.

The Speaker announced the appointment of the following


On Elections :
Mr. Grout of Newport,

" Ladd of Alburgh,
" Guild of Rupert,
" Gillette of Thetford,
" Burgess of Grafton,
" Fairman of Wolcott,
" Rowe of Poultney.

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