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Baldwin and Cradock, 1829 - 376 páginas

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Página 155 - Give me the ways of wandering stars to know: The depths of Heaven above, and Earth below. Teach me the various labours of the Moon, And whence proceed th' eclipses of the Sun. Why flowing tides prevail upon the main, And in what dark recess they shrink again, What shakes the solid earth, what cause delays The summer nights, and shortens winter days.
Página 266 - Through life's more cultur'd walks, and charm the way, These, far dispers'd, on timorous pinions fly, To sport and flutter in a kinder sky. To kinder skies, where gentler manners reign, I turn ; and France displays her bright domain.
Página 144 - In his Night Thoughts he has exhibited a very wide display of original poetry, variegated with deep reflections and striking allusions, a wilderness of thought in which the fertility of fancy scatters flowers of every hue and of every odour. This is one of the few poems in which blank verse could not be changed for rhyme but with disadvantage.
Página 266 - Here passes current ; paid from hand to hand, It shifts in splendid traffic round the land ; From courts to camps, to cottages it strays, And all are taught an avarice of praise...
Página 373 - POETICAL CLASS BOOK; or, Reading Lessons for every Day in the Year, selected from the most popular English Poets, Ancient and Modern, arranged in Daily Lessons and Weekly Portions.
Página 368 - Evenings at Home ; or, The Juvenile Budget Opened. Consisting of a variety of Miscellaneous Pieces, for the Instruction and Amusement of Young Persons. By Dr.
Página 374 - SCIENTIFIC DIALOGUES ; intended for the Instruction and Entertainment of Young People ; in which the first principles of Natural and Experimental Philosophy are fully explained, by the Rev.
Página 192 - AM Artium magister. Master of Arts. AM Anno mundi. In the year of the world. AM Ante meridiem. Before noon.
Página 301 - III, was obliged to surrender at discretion. "The emperor granted the duke and his chief officers permission to retire unmolested; but the duchess, suspecting Conrad , begged that she and the other women in the castle might be allowed to come out with as much as each of them could carry, to be conducted to a place of safety. The request was granted, and to the surprise of the emperor and his army, the duchess and her fair companions staggered forth each carrying her husband. AD 1140.
Página 372 - English Synonymes Explained in Alphabetical Order. With copious Illustrations and Examples drawn from the Best Writers.

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