Primary Ladies' Reader: A Choice and Varied Collection of Prose and Poetry, Adapted to the Capacities of Young Children

E.H. Butler, 1864 - 264 páginas

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Página 23 - You run about/ my little maid/ your limbs they are alive ; if two are in the churchyard laid/ then ye are only five." " Their graves are green/ they may be seen/" the little maid replied/ "twelve steps or more from my mother's door/ and they are side by side.
Página 43 - Little drops of water, Little grains of sand Make the mighty ocean, And the pleasant land.
Página 22 - You say that two at Conway dwell, And two are gone to sea, Yet you are seven; I pray you tell Sweet Maid, how this may be?" Then did the little Maid reply, "Seven boys and girls are we; Two of us in the church-yard lie, Beneath the church-yard tree." "You run about, my little maid, Your limbs they are alive; If two are in the church-yard laid, Then ye are only five." "Their graves are green, they may be seen," The little Maid replied, "Twelve steps or more from my mother's door, And they are side...
Página 179 - I'll be as busy as they." 2. Then he flew to the mountain, and powdered its crest; He lit on the trees, and their boughs he dressed In diamond beads; and over the breast Of the quivering lake, he spread A coat of mail, that it need not fear The downward point of many a spear, That he hung on its margin, far and near, Where a rock could rear its head.
Página 80 - Here thou need'st not dread the raven in the sky ; Night and day thou art safe, — our cottage is hard by. Why bleat so after me ? Why pull so at thy chain ? Sleep — and at break of day I will come to thee again...
Página 76 - ... was falling fast, the stars began to blink ; I heard a voice ; it said, " Drink, pretty creature, drink !" And, looking o'er the hedge, before me I espied' A snow-white mountain- lamb with a Maiden at its side.
Página 21 - A simple child, That lightly draws its breath, And feels its life in every limb, What should it know of death...
Página 81 - FIRST, William the Norman, Then William his son ; Henry, Stephen, and Henry, Then Richard and John. Next, Henry the third, Edwards, one, two, and three ; And again, after Richard, Three Henrys we see.
Página 77 - No other sheep were near, the Lamb was all alone, And by a slender cord was tethered to a stone; With one knee on the grass did the little Maiden kneel, While to that Mountain Lamb she gave its evening meal.
Página 79 - I've heard of fearful winds and darkness that come there ; The little brooks that seem all pastime and all play, When they are angry, roar like lions for their prey.

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