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Mr. Stanley of Leicester, offered the following resolu. tion:

Resolved, That the clerk be instructed to add in the printed bills the name of the committee to which referred ;

Which was read and adopted.

Bills of the following titles were severally introduced, read the first and second times, and referred, as follows:

By Mr. Wells,

H. 32. An act in addition to the laws now in force re. lating to exemptions from attachment and execution ;

To the Committee on the Judiciary.
By Mr. Hubbard,

H. 33. An act to incorporate the Springfield ice company;

To the Committee on Corporations.
By Mr. Davis of Reading,

H. 34. An act for the punishment of disorderly per. sons ;

To the Committee on the Judiciary.

A message from the Senate, by Mr. Baldwin, their Sec. retary, as follows:

MR. SPEAKER: I am directed to inform the House that the Senate have considered joint resolutions from the House, as follows;

Joint resolution relating to Insane Asylum;

Joint resolution granting the use of the Representa. tives, Hall to the Vermont Historical Society;

Joint resolution relating to the Reform School;
And have adopted the same in concurrence.

Mr. Hubbard presented the petition of Londas G. Ellis and twelve others, residents of the town of Springfield, praying for the passage of an act protecting fish in Bates Brook, in Springfield ;

Which was referred to the General Committee.

The Speaker announced the appointment on the part of the House of the following ;


Onder the Fourth Joint Rule:
Mr. Blodgett of St. Johnsbury,
" Goodwin of Chelsea,
" Fifield of Shrewsbury.

on Bills :
Mr. Sayles of Huntington,
- Vail of Pomfret.

On the Reform School :
Mr. Boynton of Woodstock,
16 Brown of Lowell,
" Dixon of Milton,
" Cutler of Bakersfield,
« Pettigrew of Ludlow,
" Cardell of Warren,
" Pattee of Bloomfield.

On the Library :
Mr. Grout of Barton,
" Davis of St. Albans,

6 Hubbard of Springfield. The Speaker also announced the appointment of the following


On Federal Relations :
Mr. Abell of West Haven,
" Hubbard of Springfield,
16 Kent of Dorset,
“. Cutler of Highgate,
" Smith of Jericho,
" Webb of Rockingham,
" Kelsey of Derby.

Of Ways and Means : Mr. Hyde of Castleton, " Sprague of Vergennes, “ Lynde of Marlboro, " Currier of Troy, " Shurtleff of Plainfield, " Batchelder of Arlington, " Watson of Hartford.

On Military Affairs : Mr. Franklin of Newfane, " Kennedy of Fairfield, " Newell of Shelburne, " Barnes of Bristol, " Parker of Andover, " Gray of Wheelock, " Spencer of Westmore.

On the Judiciary: Mr. Munson of Manchester, " Grout of Newport, 6 Henry of Chester, " Davis of St. Albans, " Shurtleff of Plainfield, " Abell of West Haven, " Ladd of Alburgh, " Slade of Middlebury, " Eddy of Jamaica.

On Education : Mr. Davis of Reading, " Martin of Londonderry, " Hyde of Castleton, " Sayles of Huntington, " Calderwood of Greensboro, " Wright of Waltham, " King of Lunenburgh.

On Claims : Mr. Powell of Richford, " Tyler of Irasburgh, " Gillett of Richmond, “ Davenport of Wilmington,

Stevens of Eden, " McGaffey of Lyndon, " Nash of New Haven, “ Coolidge of Plymouth, " Bottum of Shaftsbury.

On Railroads : Mr. Grout of Barton, " Smalley of Burlington, " Webster of Putney, Goodell of Brandon, " Clark of Bethel, « Blodgett of St. Johnsbury, “ Perrin of Berlin, " Conro of South Hero, " Hutchinson of Hancock. On Highways, Bridges and Ferries : Mr. Whitcomb of Essex, " Hopkins of Enosburgh, " Bulkley of Duxbury, " Atherton of Glover, “ Montgomery of Hardwick, " Fullerton of Townshend, " Holden of Clarendon.

On Banks : Mr. Bailey of Fair Haven, Norton of Bennington, " Whithed of Vernon, " Danforth of Barnard, o McFarland of Hydepark, " Wright of Orwell, " Stevens of Charleston.

On Manufactures :

Mr. Guild of Rupert,
" Brown of Lowell,

Burbank of Cavendish,
“ Page of Rutland,
“ Curry of Hinesburgh,
• Sprague of Vergennes,
« Bliss of Bradford.

On Agriculture :

Mr. Draper of Sheldon,
bi Goodwin of Hartland,
" Cutting of Brattleboro,
" Davis of Danville,
• Walston of Williston,
" Wells of Granby,

Powell of Cambridge,
“ Adams of Randolph,
" Hitchcock of Westfield,
“ Colton of Sherburne,
6 Abbott of Cabut,
" Hill of Isle La Motte,
" Paddock of Pownal,
" Samson of Weybridge.

On Land Taxes :

Mr. Hibbard of Concord,
" Graves of Kirby,
" Foster of East Montpelier,
" Hopkins of Enosburgh,
6 Noble of Tinmouth,
Powell of Cambridge,

Landon of South Burlington, • Kent of Panton, " Goodwin of Tunbridge, " O'Brien of Searsburghi,

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